Ghalleon Helseth

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Ishgard.jpg Ghalleon Helseth
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Ishgardian
Age 30
Occupation Priest of Nald'thal
Height/Weight 5'10"/~162 pz
  • Absalom Helseth (Father)
  • Cornelia Helseth (née Lavoie) (Mother)
  • Phaedra Hautelle Helseth (Sister)
Rendezvous of Stars
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Server: Balmung
Role-Play Style: Family Friendly w/ some Mature Themes
Contacts: D'ranmaia Shenn
Website: Rendezvous of Stars
Language: English
Time-Zone: Primarily CST but EU friendly
RP Element: The Axis Star
Headquarters: Ward 8, the Goblet


Ghalleon Helseth was born in Ishgard to a small family (the second child, the first son) in the Hyuran vassal house Helseth, retainers to Great House Haillenarte. His chrismation name is “Gamaliel,” but “Ghalleon” (a hypocorism) is his political and ordinary given name. Since the best prospect for his family’s social, economic, and political promotion was through the marriage of his older sister (i.e. the hope that she would find a higher-class husband), Ghalleon’s parents enrolled him in the seminarium of the Ishgardian Orthodox Church as a young boy, and set him on the path of ministry. Seminary is an exceptionally common life choice for Ishgardian men with little prospects for social advancement and little prospects for valorous military service.
Ghalleon, however, was genuinely pious, and enjoyed both his formation in the seminary and his periodic visits with his family. At 11, he and a few other neophytes travelled to Ul’dah with a few priests as part of a two-year program of study, prayer, and spiritual formation with the Order of Nald’thal. The year he and his delegation were meant to return, however, was the year in which Ishgard withdrew from the Eorzean Alliance and closed its borders to foreign nationals. Ghalleon and the delegation could have returned to Ishgard and pled for asylum as citizens; yet the political situation of the realm—the abiding threat of imminent invasion from Garlemald, and the whispered possibility of punitive military action by the Eorzean Alliance against Ishgard—led the delegation to decide quietly together that their best option for the present was to remain with the Order of Nald’thal as naturalized citizens.
Ghalleon’s sudden alienation from his homeland and his family—even his letters were no longer being answered—was a period of intense spiritual crisis. However, through the advice of his mentors, prayer, and a particular spiritual experience, he accepted his current lot, and decided to enroll formally in the Order of Nald’thal as a postulant seeking ordination. The next fifteen years of his life would be spent in the pursuit and the realization of that goal; and in growing to consider Ul’dah, and specifically the Order of Nald’thal, his second home.
More recently, Ghalleon has become swept up in the momentous events surrounding the reopening of Ishgard's borders, the Reformation of the Ishgardian Orthodox Church, and Ishgard's victory in the Dragonsong War. Ghalleon must now attempt to manage his established Ul'dahn life, residence, and priestly vows alongside his love for his homeland and his reunification with his family after so many intervening years.



Good, serious, substantial conversation—even debate, so long as it is in a broader context of friendship or affinity.
Rest after hard work.
Orthodox faith—from both the simple and the learned.
People with habits of patience, courtesy, and gracious indulgence.
Rain, so long as he is inside with nowhere he needs to be, and space to feel comfortable to listen to it or watch it.
Cool and cold weather.
A clean and secure house.
Delicious, sumptuous, indulgent foods of all varieties.
The physical act of writing on paper with a fountain pen.


Being mocked—either openly or in his perception—for his faith, for his mannerisms, for his habits.
Any perceived insinuations that his intelligence is lacking.
Any perception that he is being excluded or shut out by people he loves and cares about.
Hot weather, physical exertion in it, and sweating in his clothes.
Being in the middle of large crowds.
Being late.
Cleaning house.
Having people (other than very close friends and loved ones) walk in on him sleeping (he feels vulnerable; he feels they will perceive him as slothful).


