Elliot Cadieux

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Elliot Cadieux
Title... the Certain
Nickname... None
Age... 20
Gender... Male
Race... Elezen
Clan... Wildwood
Orientation... Homosexual
Marital... Single
Deity... Thaliak
Nationality... Ishgardian
Occupation... Organist
Birthday... 8/12

For as long as Elliot can remember, he has lived within the holy halls of Saint Reymanaud’s Cathedral. His adoptive father, a priest named Josseloux Cadieux, rescued him from the Brume and raised him as a son. The boy swiftly flourished in the Scholasticate -- a veritable genius of theology, medicine, and music.

He balances his duties between assisting in mass and in infirmaries. When Elliot was 18, he was permitted to perform the organ and lead hymns in the Cathedral. His knowledge of healing allows him to interact with knights of the crusade. In both positions, he is well known for being a relaxed and kind authority. The young man was once offered a position in the army for his burgeoning skill in white and black magics, but he firmly refused: he would serve Halone by teaching her song to other pious, not singing it in battle.

He openly seeks information and gossip by acquainting himself with everyone he can. Primarily, he deals with nobles and elders so he is accustomed to flattering. His speech can seem insincere in this way to the more astute. His own childhood was consumed by his studies in the Scholasticate, so he does not talk much of his uneventful past. Presently, he involves himself in various hijinks across the city throughout the Pillars and Foundation.

Elliot is interested in discovering the malignance of the church -- he feels that being aware of it can keep him out of the problem but also know how to exploit it. He considers himself incorruptible, but has been driven to bend the truth to get what he wants. Elliot has a high distaste for hypocrisy and occasionally feels limited by the rules of propriety.


Elliot has natural warmly tanned skin, which he regards with little insecurity despite Ishgard’s overwhelmingly pale majority. Gloves are an uncommon part of his day-to-day wear for this attribute: they make him uncomfortable since he can't see his skin. He stands at a moderate 6 fulms and 5 ilms (6’5” or 164 cm), but will almost always wear an inch heel. The reason for this is the sound they make when one walks: Elliot enjoys the illusion of power and confidence it gives him. He is fairly thin, although his thick clothes generally mask this. His hair is a uniform sandy blonde which lacks highlighting streaks from the sun, and his eyes are a titillating amber.

As a result of his expensive tastes in everything from wine to rugs, his wardrobe boasts formal, flowing gowns in the richest colors. These items are often in silk or velvet. His demeanor can become absolutely lethal should anything be stained -- many of them are unique or not easily acquired. Sometimes he will stick feathers from failed fletchings in his hair as a fashion statement. Cologne reminiscent of the fragrance used for prayer in the Sixth Astral Era is a nearly constant companion to him as well.

Elliot's voice claim is Douglas Dare. He speaks in a formal and often emphasized tone, similar to an actor. As a poet and romantic, prose may not be far from his lips even when the situation does not call for it. Finally, his singing style may be described as mourning, deliberate, and sometimes haunting. Being someone who is given to theatrics, his pitch of voice rises to a squeak if he is upset.


  • Tea: He makes unique brews for their medicinal properties.
  • Music: Arguably his greatest passion in life.
  • Clothes: Elliot has an expansive and luscious closet.
  • Romance Novels: A bit of a guilty pleasure.
  • Discussions: He loves debates in the Scholasticate.
  • Drama: There's never a shortage of rumors to explore.


  • Violence: Fights and the war make him squeamish.
  • Tastelessness: Present yourself properly. Please.
  • Cruelty: "Kill them with kindness" instead.
  • Stupidity: One of the few things he has little patience for.
  • Crudity: Offending his senses offends him personally.
  • Spinelessness: He values the ability to defend beliefs.



  • Elliot definitely borders fervent belief in aestheticism.
  • He appreciates the preparation and taste of drinks over food.
  • Stress builds in his shoulders so he plays piano to loosen them.
  • Elliot loves the activity of the city. He'd never last in a rural area.
  • He always carries a feathered pen, but not always a notepad.
  • If embarrassed, the back of his neck heats up first.
  • Elliot signs personal letters with E.C. and others with his full name.
  • He has a great interest in tomes and has an expansive private collection.
  • Elliot can become pathetically passive-aggressive at times.
  • He's unused to more normal or poor lifestyles and thinks they're quaint, if undesirable.
  • Barriers and force-fields are a snap for him to erect and dispel.
  • Writing is a passion of his, especially poetry.



Basic: Vain, uppity, caring, curious, indulgent, perceptive, self-loathing, loving.

