Eric Verus

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Eric Verus
"The only ruler of anything should be reason."
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa



Eric Verus is a new adventurer to Eorzea. His origins mostly shrouded in secrecy, it is know that he is striken with a strange magical illness. He travels the lands in search of Allagan secrets, which he believes to be tied to his curse.


  • Height: Short for Midlander
  • Weight: About 150 ponz
  • Body: Slender and fit.
  • Hair: Shoulder length brown hair with white streaks, goatee
  • Eyes: Bright Light-Blue
  • Skin: Pale
  • Clothing: Eric typically is seen wearing loose fit or modern clothing. He is sometimes seen wearing mage robes.


Alignment: True Neutral

Eric has a reserved, and cool nature. Enjoying quiet conversations one on one with individuals, but straying away or to the side of a crowd when one is gathered. He is quite familiar with intrigue of courts and even feels as comfortable in such environments as one can be. He has begun to adapt to the customs of Eorzea and has grown to adapt it as his new home.

When it comes to combat or moments of high tension, Eric seems to be cold, analytic, and confrontational. Eric has a tendency to try to anticipate the movements and demeanor of those around him as as self-defense mechanism. While it serves him well in combat, as well as in Military Courts, this causes problems for him in inter-personal relations.

Eric is fiercely caring for his close friends, even beyond his own well being. He is known to make risky maneuvers for himself, and the group, in order to secure their lives. This leads some to call him reckless or even crazy in the thick of tension. However Eric disregards such opinions, calling his moves calculated - believing that when the chips are down the ends justify the means Secretly, however, he is plagued with the feeling of responsibility for any miscalculation he makes, and takes to drinking during these times.



[Under Reconstruction]



  • Flowers and herbs.
  • Intellectual conversations.
  • Books and artwork.


  • Willful Ignorance.
  • Prejudice of any kind.
  • Loneliness.


  • Writing
  • Speech/Storytelling
  • Herbal-ism/Alchemy


  • Has a known interest in Allagan research history and lore.
  • Is often seen writing in quiet places, the context of his writing is unknown.

The Tell-Tale Feathers

Eric has a preference, on occasion, to write to individuals for communication rather than only rely on linkshells and other methods. This allows him to better contemplate his words and standing with the individual whom he wishes to contact.

As part of his contemplation he writes each individual is that depending on the emotional inspiration incited by the thoughts of the individual, Eric writes with a Quill Pen of a different feather. The feelings are further emphasized by the condition the feather is presented in.

Blow is a brief description of what each feather means for Eric:

Cockfeather.png Cock Feather: An especially close male: Someone who Eric would freely trust with his life and secrets. Letters delivered with high quality Cock Feather are likely individuals whom Eric holds as close as his own brother.

Swanfeather.png Swan Feather: An especially close female: Someone who Eric would freely trust with his life and secrets. Letters delivered with high quality Swan Feathers are likely individuals whom hold romantic interest for Eric.

Chocobofeather.png Chocobo Feather: An individual on friendly terms. High quality feathers in this field indicate Eric's consideration of the individual as part of his inner circle.

Eaglefeather.png Eagle Feather: An individual known on official or business terms. High quality feathers indicate a high level of professional respect for the addressee.

Dodofeather.png Dodo Feather: An individual whom Eric feels tension or conflict towards. Dodo Feathers indicate that on the subject of the tension, Eric feels indebted or in the wrong.

Cockatricefeather.png Cockatrice Feather: An individual whom Eric feels tension or conflict towards. Contrary to Dodo, Cockatrice Feathers indicate that Eric does not feel submissive or in the wrong about the issue in question.

Crowfeather.png Crow Feather: Reserved for addressing enemies, or the deceased. Crow feathers will be used when addressing them as a subject matter as well as a warning to friends and allies of the subject.



Dodofeather.png Luc' sas Verus - Father

Not much is known about Eric's father. Eric has only personally imposed that his father was distant during the entirety of his life, likely due to guilt over Eric's curse and the death of his mother. Eric bears his father no ill will, but his attachment to his distant father is minimal.

Crowfeather.png Bradamante van Verus - Mother (deceased)

Once an established warrior maiden in the houses of Garlemald, Eric's mother met an unfortunate end at the hands of a curse. While accusations have been made to a rather famous individual, they were discarded on behalf Luc's poor standing and whispers of illegal magic used in the family. Eric was recovered from his dead mother's womb, and has survived his life fighting the curse that killed his mother.