Alignment: Lawful Good
Nameday (Birth): 4/26 (Nymeia)
Nameday (Chrismation): Ides of the Second Astral Moon (Thaliak)
Habitual Vices: acedia, envy
Habitual Virtues: fidelity, magnanimity
Favorite Food: steamed megalocrab-leg steaks or soups
Favorite Drink: ice-cold lemonade
Favorite Color: royal blue
Myers-Briggs Personality Type: ISFP (Dominant: Fi, Auxiliary: Se, Tertiary: Ni, Inferior: Te)
Talents: handwriting, choir

Appearance, Personality, and Other Traits

  • Ghalleon usually wears a long black cassock as a sign of his Order and vocation; but even when he’s not, he wears long sleeves and long pants. He dislikes exposing his skin, which is quite pale, other than his face and hands, and consequently he enjoys cold and windy weather, for which he is almost always well-dressed.
  • He enjoys solitude, silence, prayer, and study; but he draws energy and strength equally from moments with close friends (not so much large gatherings or conversations with people who are strangers or merely acquaintances). He needs both elements in roughly equal doses, or he will begin to feel the lack of one or the other. Despite all this, his regency has greatly assisted his public speaking skills, and he has little trouble anymore speaking to groups, especially as a priest or teacher.
  • He constantly thinks of qualifications or clarifications of even simple points he makes when he speaks, which frequently cause him to pause awkwardly mid-sentence in conversation in order to think. He is self-conscious about this verbal tic.
  • In the past, Ghalleon rarely spoke about his family to anyone; this was mostly an attempt at self-discipline to endure a situation he believed was outside his control. His family reunited when Ishgard opened its borders; and while there is some awkwardness at times, all of them are committed to restoring a normal family relationship. He loves his mother and father very much—he was a natural fit for the priesthood, and bears them no ill will at all for being sent to the seminary. He loves his older sister especially, however, and seems particularly pleased that she seems inclined toward vowed religious life instead of marriage. He keeps them all in his prayer rule.
  • Ghalleon is completely orthodox in his theology, and his faith is mature and intellectual. He enjoys speaking to the faith of the simple, and his pastoral manner in addressing himself to them gets better each day. He also enjoys conversations with the heterodox, doubters, and apostate, so long as the discussion is in good faith. He dislikes the scornful, the passive-aggressive, and the dismissive, and will quickly fire back at them in a similar tone.
  • He believes not only in the importance of the true faith, but of tradition in general, and the pastoral ideals of stability, family and community bonds, marital fidelity, and the rearing of pious children. He is especially hostile to sexual promiscuity. Ghalleon—even as a priest—knows the pull of desire as much as anyone; but he believes that indulgence here attacks the very root of the family and the very root of the virtue of faith/fidelity itself. One who is faithful in small things is faithful in great things also.
  • Ghalleon’s chief approach to any problem or confrontation is his intellect combined with his oratory. Any need, problem, or potential conflict he has is an occasion in which he attempts to reason out a favorable conclusion. It is not at all a self-conscious “bartering” or “persuasion”: his instinct that any problem can be talked through by rational people lies very deep in him, and he does not consciously realize that he always goes to this path.
  • Ghalleon’s sister Phaedra is a Wildwood Elezen. The two are not related by blood; she became an infant ward of Absalom before Ghalleon was born. However, the two are very intimate and have always spoken and acted as if they were natural kin.
  • He honors and serves the entire pantheon of the Twelve, but has a special devotion for four in particular: Nald’thal, the god of his priestly Order and Ul’dah (his second home); Halone, the goddess of Ishgard (his first home and his people); Nymeia, the goddess governing his birth month; and Thaliak, the god governing the month of his chrismation in the Ishgardian Orthodox Church.


Relationships and Miscellany

Romantic Interest     Family member     Friend      Acquaintance     Enemy     Deceased     NPC