Elliot is quick to defend himself if he feels threatened. Even though he'll gripe about it, he enjoys helping others. Elliot is a colloquial and talented man with a fervent curiosity that borders nosiness. He enjoys talking and will generally speak his mind. A visciously perceptive person, he can analyze others and respond evenly. Though generally not vindictive, he's quite mischevious.

Describe their sense of morals: His faith is based heavily on believing in the Enchiridion. While he cares for ceremonies, mass, etc, he sees them as not as important as living the text. As a rare and hidden opinion, he is just barely sympathetic of heretics that leave for freedom.

How do they act in public?: Elliot can come across as overly dramatic to some, but his presentation as a proper and trustworthy clergyman holds strong for its veracity. Oftentimes, he can say a lot but nothing at all.

How do they act privately?: Elliot does not act much differently in private, although if he is talking with someone he trusts he may be more serious.

What motivates them?: Elliot desires an interesting and fulfilling life in service to the Fury.

What makes them happy?: He truly enjoys talking with others.

What makes them sad?: If anything were beyond his reach, he would be affected for some time.

What makes them uncomfortable?: The war. Despite being a gossip hound, the only topic he remains blissfully unaware of are the social details of the Dragonsong War. He may research the politics behind it but will not acknowledge present soldiers or past war heroes.

Skills & Abilities

Elliot is an intellectual person rather than a physical one. His fighting ability leaves plenty to be desired. That said, Elliot is capable of both white and black magic. When pressed, the aether he harnesses to cast will react in capricious pockets of energy that spark, singe, or freeze him. While they are not particularly dangerous (usually), the small showers perform wonders in debilitating him mentally. For fear of harming himself or others, he keeps from fighting as much as possible. Over time, he may begin to train himself in archery and empowerment magics -- mostly in concert since he doesn't have the upper body strength to draw a bow.

Greatest fear: Dragons reaching the Pillars and attacking Saint Reymanaud's Cathedral. Rejection.

Greatest strength: His confidence keeps him from baling from most things.

Greatest weakness: He believes that he can do anything because he hasn't failed horribly at anything yet.

Biggest accomplishment: Allowing his musical talents to be utilized

Biggest regret: Since he has dealt with nobles or seniors for most of his life, he does not interact with too many friendly people his own age.

Romantic Attraction Physical Attraction Platonic Love $ Business Deceased
Positive Negative Neutral Unsure


Josseloux Cadieux () - Adoptive Father

Josseloux is the third son of the minor noble. Unsure of his path in life, he took the to field as a common soldier. His service did not last long, and he never saw much combat. He participated in several skirmishes, fighting and killing a few heretics but never a dragon. Despite his focus within those battles, he had a wandering mind that kept him away from his occupation. He was uninspired to seek conflict or find glory, and once he was lose from duty he often did as he pleased. He would meander around, make empty friendships, occasionally and negligibly womanize, and essentially live without direction.

By accident, he once fell into a gorge. Josseloux snatched onto the side of the cliff to stop his fall, ripping up his hands in the process. Otherwise unscathed, he hit the bottom with a revolution: if he continued on this path, he'd end up falling in Witchdrop instead. His fingers still bear the scars, although they are mostly unnoticeable.

He withdrew from the knights, joining the church. His father urged him to join the Scholasticate for the prestige. Until then, Josseloux's natural intelligence was untested; to the surprise of his peers, he flourished. While competing for a spot in the Trinity, he became overconfident and began to revert to his pointless socializing from years passed. He swiftly was outdone.

Some good came of it, however. Josseloux ended up courting a vibrant and complementing noblewoman -- don't ask for her name. They were engaged and everything was merry for a time. Eventually, she felt as though Josseloux was not giving her due attention because of his studies. She made this argument when she severed their relationship, but in actuality she fell in love with another man. He remains insecure about this.

Once again, Josseloux's life was overturned by his association with pleasantries. He reformed himself again, this time making enough vows to place him on track to becoming a true man of faith. He balanced his lifestyle over time to allow himself happiness beyond the church, and is very content with his current standing. Of course, one of these allowances was Elliot, who he ardently raised as his son. He's definitely aware that many of his lessons weren't properly instilled in Elliot, hence the boy's arrogance and occasional profligacy.


Nolanel Feran () - Radiant Ser
Not long after Elliot began performing in church two years ago, he met Nolanel. The two have since made a miraculous bond. Nolanel is wounded, and Elliot heals him. Nolanel has doubts, and Elliot mends them. For him, Nolanel is his best friend and more-- even though his feelings are met by fear on both sides.
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Rare Rumors

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