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Alothia Starkwood
nophica’s patron
menphina’s keeper
eternal atoner
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Thank the Twelve...
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26 (31)
28th sun, 6th as, 1546
Jutat De
Alothia Starkwood is a miqo'te woman who has lived a long and fruitful life, but one peppered with drama and intrigue. She has been the owner of a small company, girlfriend to a number of different men, friend to many people, and woman who takes time to get to know people from all walks of life.

At 26 years of age, she acts much more mature in some aspects than one would think, but not without an ample amount of immaturity to make up for it. She enjoys a good dirty joke or story, enjoys making her friends get flustered because of awkward situations, and generally has a wild sense of humor.

Although she exudes a flirty and chatty demeanor, it often conceals a tumult of emotions hidden beneath the surface. Very few people know the her that lurks in the interior of that storm, and she is tentative about extending that trust to people. If you do manage to crack that surface, however, you will have her as a steadfast and loyal friend, one willing to stand up to almost anything to protect those she cares about.


Miqa'bobs. Particularly Tuna. It reminds her of home.
Ear Scratches. She's a sucker for them.
Bubble baths. Nothing more relaxing than a tub.
Quirky people. People who are interesting interest her.


Being Pushed Around. No one puts Aly in the corner.
Intolerance. Aly has spent many years being kind to others and learning their stories before judging. She wishes the same of others.
Conflict. While it is a necessary evil, she avoids it like the plague.
Rain. It makes her tail poof and her hair become matted. No to this. Unless it's the sound. She likes the sound of rain.


Being Alone. If anything scares the woman, it is this. A life of solitude.
Manipulation. In her past life, she was extremely manipulative, and she hates to think she'd become like that again.
Death. Watching people die is her least favorite thing in the world, and losing those close to her is her worst fear.
Cheating. She is very self conscious and is always scared that her significant others will stray.


Charisma. Alothia is charismatic and it enables her to approach people of all walks of life for conversation.
Thaumaturgy. She's great at blowing stuff up.
Handwriting. She was taught how to write at a young age, and she practices daily.
Organization. Alothia is great at keeping people organized. Not so much for her desk though.


Emotional. Alothia is often swayed by her emotions, whether good or bad..
Naive. Alothia takes most people at face value. She wants to believe in the best in everyone.
Clumsy. While she can be a strong magic user, she is not very deft as far as easy tasks, and can get even clumsier when flustered.
Weak. She is trained to use daggers in close quarters, but if it came to a match of physical strength, she would lose.


Gridania. Home of her youth.
Thal's Respite. She often goes there for contemplation.
Sanctum of the Twelve. Somewhat religious, this is where Alothia travels to center herself.
Hawthorne Hut. Favorite place ever. Quiet, nice view, hot springs. What more could you ask for?

(art by teatime-plasmid)
  • Height: Tall for a Miqo'te
  • Weight: Averageish, slight tummy, full in the bust and hips
  • Body: Soft and quick, some muscle definition.
  • Hair: Long and tied back on the sides, Pink with blue highlights
  • Eyes: Lavender
  • Skin: Pale, some say pale to the point of looking like death, although not to her face.
  • Clothing: Alothia prefers to wear comfortable clothing, but also clothing that shows off her assets. For a night out, she enjoys wearing her Coatee, but when working, Alothia wears Robes and other traditional Conjurer garb.

Alothia is a multi skilled woman, although not as skilled as some. Her first and foremost skills lie in the magical arts. While she knows how to use them in the conventional sense, her specialization is the weaving of elements to create varied spells. Akin to weaving, she is able to take smallest threads of elements and use them to create something new. Always thinking on her toes, this is what makes her a most formidable opponent.


Alothia is a well trained thaumaturge, with extra abilities when dealing with fire magic. She was trained in it when she was very young, as she had an affinity for it, and her parents hired her a private tutor. During her more unpleasant years, Alothia's signature were buildings left smouldering. Now, it is her main magic of defense.


When Alothia grew a little older, she also sought training from the Conjurers of the Fane. She learned to commune with the elementals and was an adept healer. Incidents beyond her control ripped her healing abilities from her, although she is able to still control wind, air, and earth.


Alothia has some training with the lance, although not as much to be considered of any value. She took up this training when spending a lot of time with the Everwatch.


During Alothia's earlier years, she made a point of being able to defend herself in close quarters. She almost always has a dagger or two hidden on her person, ready to use at any moment.


What Alothia lacks in physical power she makes up for in stamina and speed. She is quick and able to maneuver out of most situations, even despite her clumsy tendencies.

