Eyriswyr Helbthorsyn

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Gridania-transparent.png Eyriswyr Helbthorsyn
"Have you seen my bird somewhere?".
Eyriswyr a.k.a Ferris Wheel.
Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolves
Citizenship Gridania
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The idea for Eyriswyr is to RP as a comedic character.

Here are some of his traits:

♦ He is a gentle, nature-loving giant; a simple man leading a simple life with an equally simple mind. A simpleton perhaps?

♦ He is not capable of thinking about complicated things, nor understanding complex situations.
His carefree nature does allow him to laugh at the little things in life though.

♦ He never really allocates too much of his brain processing of what is happening around him;
the current trends, gossips, killer bargains, breaking news, he is oblivious to those-- preferring to live his life in his own pace.

♦ Oh and he is a diehard animal lover, especially birds! Yes, such magnificent creatures!
He believes that if only he could grew colorful feathers, maybe he could fly too!

♦ For a living... or more precisely-- to earn enough money to buy the next serving of his favorite Shrimp Rolls; he has done quite a handful of odd jobs here and there:

- Once, he spends some years working in an understaffed orphanage, in its kitchen-- preparing the dishes, cooking,
and often also helps with the laundry, babysitting, reading bedtime stories, and more.
A child at heart, he gets along with children easily enough although his slowness in thinking makes him a regular target of pranks.

- Sometimes later he also works part time in a- yet again understaffed small restaurant which specializes in dumplings. Not ordinary dumplings but Seafood dumplings!
It is served while hot and super-steamy, full of juicy goodness and the fresh smell of sea!

- Afterward, he spends some another good years working in an- you guessed it, another understaffed animal shelter. He made a lot of furry friends there.
Really fun! Because unlike people, animals accept you for who you are; they don't judge and that makes Eyriswyr feel at peace.

♦ Finally, the one and only reason this guy travels ALL across Hydaelyn and got involved in so many troubles and misadventures is- -
to look for his missing pet bird from the shelter!
-His MOST favorite pet bird!


"Have you seen my... this bird somewhere? Eh, you do? Really? THIS bird?"

♦ By the way, Eyriswyr is not a brawler. He is strong given his large size, but he is not fond of violence, especially if it against the wildlife.

♦ In his mission of searching for his lost bird, he unwittingly involved in many journey along with the other adventurers and...
Usually much to the dismay of his party, this guy just cannot put that massive body size to good use, preferring the supportive role of the medic instead.

Well, as a chef he indeed has experiences in regards to bone and flesh structures,
and from years in animal shelter he is no stranger in mending the wounds of animals such as dogs, cats, raccoon, parakeets... But can it safely be applied to humans too?

Anyway he could now announce that he is an experienced medic- even on his way to become a White Mage! ~Yahoo, a White Mage with biceps to boot!


♦ Big Roegadyn male, heavy and tall,

♦ Dark skinned,

♦ About 36 - 40 years old,

♦ Has a large patch of baldness on his head, but managed to grow what is left of his hair to a respectable shoulder length.

♦ One of his eye is scarred and blind,

♦ Has various other scars and cut marks on his body,

♦ His belly is not six packs, not eight packs, but a measly one pack!


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  • Animals; and among the faunas, birds always have a special place in Eyriswyr's heart.
  • Foods, Seafood especially. The surefire way to win Eyriswyr's affection (and attention!) is through his belly! Some shrimps in the ingredients will not hurt either.
  • Shrimp Rolls. What? No, Shrimp Rolls are not the same as food! Not for Eyriswyr, because he worships them, prays to them, and swears by them!
  • Lalafells. Why? No particular reasons really. Maybe because his first friend is a Lalafell, or maybe because Eyriswyr's protective nature feels that these diminutive race... is in need of a BIG friend who would look out for them!


  • Cats; Miqo'te included. Why? Because there's nothing but troubles with cats! These creatures stalk and pounce his birds all the time! Cats also regularly steal his Shrimp Rolls! What do these have to do with Miqo'te? Well I guess Eyriswyr is just not very fond of cat ears... or tails.
  • Fights. Fistfights especially, because Eyriswyr believes that everything can be settled peacefully if only people (and animals, monsters) would just hug each other and go order Shrimp Rolls at the nearest stand.


  • Cooking! Because Eyriswyr is a living, walking embodiment of big, hungry man! No, joking aside, he loves to eat and got hungry easily. It is troublesome to go in a journey for a long while without some freshly baked eggs, chicken wings, pork ribs, cheese wheel, potato and chives... Anyway despite his huge fingers (you have to see the size of his thumb. Enough to feed a Lalafell!) Eyriswyr is quite skillful with chef knife and cooking utensils and thus, he could calms his rumbling stomach -albeit temporarily- by mixing and cooking available ingredients he could get his hands on. Mmmm, what a good smelling, cholesterol-filled deep fried boneless chicken breast! Anyone wants a bite? Too bad, there will be no bite left for you, this IS Eyriswyr we're talking about!
  • Wound Treatment. Really, Eyriswyr might be a clumsy, big buffoon sometimes, but somehow he is pretty knowledgeable in the workings of individual creature's anatomy. Maybe from the years spent working extra hours in the kitchen? Or from years of experience in his role of a self-taught veterinarian? Anyway if you got some spilled brain-matters from a swung mace, or a collapsed lung from severe sneezing, or melted skins from falling into a bonfire, no worries! Doc Wheel will fix you up in no time at all, guaranteed! But be warned that his methods are only tested on faunas so far. Side effects such as developing a mental trauma to a big, muscular man forcefully twisting and bending your limb so its bones could align correctly while gagging your mouth with his thumb is not uncommon...



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