Endarius Chariton

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Gridania-transparent.png Endarius Chariton
Endarius Chariton
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Gridanian
Nameday 17th Sun of the First Astral Moon
Occupation Putting people back together
Server Balmung, EST

Endarius Chariton (pronounced /ɛndarēus/) is a particularly tall hyur midlander with skin peculiarly dark for someone calling the arboreal Black Shroud home. He has been caring for others as far back as his memory serves, though most everything before the calamity is no longer in serviceable memory for him, a fact he isn't always pleased to admit to.



"Brighten the light, do not attempt to banish the darkness; is there not a shadow with every candle?"

Discovering a talent with conjury and white magic has given Endarius a new lease on life, a happy anchor to his quiet yet warm personality. He's very quiet about the past, preferring to look forward instead of back. Endarius is typically very reserved, but once he's engaged in a conversation, he opens up easily. He works heavily with the Conjurers' Guild in Gridania, as well as across the water in Limsa for the Malestrom, though his activities are primarily envoy-related.



  • Height: 5 Fulms, 11 1/2 Ilms
  • Weight: 195 Ponze
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Very blue
  • Particular Traits: A blue tattoo on the right side of his face that, until recently, he didn't know was there.
  • Voice: Deep, rich, and soothing. Very, very slight Gridanian accent.


Endarius is tall for a midlander, sporting jet black hair and the matching little bit of black facial hair he can grow. His skin is deeply sun-kissed, unusual for someone calling the arboreal Shroud home. Endarius' eyes are strikingly blue, and despite his best efforts and years of denial, Endarius needs glasses for reading, though unless he's alone when he starts, his pride does get the better of him and he winds up squinting with a headache shortly thereafter.


"Quiet" is often the first word people use to describe Endarius. Often "caring" comes a close second, especially for those whose lives he's touched in some way. His deep voice is gentle and soothing to listen to, no enchantments required. He doesn't try to be all-knowing or all-wise, even with his quiet demeanor. He makes no charade, instead honestly admitting when he doesn't know or has no experience. Despite (or perhaps because of) this humility, he's always eager to listen to those who do know, and just as eager to learn what others have to teach.

Endarius is an absolutely terrible liar, for which he compensates by simply not lying. It goes without saying that not everything he has to say is comfortable to hear, but one can rest assured that whatever comes out of his mouth is, at least as far as he knows, the truth. That's not to say he would never lie, say to save someone's life or something of similar gravity, but it would have to be something that severe to pull a lie from his lips.

People come in all shapes and sizes, and Endarius is a particularly accepting person of that fact, sometimes to the point of making others uncomfortable about their prejudices. Some find this unsettling, his capacity to talk to and treat a Lalafell the same way he talks to a Roegayden, but it's a part of him that's unshakable. Endarius takes the time to know a person before judging them, which is more than many can say.

Intuition and cognition, in equal parts, drive Endarius' actions. It's difficult, even for him sometimes, to tell which is a larger motivating factor, but they both come into play nearly every time he acts. That said, his reasoning isn't usually very elaborate, and he doubts even his own very strong intuitions sometimes. It's a strange balance, but it works.



Endarius' cherry bomb, named Greeb
  • Oranges and honey. Oh, and chocolate, Endy LOVES chocolate, almost always carrying around at least some bubble chocolate.
  • Nature - Endarius has a particular fondness for the natural world and loves to spend time in it, be it sunning himself on a beach or enjoying the shade of The Shroud.
  • Botany - Coming hand-in-hand for his love of the outdoors, a certain enjoyment of all things flora lends itself to botany.
  • His pet cherry bomb, Greeb.


  • Liars, especially those who won't stop when discovered.
  • Those who do harm to others, especially from avarice.
  • The prejudiced.


  • Conjury - Endarius has a personal connection with nature that has lent him very impressive prowess as a conjurer.
  • Healing - A powerful healer, even amongst healers, there's little outside of Endarius' magical or mundane capabilities.
  • Counsel - It's no secret Endarius' demeanor and nature contribute to his ability to help others cope.
  • Reading - Despite his aptitude for being outside, Endarius loves him a good book. Often the two happen at the same time.
  • Cooking - Endarius isn't a world-class chef, but he's damn good with a skillet.
  • Gardening - And not just popotoes, either.
  • Mercy - Endarius has, many times, shocked those he offers comfort, as he tends to live by the phrase "Those who need kindness the most often deserve it the least."



Any memory Endarius had of his family is gone, completely wiped away. If asked, he'll simply say he has no idea what's become of them, which isn't exactly a lie.


Though he has no working memory of them, Endarius has learned a few things about his parents through research and the help of others.

  • His father was originally from Garlemaid, but left well before the calamity for reasons unknown. His original name was Maurius Aurelius, but when he arrived in Ul'dah, it was changed to Janos Ward. Thus far, Endarius has told only one other person about this.
  • His mother was originally from Gridania, a master conjurer named Beatrice Rundall. He has his suspicions that the padjal had given her the title of White Mage, but he can't get any of them to come clean when he asks. But the gift left for him by his mother, of her personal iconic White Mage robe, has him almost certain of it.


People typically consider Endarius a friend before he considers others friends, mostly because his desire to help preempts his need for friendship. He is friendly towards all, but those he calls friends are very few. He uses the word "companion" to refer to those with whom he is friendly yet not very strongly attached.

Dramatis Personæ

Friends               Family               Romantic Love               Neutral              × Disliked

Nadeau Celeste: Before the calamity (and a lot of memory loss), Endarius tutored Nadeau in various academia, secretly sneaking her books about magic while he was at it. Though the books went unnoticed, their love didn't, and her father attempted to have him killed. A lucky fishing net later, he survived, but after the Calamity, Nadeau was only a memory for him, until they met again. Now, having discovered they're soul mates, the two are engaged. They also share an empathic bond, each able to tell when the other is in distress. This has lead to some interesting situations.

