Evette Blackstone

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Evette Blackstone
“The Threat of Intimacy: Ah, how magnificent the potent power we wield. Roaring flames, piercing ice, and shocking bolts are matched not by fist or sword or spear.” -Thaumaturgy: The Yawning Abyss, by Zozomaya


■ Name: Evette Blackstone
■ Alias: Diamond of the North
■ Age: 32

■ Gender: Female
■ Race: Hyur and Elezen
■ Residence: Goblet W16, P38

■ Orientation: Bisexual
■ Marital: Single, Non-monogamous
■ Deity: Nald'thal

■ Nationality: Ishgardian
■ Occupation: Investor, Diplomat, Thaumaturge
■ Alignment: Neutral

Although she keeps the details of her upbringing close to her chest, Evette will readily admit that while her father is Ala Mhigan, she grew up on the periphery of noble society in Ishgard. She spent most of her summers at her cruel noble uncle's keep in northern Coerthas, and the rest of the year in the Pillars with her mother, studying societal etiquette, history, and the very beginnings of thaumaturgical training.

She was unable to meet her father until she traveled to Little Ala Mhigo herself at the age of 17, where she spent a year living with the refugees in her father's village. It was an existence unlike anything that Evette had ever known, and instilled in her a desire to be something more than the destiny that Ishgardian society had dictated for girls like her. Unfortunately, her father died at the end of the year in a clash with Amalj'aa raiders, and Evette had no choice but to return to Ishgard and finish her formal schooling.

At age 19, knowing that there was no real place for a bastard highlander like her in the extremely rigid religious and political structure of Ishgard, Evette left--originally intending never to return--and settled in Ul'dah to train with the thaumaturges' guild and hone her mastery of elemental ice.

Her first few years in Ul'dah were a tenuous existence, as Evette had no safety net, no backup plans, and no one to show her the ropes of a completely foreign society. She sought a mentor, an older man named Levi with ties to the Monetarists, who needed a protégée to assist him when business needed to be done in places where his face couldn't be seen. For five years they worked together, trading favors back and forth while Evette finished her training at Arrzaneth Ossuary.

Some time later, to Evette's great surprise, the end of the Dragonsong War caused a shift in her plans for the future. Now that people could travel more freely between the Eorzean alliance and Ishgard, Evette made it her personal goal to put her thumbprint on her home nation by fostering business and political connections between nations.

Her first major opportunity came in the form of the Aureate Ward, the pet project of Luther Aldric and Liana Warden. Evette invested most of her time and nearly all of her money into the Eorzean free company, which at the time managed trade routes between continents, sponsored the retrieval and auctioning of rare and curious artifacts, and hosted social events at their flagship entertainment venue, the Argentate.

At present, the focus of the Aureate Ward has changed, and it is now a mercenary company under Ezenzakhialga Khotgor with the mission of abolishing the voidsent threat in Eorzea. Evette continues to invest her wealth into the company and acts as an ambassador and diplomat when they travel to Ishgard or other foreign countries for missions. However, she grows weary of the drudgery of mercenary management, and has a ravenous thirst for side projects. She's currently a patron of the Proving Grounds, a gladiatorial combat event for the glory of Ul'dah, and there are rumors that she's the face behind a ring of underground adult parties in the Goblet. Even with these on her plate, Evette's thirst remains unslaked. She's thinking of buying an orphanage in the Brume.


At first glance, Evette is a hyur of medium stature possessing an hourglass figure, with pale skin that has gold undertones and a light dusting of freckles, long black hair often partially braided away from her face, and piercing blue eyes.

A more probing look might notice a slight point to her ears, a clue to possible mixed parentage, as well as her ornate jewelry and classy but revealing clothing, as she is a woman who takes care to always look her best. She is rarely seen in public without dark lipstick and either smoky black or shimmery gold eyeshadow.

Only the most perceptive--or most lascivious--eyes will notice the outline of a thigh holster for a dagger ever-present under her skirt.

Evette's body language suggests that she has a cold but flirtatious demeanor, the kind of woman who keeps everyone at arm's length but still takes care to undress them with her eyes in the middle of a conversation.

Art Gallery

Most people would describe Evette as cold but polite and willing to do whatever it takes to secure a deal or complete a task. Some might even call her ruthlessly cordial. A few people get to see the mean-spirited wit behind her public service persona and watch her unwind on the rare occasion she chooses to indulge in non-business-related hedonism. Even fewer get to see her speak candidly about her passions and true goals. Evette's inner life is fairly closed off to all but a select handful of individuals.

Evette's character aesthetic moodboard has a lot of clues and hints to her personality and interests as well.