Family & Friends

Flora Valerian : "Flora and I have been wife and husband for almost a full year now--it is hard to believe how long we have been together. I love her very much; it's sometimes difficult to go days in a row without seeing her, but she's doing very important work that makes huge demands on her, and i'm willing to do my part for that, as well. ...How did you say you know her, again?"
Absalom Helseth : "Father was just invested in the House of Lords under Lord Baurendouin. I'm unbelievably proud of him, to have risen so high for the quality of his work. He was always so excessively generous with us as children, as well. Phaedra and I were fighting, once, and she tore my grimoire out of spite. I was furious... and he went out, that day, and bought me a new one, brand new. I... it wasn't even a big tear, it was nothing. 'Now you can have that one for using, and this one for keeping nice,' he said. I'll never forget it..."
Cornelia Helseth : "Mother was sick with pneumonia a year ago--she's better but she still sometimes has a nasty cough, I think. She and Phaedra still go to the cathedral choir and orchestra, though, just like when we were young. She always sent me care packages while I was in seminary too... She bought me a fountain pen with sterling appointments before I left for Ul'dah: I still have it."
Phaedra Helseth : "My dearest sister! She is a woman of overwhelming force, believe me. Her manner might overwhelm you. But, no, don't get the wrong idea. Phaedra is my ideal of womanly virtue."
Zaphir Zurlac : "The man can be disagreeable and headstrong, but, he might as well be the mirror image of myself, in that regard. You're a fool if you don't listen to what he says carefully, even though he's probably just as liable to say foolish things. He's a thaumaturge, even though I think it's a shame the order let people like himself advance in the art without adhering to our faith. But he's still very talented; good with his hands, too--he sells little craftworks in a shop."
Clalaris Sil Laris : "Seraph is great. I call her Seraph all the time, anyway. She is--like a lalafell... who is also a moogle. Ah. Ah, she will come up with a nickname for you. Accept it, because it's going to happen."
D'ranmaia Shenn : "Miss Maia... she is a wonderful woman. She is utterly guileless. She has a beauty of virtue about her--her kindness and sweetness, and her inner strength. Her people are savages, to be sure; but meeting her, becoming friends with her, has been a blessing for me."
Lucky Mewrilah : "I've known him for a while, now; though we've not had a chance to speak in a while. A fine fellow. We've had our disagreements, but rarely anything of substance, I feel. More a matter of temperament--I feel sometimes he's just in the mood to fight. He's probably his own harshest critic."
Momone Mone : "Momone is a lovely woman! She cooks wonderfully, you know? Well, we've gotten to know each other better over the last moons. She's been dealt a difficult hand, recently. Try not to create more trouble for her. She's better than most of the people around her."
Piers Hayward : "He seems nice enough, but I catch too many women hanging onto his arms for some manner of tomfoolery not to be going on there."
Barengar Armsbreaker : "That's my wife's uncle. He doesn't seem to have a very good reputation, that much is obvious; but that doesn't mean anything. Keeps to himself, though. It's like all the Ala Mhigans, honestly. They'll hide the most trivial thing from their parents; good luck getting a peep out of him about anything."
Anstarra Silverain : "We know each other--we work together, actually. I don't think I made the best first impression; but she's stuck around, and she's a woman I'd want to know. Not like that."
Nonope Nope : "Ah, she's great! Nono is hilarious to listen to, especially with light subjects. She seems to bounce a bit through the day, to me, anyway, and with as many lalafell as I see going about their business through Ul'dah without cracking a smile, that's real refreshing, let me tell you."