(art by Knoire)
NOTE: Information presented here may be used as RP hooks within reasonable means. It is mostly presented as a point of reference for myself because I am hella forgetful.


Alothia grew up in the forest of the Eastern Shroud, near Hyrstmill. She came from a small family consisting of her father, mother and younger sister. Her childhood was a happy one, with the only problem being that her parents were always working and didn't have a ton of time to spend with her. Alothia saw what this did to her parents, this constant working, and decided that she didn't want to be a slave to work. It was about the same time that Alothia realized that she had a gift for getting people to like her and befriend her...she had become a manipulator. With these skills, she left home against the will of her parents at the age of 15. It was not a peaceful leaving, and things were said and done at the time that Alothia doesn't like to discuss.

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The next few years of her life were not so good. She managed to do well for herself, but at the cost of others. Many people were used in order to keep Alothia afloat, including a young Miqo'te girl. She was one of Alothia's lackeys, and she was sent out to do a job...which ended up being much more than was bargained for. When the girl returned to Alothia; bruised, battered, and broken; Alothia finally saw firsthand the damage that she was doing to others. She stopped her illegal dealings, and managed to run into a childhood friend, Frosty Mouse, who managed to help her set up a small mercenary company.

The company thrived, growing from a small group of 2 or 3 workers, to a more extensive company. With the help of Zenge Eien, she named the company Corvus Cinis, after Zenge's old unit within the Garlean Army. While her company was thriving, she met one Mister Oskar Helvig, and they began a relationship. This relationship caused much dissension within the company as many of her employees did not like Oskar or the way that he seemingly manipulated Alothia.

About 4 moons into their relationship, Oskar felt that he needed a break, and he and Alothia parted ways. Lost in her loneliness, Alothia focused on her company, strengthening it's bonds and helping to bring new employees into the fold. She kindled a new relationship with colleague and friend, Zenge Eien with whom she feelt much more at ease. Their relationship was passionate and just what Alothia needed to bring her focus back to the company and what was important.

However, as the moons went on, Zenge grew more and more distant, spending much more time out on patrols for the Twin Adders. By the time the Calamity hit, Alothia and Zenge were completely separated. Zenge left, worried that his ties to the Garlean Empire would mean trouble for Alothia, and indeed they did. Constantly worried about being hunted down, Alothia fled deep into the Twelveswood to hide. She was not seen by the company nor any others for quite sometime. Yet the day that Dalmud fell, Alothia, determined to do her part, came out of hiding to help tend the wounds of those in the battle. While she did not see any of her companions there, she felt that she had at least done her part when it mattered most.


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The Tale of Souyo Xander ((This summary is copied from the AST/CC forums, and was written by Eric Verus)) Show text

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Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under the Player Character category!
◢ COMMON RUMORS - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"I heard that she used to date did she manage to put up with him?" - Finicky Friend.
"Didn't she run that company...Corvus Cinis? I heard they needed a new front door every week." - Crotchety Carpenter.
"She sure knows how to control the elements. All of 'em too, from what I can tell." - Tawdry Thaumaturge.

◢ UNCOMMON RUMORS - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"She does all of her books herself...won't let anyone else touch her gil. I wonder why..." - Badgering Bookkeeper.
"I hear she's quite good with Fire...used to be good at healing, too, from what I can tell. Hasn't seemed to try healing anyone for a while though. Strange...." - Busybody.
"I've heard she lets her boyfriends abuse her. Poor thing, she really ought to stand up for herself!" - Busybody.

◢ RARE RUMORS - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"I've heard that if you're in the mood for a good time, she knows a woman who does that sort of work. Rates are reasonable too." - Patron.
"Her past is kinda shady...I hear she's just nice to everyone to cover that up. - Shady Dealer.

◢ PLAYER CHARACTER RUMORS - Feel free to add rumors of your own!
"We two sides to a coin. Yet I am honored to call her...friend." - Lily Dawnsworn.
"I will kill anyone who wishes her harm, that woman has saved my life and she does not realize it." - Deirdre Ta'ea.
"She is ... an above-average detective.... when she's got my help." - Rhu'to Brom.
"I've watched her kill to save the one's she loves. Anyone like that is a good ally to have in my book." - Vash Ashford.
"You know, once upon a time, I was attracted to her. I think we're good as we are though. You can count on Aly to get shit done, so she's a good partner to have your back." - Tayn Zolin.
"The Boss Lady's pretty smart, but she's got really terrible taste in men is all I'm sayin'." - Rio van Rosch.
"My heart; the light that banishes the fog and guides me home again." - Khale Embrise.
"A shrewd business woman, and a worthy mental sparing partner, be sure to double check your deals with this one." - Nako'li Chalahko.
"Too cute for her own good but with the heart of a lion, I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of her fury." - Lyse Crofte.
"She always seemed nice, told me some tales of what i was like a'fore the Calamity. I think she cared a lot about me, all've us who worked with 'er." - Tessa Jalloh.