- Red wine
- Being solicited for advice
- Orchestra music
- Voyeurism
- Verbal gymnastics
- Evocation thaumaturgy


- Zealotry
- Timidness
- Excessive heat
- Old money
- Idealism
- Gridania


Evette keeps her opinions of and intentions for most people very close to the chest, unless asked directly. Anything listed below is public knowledge or things she has stated directly. The PC list is a work in progress!

Color Key
In A Relationship
Romantic Attraction
Sexual Attraction

Platonic Love
Friendly Acquaintance: Evette considers this person mostly friendly, or as an ally.

Good Standing: Evette has no specific feelings about this character, however they left a good impression.
Bad Standing


Family Member / Related by Blood
? Hidden Feelings/Unknown


Landon Blackstone
Evette's father, a native son of Gyr Abania who fled to Thanalan after the Garlean occupation. He traveled often between Ul'dah and Little Ala Mhigo until his death in a clash with an Amalj'aa tribe.
Ellaria Beaumarchais
Evette's estranged mother, a nun of the Holy See. She met Evette's father during a mission visit to Gyr Abania, and she never married or had other children.
Clement Beaumarchais
Evette's uncle, the former Marquise of the Crystal Marches in northern Coerthas. He married into a distant branch of House Haillenarte and was granted stewardship of an often forgotten keep called Haillenarte's Haven. Presumed dead, as he disappeared during a business trip to Limsa Lominsa and his family received a pirate's ransom note. Even after paying the ransom, he was never returned.
Clement Beaumarchais II
Evette's cousin, the elder son of Clement Beaumarchais and current Marquise of the Crystal Marches. He reluctantly abandoned his studies at the Observatorium to take up his father's mantle.
Eamon Beaumarchais
Evette's cousin, the younger son of Clement Beaumarchais and a knight in training.


Burkegan Iriq
Likely the only person that Evette truly considers her peer, Burkegan is her oldest colleague at the Aureate Ward, a trusted albeit eccentric confidante, and someone she trusts to work competently with her as a team. She would be hard pressed to call them "friends", but they do share close secrets and a magnetic attraction. In addition to their work relationship, Evette is Burkegan's patron in the Proving Grounds gladiatorial combat series, and she considers herself something of a life coach to him.
RP Hooks

Evette has an office at the Argentate (Mists W10, P2), the main business front of the Aureate Ward. She can also occasionally be found at RP hubs that are open on a given night, or getting drinks at the Quicksand or at the Whispered Wish brothel (Goblet W9, P43) when nothing else is open. She's a patron of the Proving Grounds gladiatorial tournament that hosts fights every other Saturday in the Goblet's first ward.

Evette's reputation as a diplomat and deal-maker may precede her, as well as her position as an investor with the Aureate Ward, which is known for its mercenary voidsent-hunting and for the retrieval of rare and dangerous artifacts.

Some may suspect that she is the face behind a ring of hedonist underground parties in Ul'dah (Goblet W16, P38). Characters who are interested in attending, performing, or staffing adult-themed events may seek out Evette for an interview.

Currently seeking partners for the following plot hooks. Message me on Discord at thatsadorbsyo#6895 if interested in any of them!

Teacher of Conjury
Seeking a renowned school or tutor of conjury for a difficult student. This would be an occasional, ongoing story arc. Please note that I'm looking for a character who is an established teacher of conjury, not a healer who is open to taking on an apprentice. Once a week at most, probably more like a few scenes a month. I'm looking for in-game RP only, not Discord RP.
Romance (women only)
Seeking long-term, slow-burn, non-monogamous, antagonistic lesbian romance RP. My highly educated, high maintenance, high class, career right-hand-woman of questionable morality needs to be dragged kicking and screaming through a torrid, tumultuous, trash fire of a romance with a woman equally ill equipped to handle other people's emotions. I want them constantly stepping on each other's feelings, engaging in political intrigue schemes both with and against each other, accidentally-on-purpose pissing each other off, and generally just being kind of annoyed at the inconvenience of being so attracted to someone with whom they keep vacillating between love and hate. Ideally they would start as business contacts, realize an attraction, and have everything fall apart from there. I'm seeking characters of similar or higher social status--successful businesswomen, nobles, socialites, and etc.--and very femme gender presentation. (Transgender women are welcome, but please no "futa".) Hyur and elezen preferred, but feel free to pitch other races too.
Blind dates (men and women)
A match-maker sits in a perfumed Ul'dahn office, regarding you with a penetrating gaze as she flips through a rolodex of cards. "I'm sure we have someone who would be a satisfying match for you. Let me see... ah, here we are." She pulls out one of the cards and passes it to you, and written on it in script handwriting is a description of a woman who, much like yourself, has decided to seek outside help in finding romance. The name is redacted, but the rest is clear and legible as you read:

E##### B######### is a well-educated Ishgardian businesswoman with high class expectations and a penchant for the danse macabre. She is of both noble elezen and Ala Mhigan highlander stock, which lends her the sharp eye and sturdy constitution to bend herself around any problem and reach a mutually satisfying conclusion. E##### has a mind for theology, thaumaturgy, global politics, and hedonism, and she seeks a partner with compatible interests who will be worthy of her loyalty. Appeals to her intellect will go twice as far as appeals to her vanity, but both will get the job done.