Dodofeather.png Hyrist rem Verus - Brother

Allied together under the banner of Dark Embers, and knowing the truth of Hyrist's actions that caused them both to inevitably abandon their homeland. Knowing the feeling of loss being separated form the squad that they had grown in rapport with, Eric has kept a slight distance from his bother out of a measure of guilt due to removing Hyrist from the life and rank he worked so hard for. Together they share an often unspoken attachment to the individuals in Garlemald who shared their opinion: That the War-obsessed Magitek Empire should return to the Militant Republic from which it was found, and its attempts at forced expansions cease. These views leave their like-minded allies in Garlemald in significant danger in their homeland, and a subject of much considerations for the Verus Brothers .


Dodofeather.png Alothia Starkwood

Eric's former employer, and closest friend. For a time Eric had strong romantic feelings for Alothia before she became involved with K'anko Tia. However, in respect for their relationship, Eric made an effort to suppress those feelings and focus on friendship and business between them. Since Alothia's disappearance and return, Eric's feeling of guilt over his ties to the sources of her disappearances have made him keep a distance from her, in spite his desires to remain close.




Common Rumors

  • "Man's cosy with dem redcoats. I'd watch what ye say 'round him!'" - random Limsa Lominsa citizen
  • "I've seen him feverishly studying digging through quite some aged tomes." - Wood Wailer near Carmine Canopy

Moderate Rumors

  • "I've seen him periodically sipping a bottle from his pack. I wonder what it is..."

Rare Rumors

  • "I hear his whole family has been cursed for killin lots of people way back in the past."
  • " A Garlean refugee. Seen more of those lately. Heard he might have been a big shot. Companies made him give up his three most prized possessions till he earned his place. "

PC Rumors

  • "I hear he is quite the cunning like that...he's a writer...I mean...ugh..." - Alothia Starkwood
  • "...An arrangement of words cannot do him justice. He has insight, he is devoted, and he has a new lease on life. I trust him, and I know to expect good things from him." - Lily Dawnsworn

Wildfowlfeather.png History/Timeline

Recent/Current Events

Dark Embers Plotline: Outbreak


Chapter 1: Parasite Evil

Having lost faith in the restoration of his homeland and driven by the dying wish of his first love for him to survive, Eric smuggled himself out of Garlemald to seek solutions in the land of Eorzea. There within he found the company Corvus Cinis, to which he pledged his services in exchange for assistance finding the secret to his curse, and the cure needed.

During the time he grew close to the Company's Leader, Alothia Starkwood, and was one of many men who had pursued her after her painful breakup with her at the time fiancee. However the one man Eric thought to be his better for her, K'anko Tia indeed won over Alothia's heart. Eric approved of the decision, having uncertain thoughts as to the imminent possibility of death due to his curse, and the far more cheerful nature was a better match for Alothia's need for freedom. Eric shared these thoughts with the Second in Command, Lily Dawnsworn whom, through the process of working through both emotional and physical turmoils, Eric grew to trust all three individuals deeply.

The four dove into an expedition into the Tam Tara Deepcroft where upon Eric discovered that his curse was, in fact, a fragment of a Voidsent Parasite - having been carried only a fragment over while in his mother, his body had shown a tremendous resistance to the parasite through constant treatment to counter it. However, it was a fight he was soon going to lose - as the creature was now aware and pressing into his mind. Lily resigned herself to watching over Eric at his request to be sure if he succumbed in his sleep, that he would not live to harm another. Lily's tireless dedication to the task won his admiration, though he does not confess such to Lily openly.

Finally through research of relics and documents found in Tam Tara, it was resolved that Eric had to remove the core of the infestation from his body surgically in order to escape his fate. This came at the cost of the removal of his stomach, which had been completely corrupted by the Voidsent. With Lily defending an assault by a mysterious robed woman and a Voidsent Soulcounter, K'anko and Alothia were successful in performing the surgery, clearing Eric of the danger of succumbing to the void and saving his life. As a result, Eric's loyalties to Corvus Cinus and it's core members has been secured, and he has avowed to recover and improve his skills to better assist the company, and those who had saved him.

Chapter 2: Isolation

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