Romantic Attraction | Platonic Love | Positive | Negative | Neutral
note: Characters with whom Alothia has had little interaction with will be gradually cycled out. Also trying to be more active with her in RP after a long sort of hiatus so please forgive me if your name has slipped my mind! People who have left a lasting impression on Alothia will remain in the list, even if they're not currently playing/around.

Khale Embrise ( ) - Unexpected Connection.
Alothia happened upon Khale in the Quicksand and, seeing the man alone, decided to approach him for conversation. In the time sense then, there hasn't been a day that they haven't spoken, and even if it is just for a few fleeting moments, they make a point of seeing each other. Surprised by the quickness with which their relationship progressed, they decided to just say screw it. Five months to the day after they met, they were Eternally Bonded in the Sanctum of the Twelve.
Eric Verus ( ) - Brother/Friend.
Eric met Aly as a new recruit for Corvus Cinis right after the Calamity. They developed a budding romance, but Menphina had other plans for them. She has helped Eric overcome many things, as he has with her. Currently, they are still acquainted, but Aly wishes she got to see and speak with him more often.<.font>
Tayn Zolin ( ) - Oh, Hot Dog.
Tayn is currently the owner of Jutat De, and although Alothia plays along with his vague and joking exterior, she understands that underneath the surface lies a deep and critical man, though few get to see it. She enjoys spending time with him, even if half of the time is spent joking.
Lyse Crofte ( ) - Aetheric Disaster
Alothia and Lyse met as a part of the Jutat De and have been on cordial terms. Alothia finds Lyse to be a blot of color on a dim landscape, and she hopes to befriend the woman in the future. She sees her relationship with Tayn as adorable, and tries to tease Tayn about it at every passing.
Kassandra Dawn ( ) - Kassabanana...
Kass was one of Aly's first and closest friends in Eorzea. They went through much together before the Calamity, although they don't see each other as much as they used to. Aly's five year absence and subsequent disappearances have strained the relationship, although Alothia wishes to restore it someday.
Lily Dawnsworn ( ) - ...Serious Business
Lily is one of Aly's closest friends and confidantes, even though they are exact opposites. Lily is currently one of Aly's associates in Jutat De, a helpful moral compass when Aly loses her way, and a fun person to tease.
U'zhan Tia ( ) - Friendly Fling.
Aly and U'zhan met many moons ago in Soliloquy tavern, and they soon formed a fast friendship. Fast forward to Para's abandonment of their engagement, and the friendship became somewhat more. Nothing happened, however, until Alothia returned from her sojourn in the Shroud. Aly and U'zhan developed a casual fling, and even though they have affection for each other, they both realize that a serious relationship was not in the cards. Their fling lasted a few weeks, ending shortly before Aly began dating Khale.
Oskar Helvig ( ) - First Love.
Oskar was Alothia's first boyfriend in Eorzea. They dated for many moons back before the Calamity until drama with Deirdre Ta'ea ultimately caused them to split. Oskar disappeared into the caves of his forefathers, and is presumed dead.
Paradyme Capellago ( ) - Ex Fiance.
Alothia met Para one evening at the Soliloquy tavern, only to fall fast and hard into a relationship with the red-headed hyur. They quickly got engaged, only to have Para break the relationship with infidelity. They lost touch and never quite mended their relationship. She currently has no knowledge of his happenings.
Zenge Eien ( ) - Garlean Persuasion
Alothia and Zenge met at Corvus Cinis, developing a friendship that turned into romance after Oskar left the picture. Zenge's Garlean heritage never bothered Alothia, and they grew close despite the cultural differences. Unfortunately, the relationship grew strained, and ended completely once the Calamity passed. Alothia has not seen Zenge since a moon before the Calamity.


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Potential Hooks
Past Life. People who may have been involved in crime syndicates from back before the Calamity may have known Alothia
Outside Links:
Menphina's Keeper - A Tumblr blog. Alothia’s IC journal, as well as some inspirations pics and ask prompts.
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