"This client has no gender preference, and her only racial stipulation is no Lalafells, so you appear to meet her requirements. Does this intrigue you? Shall I set up a blind date?" she asks, pen at the ready to take down your details.

((I want to do some blind date RP! I make no promises as to whether this will lead to chemistry, romance, or sex, as that depends entirely on how the characters interact, but sometimes it's fun to RP a date going terribly too! PM me with a similar description of your character if you'd like to set something up. I've already gone on a few of these, and they were very fun and had varying degrees of success, just like real blind dates.))


Some rumors are simply speculation, greatly exaggerated, or not true in the slightest. Anything listed here is free use IC within reason.


"That company that she runs… The Aureate Ward? Wasn’t it at the center of some kinda… I don’t even know man… void flu? A while back? I don’t know what they do there exactly, but I always give the mansion a wide berth." - Resident of the Mists
"That one’s just a glorified prostitute. You can’t get within half a malm of her if you don’t have gil to spend, and she’s never had a job she didn’t suck a cock to get. I ain’t sayin’ she ain’t good at that business shit she does, but most whores are, you know?" - Ul'dahn shopkeep
"We were at Arrzaneth Ossuary at the same time. She was always a natural at evocation, took to it like a fish to water. No, no… I wouldn’t say she was a good student exactly, but she was definitely a focused one." - Thaumaturge of the Brass Blades
"Yeah, I knew her a little over a decade ago, when she was new to Ul’dah. She was pretty poor back then, if I remember correctly. Not sure how she made all of her money, but she must be doing something smart. That, or she’s lucky as shit." - Ul'dahn tavern owner
"She doesn’t even see men as people, you know? We ain’t nothin’ but toys to her. Seriously, don’t ever put your dick in the crazy, and that cunt is crazy as all the hells combined." - Quicksands drunk


"I's 'eard dat Evette collects th' seed'a blokes who ain' expectin' it an' dat she's usin' it in rituals ta curse dem forever." - Wyra'to Coeurlkin
"Evette is seeming neahleh as dangerous a friend as an enemeh." - Y'zareen Serhan
"I ain't even know what she's all 'bout but she seems like one of them rich types that ain't sure what t' do with their money, so they just go an' spend it all on weird stuff. She throws good parties though so I can't complain." - Cyneburg Hayle
"She really needs someone to talk to. You don't have to talk back. It's probably better if you don't, actually. In fact, just pretend you're not there. This also applies if you're trying to fuck her." - Burkegan Iriq

OOC Information
■ All players and characters who interact with Evette must be 18 years of age or older. Evette's story often contains elements with mature themes such as sex, violence, substance abuse, and occasionally (though rarely) even darker elements than that, so I prefer to restrict all of her interactions to fellow adults.
■ Out of character, I am a mature adult roleplayer with a stable IRL life and a firm divide between IC and OOC. I sometimes enjoy getting to know my fellow players on an OOC basis and occasionally making friends, but I am not looking for romantic or sexual connections with other players, and my character expressing sexual or romantic interest in another character does not in any way reflect any OOC intention toward the player.
■ I respect the time and effort of my RP partners, and I understand both busy schedules and the frustration of having a brain that doesn't always want to work with you, even when your spirit is willing to write a scene. I will never guilt anyone for having to leave or postpone a scene, and I expect the same! That being said, if someone doesn't seem to be putting in the effort to prioritize a scene with me, I will probably stop putting in the effort to ask if they want to continue. If you have to drop off of my roleplaying radar for a while, feel free to nudge me later when you're ready to pick up again!
■ I can be contacted on Discord at thatsadorbsyo#6895. My roleplay Tumblr is @kalaisgreen (contains NSFW content). My usual RP hours are in the evenings during EST prime time.


■ Template based off the work of Bancroft Gairn.
■ Tabs based off the work of Suen Shyu.
■ Code used from Ekhram Almasi.

This page is for the character on Mateus. For the Balmung character by the same name, click here (contains NSFW content).