Zaku Paku: Though he knows of Zaku's past as a Lalafel, Endarius has only ever known the man in the form of a highlander. Despite their short time together, as well as everything they've been through, Endarius considers Zaku a brother and trusts him completely.

Ghalleon Helseth: Nadeau's former love (split before Endarius found Nadeau again), and a deeply troubled man. Endarius wants little more than to help him or at least give him counsel and comfort, but he knows he can't until Ghalleon allows himself to recover from much more than just a bad break-up. For the time being, Endarius pities him, though he is consistently unimpressed with his avaricious lash-outs.


It's hard to hate a guy that puts you back together after a fight and doesn't ask awkward questions. Not impossible though.


The past is very fuzzy for Endarius, most everything before the Calamity is a blur at the very best, completely gone for the most part. There are a few bits and pieces that stick out, however, and these tiny tokens of who he is he has written down in a book he shows very few people. His decisions on who to show are impossible to predict, but he will usually show someone he thinks might remember more if he trusts them.

"I know you from somewhere..."

You might have run into or otherwise know Endarius from:

  • The Black Shroud, during and after the Calamity. Endarius helped countless people in the efforts to recover, so if you call any part of The Black Shroud home, chances are you've run into him during recovery efforts, though he may not recall your name or what he did to help right away.
  • Endarius was primarily raised in Limsa, and despite being a merchant child, he spent most of his time there, up to a couple years before the Calamity. He hasn't run into anyone that would remember him from then, and his academic lifestyle made him fewer companions as a youth, but that's not to say nobody would remember him. Maybe not the tattoo, but his face hasn't changed much.

Journal Excerpts

Journal entries in blue have been uncovered and Endarius now knows what they are.

"I don't know why I remember this, but I remember my mother handing me a toy stuffed moogle as a birthday present and being fanatically happy about it. I must have been very young, as I can't remember any of her face. Just that moogle in perfect detail. I even remember how it smelled, but nothing else comes from that memory, just the stuffed toy. Come to think of it, I can't remember anything about my mother. Only that it was my mother that gave it to me. I suppose she must have loved me very much."

"There was this girl, I can't remember her name, but her face is one of the few that still stick in my mind; I'd remember her instantly if I saw her again. I remember kissing her, in some kind of courtyard or something, there was a building in the background. Maybe it was a park? I don't know for sure. Probably the happiest moment I remember. I wonder if we'll ever meet again."

"I remember leaning against a tree, overlooking the ocean. I don't know where it was, it must have been Limsa, but I can never really feel sure about it. I was sitting on the ground, reading a book. I don't remember anything else, not even how old I was, just that scene and being content."

"I'm not sure if this is a memory or a nightmare, but it feels like a memory, so I'll write it down. It always begins with my vision starting to go black as I'm holding my breath under water. My feet and hands are both bound, and there's a big rock tied to my ankles. Then a fishing net grabs me by the rope that's tying my hands together, and I'm lifted towards the surface. I never make it, but I always come around and there's this fisherman looking at me like I'm supposed to be a fish and he's confused about it. And then the memory-nightmare ends."

"This one always makes me laugh. I remember being up in a tree in a forest, sitting on a thick branch and reading, and then all of a sudden this horde of squirrels comes tearing out of the canopy and scrambles over me and I almost fall off! Of course I drop my book, but squirrels! Stampeding squirrels! I'm even laughing as I write about it!"

"The first memory I have that I'm certain came after the cataclysm is looking around and seeing everything on fire. It must have been right after it, because I only also remember an intense need to help people who were suffering from burns. Someone was shouting nonsense nearby, but the name Bahamut rings, so that had to be when that happened. And then the memory ends."

"I was young, and there was a fog like none I've seen outside of Limsa. I remember dropping something, I don't know what, and it vanished into the fog. I don't know how old I was, but I was young, very young. And dropping whatever had fallen really distressed me."

"This is probably the shortest memory I have, but it's possibly the most cryptic. There's this grid of nine glowing green squares on a small... something. And a tenth in the middle on the bottom, centered below the nine. There were some other squares on the right side of those in a vertical column of five, separated by a tiny gap. The whole... I don't know what it was, was the size of my palm. The squares were soft, like rubber. Above them was a green bar with black numbers on it. I think the green squares might have had something on them, but the image is kind of fuzzy when I try to remember that. My father was standing next to me. And that's all I can remember."

Things Unknown

There are a lot of things Endarius has no idea about, thanks to the gaping holes in his memory. Naturally, none of these are public knowledge, but they're true. And some will take more convincing for him to believe than others.

  • His parents were travelling merchants, but Endarius showed a talent for academia at a very young age, and was even tutoring adults in math and language before his mid-teens. His father set aside a lot of earned gil for him from his tutoring, though the fate of it is completely unknown, probably destroyed or looted during the Calamity.
  • His parents created careers as a pair of traveling merchants, resulting in just about everywhere having one spot or another that seems familiar to him somehow.
  • When exposed to Garlean magitech, Endy is unable to explain his aptitude with it. This is not without reason, as his father had exposed him to bits and pieces of it as a young child, in the hopes that Endarius would see the benefits of it without the politics behind it.
  • He carries around his mother's soulstone, which has attuned itself to him. He doesn't need it, but it stays with him. He has no idea that's what it is, only that he's always had it.
  • Endarius' mother is originally from the Senna family, one of a few families that are known to produce Padjal. The name she gave his father was Rundall, a name she abandoned when they wed. The conjurers guild knows about her choice of names, but has thus far said nothing to Endarius.

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