Ethain Elvamore

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 Ethain Elvamore
EthainElvamore Gilgamesh.jpg
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Duskwight
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Height - Weight 6 Flm 9 Ilm - 198 Pnz
Age Early Middle-Age
Free Company (OOC) The Shaded Bough
Server Gilgamesh
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Older than most of the young adventurers seen running about the cities, Ethain stands much taller than many of them, built of the lean sort of musculature that is formed through years of experience and actual use and training rather than hobby exercise. His hair is a long, solid gloss of silver, too light to be a grey. While not dark-skinned at all, he couldn't exactly be called pale, either, for what pigment there is. Dark green eyes are the most striking feature on a face that is beginning to show the lines of age.

He most frequently seems to prefer simple sorts of light clothing on a day-to-day basis, or at least when protection is not a concern, and is most commonly seen wearing simple shirts or vests and pants.



Voice: He speaks in an even baritone without much of an accent, but the parts of one he seems to have are inconsistent, faint, and almost seem mis-matched (an Elezen phrase with a Hyur inflection, for example).

Clan: Depending on the viewer's perception, his clan could be difficult to determine. To an untrained eye, he might appear to be somewhat of a middle-ground between the two, but most people familiar with differences between the clans (Bone structure, base skin tones, etc.) would absolutely see the Duskwight in him. Other Elezen of either clan might be able to tell the difference rather quickly.


There do not seem to be any public, military, or other written records in his name until very recently. Those are limited to some business transactions in Limsa Lominsa and Ul'dah, and his name may appear on a few guild applications or documentation. There may be more out there, however, depending on what records someone might be able to access.

He tends to react to questions about his life and history with a considerable degree of vagueness and a touch of suspicion, rarely giving solid answers.


For his build and the confidently capable way he carries himself, his quickness in reflex, one would have to think the man experienced in some form of combat, or perhaps more. His build and muscle structure would suggest potential dexterous use of weaponry, but his willingness to frequently go without such weapons might suggest other talents. However, it is worth noting that he is not apparently the sort to wear armor about town at random or carry visible weaponry in similar situations, and he does not seem keen to discuss the matter in passing conversation without good cause or question.



  • Seems to frequent Fisherman's Bottom in Limsa Lominsa quite a bit, and does occasionally make sale of his catches on the public markets.


  • One could easily reason there's likely far more to his personality, hobbies, or talents than these, but one would have to get to know him to find out the finer details. He keeps much of himself very close and quiet, and opens those doors to a very valued few.

Relationships and Companions

For what little he might be seen about town, it is frequently in Limsa Lominsa and occasionally in the company of a small, black-haired Hyur woman. Other than that, he would seem to spend much of his time alone, and is occasionally spotted in Ul'dah.

Free Company (IC)

Ethain does not appear to be formally associated with any Free Company.


((Bear in mind: These may or may not be true.))

Common Rumours:

  • "Ain't all them Duskwight thieves an' murderers or summat? Best watch yourself. Wha's one doin' in the city, anyroad?"

Moderate Rumours:

  • "I 'eard that one used one o' them expensive potions to... Don' know, make 'imself look more normal. Bet you a hun'rd gil 'ere's no honest reason for it."

Rare Rumours:

Player Rumors:


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