Some of these rumors are untrue or greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!
◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
“Fr. Helseth? Yes, may I ask about the nature of your inquiry?” —Receptionist, Arrzaneth Ossuary
“In strictest confidence, Brother Ghalleon’s homilies could stand to be trimmed a bit.” —Lalafellan lady parishioner, Ul’dah
“Ghally tips big, but he takes up a table for two bells, all by himself, reading. Don’t you think that’s a bit weird? Doesn’t he have any friends? Well, I know they don’t like him much in the kitchen. He always orders something that ain’t already made.” —Miqo’te waitress, the Quicksand, Ul’dah
“Fr. Helseth is a good man, absolutely. He’s a bit raw at it—young—but he knows it, and I think tries not to be too insufferable to us for it. He’s a good one.” —Older Hyur man after liturgy, Arrzaneth Ossuary
“I don’t need religion to tell me how to live my life. He’s an idiot, the whole thing is lies, man. Liberate yourself from their control, liberate society from their control. It’s people like him who keep perpetuating this cycle of patriarchal oppression and bourgeois sexual conventions. Hey, are you doing anything later? Are you hungry, maybe?” —Midlander young man, Ul’dah
“I respond that: the asinine qualities of Fr. Helseth may be demonstrated in five ways. The first and more manifest is the argument from irrelevance. It is certain, and evident to our senses, that in the world there is aether. Now, every science is named after its object, the perfection of which is also its final cause. Manifestly therefore the object of the science of thaumaturgy is the artful manipulation of aether. And manifestly, therefore, the object of a school of thaumaturgy is to study thaumaturgical technique. But Fr. Helseth instead teaches his pupils theology, which thwarts its stated end. Therefore, Fr. Helseth is asinine. The second is the argument from incompetence. Whatever is highest in a genus…” —A student thaumaturge, holding court with a small group of laughing friends, refectory of the Arrzaneth Ossuary
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
“I served with Helseth, briefly, during the crisis. He led our artillery section at the time. Gods, it’s been ages since he’s stopped by… we’re both not very good at keeping in touch. He… wasn’t much built for military service, I think; and he’d tell you as much himself. He did a good job of it, still. Dropped it in his lap, and he made the best of it. Didn’t look away.” —Midlander companyman, rank of captain, Hall of Flames officers’ lounge
“That’s his name, is it? That Midlander strolled in here wearing cloth-of-gold like he owned the place. Like he owned us. He was with her, you saw, right? If I find out he’s laid a finger on her, or any of our women, I’ll rip his manhood off, and shove it down his throat.” —Ala Mhigan young man, Little Ala Mhigo
“Oh, Ghalleon, did he say if he were coming home today? I keep the pantry stocked and a hot meal on the table when I can, but you know, more and more days I’m coming by to find it just where I left it the night before, bless him.” —Elezen matron, neighborhood estate caretaker, Gridanian suburbs
“I swear to you, I found him working as a waiter. Dressed up nice, and everything, very professional-like, but he wasn’t wearing a clerical collar or anything at all! I mean… he wasn’t doing anything wrong, exactly, but it was damned uncanny, like a double life. Do you think he’s really that bad off on money? His clothes don’t look it.” —Priestess of Nald’thal, Arrzaneth Ossuary
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
“I noticed an astrolabe among his items in the vestry. I suppose I understand keeping it as a sentimental attachment to his homeland. How disgraceful if he uses it, though. As if the stars rule our destiny, and not the Twelve.” —One prelate of Nald’thal to another, Arrzaneth Ossuary
“To speak directly: he has a concubine—I am very nearly certain of it. Do not misunderstand: the company of the perfect is vanishingly small, and I am not among them; I note only that it should now become a great deal clearer why he opposes the liturgical reforms. In future, should he remain obdurate, it may become necessary to make a point of it.” —One prelate of Nald’thal to another, Milvaneth Sacrarium
“Brother Ghalleon could genuinely go either way, I think. He’s one of the very few who could take the vow of chastity and mean it—and live it. But it’s very clear how deep the desire for a family is seated in him. And he would make a very good husband and father. It will be interesting to see what Nymeia has chosen for him.” —A hierarch of Nald’thal to a chaplain, Arrzaneth Ossuary
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the characters of other players)
"Ah, Ghalleon...? He, uhm... I, ah-- Ghalleon-- he's kind, and handsome, and-- good at speaking, and-- I like speaking with him. Alright. There. I've answered you, I'll-- I'm-- I'm going elsewhere, now." —A very flustered Flora Valerian, who subsequently hurried off somewhere.
"Ghalleon tripped on an apkallu egg once. I don't know how it got there but it was a huge mess." Evangeline Kavanagh
(if the inquirer is Miqo'te) "Mr. Helseth is a good person, but I would speak with reservation around him. He has views of our people that are often... frustrating." (if the inquirer is any other race) "Mr. Helseth is a good person. I highly recommend engaging him in conversation if you find the chance. He is an intelligent man with whom conversation is never dull." Lucky Mewrilah
"Ghalleon, huh... Speaking to him almost makes me wish that I adhered more to the stereotype of those from Sharlayan, since he's an intellectual without peer. Each and every time I partake in his company, our conversations always end up becoming the kind that really makes you think, you know? Not about what to say next, but about what you already know or thought you knew." — Nomi
"Master Ghalleon is very insightful. He said a prayer for me once. It was a happy occasion and somehow through it to how sad I felt. It meant a great deal to me." — Jancis Milburga



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