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Personal Data
Real Name: Ezhil Shiori
Known Aliases: Ezra, The Lamb, That One Weird Clown
Race: Raen Au Ra
Age: 27
Name Day: ???? Always celebrates it on the first day of the year.
Eye Color: Pale White
Hair Color: Platinum Blond
Occupation: Contortionist, Circus/Street Theatre Performer
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Extremely Gay
Voice Claim: Sasha Velour



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Little Tidbits/Offsite Fun


At a glance: More sheep than dragon


Ezhil is shorter than the average Raen, but not by very much; he's still taller than most hyur and is at least at equal height to your average Elezen. Perhaps one of the most easily remarkable things about him are the pale gray-tan scales that cover his body, which sometimes serve to have people mistake him for a Xaela with a lighter set of scales. In fact, if it wasn't for him almost always wearing as many vibrant colours as possible, one might think themselves only able to see in monochrome. His skin is a smooth grey, his hair just barely platinum blond, his eyes a pupilless, magitech white. The most intricate patterns of his scales are on his face, neck, and hipbones, thin spirals that seem almost like jewelry. He's nearly scaleless everywhere else, save for on his elbows, back, and shins, where one can spot the briefest appearance of scales. He has a long, thin and, in his words, "elegant" tail, prone to curling around his upper thigh when seated. His hair is short-cropped, with long bangs that typically partially obscure one of his eyes. His thick, nearly white hair along with his curved back horns serve to make him look more like a soft lamb than the usual Au Ra's comparison to dragons. He's toned, and looks like he leads an active enough lifestyle, but doesn't look as if he'd beat anyone in a strength contest.

His lower lip is pierced, offset against his always painted upper lip, usually black. He wears eye makeup, usually in big, vibrant reds and pinks, with smoky khol rubbed in for great effect. The scales on his face curve right at his cheekbones, accentuating his already impressive bone structure. The back end of his brows are shaved, leaving stumpy front brows Ezhil associates with the wealthy and powerful. He is rarely seen without a grand assortment of jewelry, as though he fell on his jewelry box at home and thought, "well, I might as well put all of it on, then."

He carries himself with a straight back while standing and an altogether too comfortable position while seated, prone to making himself at home in nearly any situation. Ezhil's rarely seen without a snide smile or a smug glance, much to the irritation of others. Carries a fan with him nearly always, and sometimes uses it to hide his face to converse with people in secret.

Aspects That Stand Out:
Ezhil's eyes gleam with the white glow of magitech, having since lost his vision in an accident. While living in Kugane, it's rumoured that he manipulated a rather wealthy Garlean patron into paying for them to avoid blackmail.
His horns curl up and backwards, often overaccessorized with as many rings and dangling jewelry as he can fit on them. His hands are usually in a similar state, covered in rings.
He's shaved the back ends of his eyebrows, and usually wears an overpowering amount of red eye makeup, along with just his upper lip painted black or sometimes red.


Born from parents he never got to know and raised by a travelling band of performers that made their way through Doma and its surrounding area, Ezhil's childhood was non-traditional and taught him to mature quickly. He learned how to fix a caravan's wheels, cook a hearty meal, how to barter and bargain, and how to make himself sound much more important than he actually was. While he never truly had parents, he was brought up communally and knew that the group of people he ended up with loved him, despite their eccentricities. As he grew up, he realized a certain affinity he had with contortionism and sword swallowing, and his talents were nurtured by his mentors as he trained. As he and his troupe passed through villages and kingdoms, it became clear to him how much power and blood meant to people, and he strove to make himself wealthy and respected despite his upbringing. He became interested in the twisting, sometimes cruel way of conversing, of political leverage, of getting what he wanted, even if that sometimes meant eschewing things that were important to him. After a particularly rough run-in with the Garlean occupation, his caravan was caught in the crossfire and they all had to separate, unable to keep track of each other. Losing his appetite for travel, Ezhil settled semi-permanently in Kugane, where he had always found himself at home during his travels with family.

Ezhil doesn't like to talk about his accident, which left him blind, and his subsequent acquisition of his magitech eyes, and lets rumours about them fuel strangers' interests in him. There's no bad advertisement, in his opinion, and his mysterious nature along with his talents as a contortionist and sword swallower have allowed him to flourish within the political sphere of the island. He's learned as many languages as available, taken up acting as a new hobby, and is a regular at the baths, seemingly a common fixture in Kugane.

Ezhil likes to travel, but only for short periods of time. He seems to be homesick whenever he leaves for too long, and has ingrained himself in the infrastructure of the city he calls home.
While he remained mostly on Doman soil when he was still travelling with his band, they did voyage to the Steppes a number of times. Ezhil is a particular fan of the Buduga and Malqir tribes.
He began training his craft at age eight, doing menial tasks to earn his keep before that. He now enjoys doing as little labour as possible, perhaps because of this.


Ezhil, at first glance, seems to be shallow, petty, mean, and prone to giving in to any and all impulses he has at the moment. Later glances can confirm that all of these things are true, although he does soften up to people who make an effort to speak to him. He's opinionated, sometimes carrying hard opinions on seemingly inconsequential things, and hates being proven wrong. He loves arguing but hates physical altercations, prefering to de-escalate the situation or fleeing than throwing any punches. Seems to really enjoy debating people, and non-physical conflict in general, even if he's not the one doing the arguing. Despite his shallowness, there's a chillingly impressive intellect underneath all of it, which usually bubbles up in mean, cutting insults and performative acts of flattery. In fact, Ezhil has a knack for being performative and secretive, even when the situation doesn't call for it.

Still, Ezhil can't seem to keep his mouth shut despite his desire to seem reclusive and secretive, and often speaks frankly and crassly, even to his detriment. He loves the dance of conversation, and will do almost anything to keep it up, but loves insults and mocking people (playfully or otherwise) to a fault, and conversing with him without knowing that can be difficult for both parties. He's overwhelmingly confident, until he isn't, in which he imagines that everyone thinks he's stupid or that they think they're better than him, a well-groomed inferiority complex rearing its ugly head.

Unfailingly flirty with men, but if asked to stop or isn't reciprocated, will relent but look miffed, often fanning himself irritably and choosing to not make eye contact. Gets increasingly preeny when fed compliments, and often shoots backhanded compliments to try to offset how pleased he is by them. While not easily embarrassed or offput, if he is in some way made uncomfortable, his discomfort is immediate and unsubtle. He's completely unable to mask it.


Manipulative Socialites.
Being Offputting.
Baths/Bath Houses (especially Kugane's).
Flirting/Acting on that flirting.


Being told what to do.
Dead air/slience.
Authority/unmanipulated authority.
Being ignored.
Cold weather/stormy weather.
Chaste or otherwise "virginal" personalities.
Children. He just doesn't know what to do with them.


Circus performance: His main form of income, being flexible and remaining limber, usually doing so in the heat of the baths, are one of many things he enjoys. Contortion and sword swallowing are his two main talents.
Socialite parties: Rather endeared to the strange machinations of social hierarchies, Ezhil's made it a game of sorts to make as many impressive connections as possible and will seek out new ones to earn himself a step above others. Also uses these connections to find patrons to fund his arts.
Acting: In love with the art of theater and one of his other forms of income. Will be at least mildly interested in any script you show him and any play you bring him to -- although he may lose interest as soon as the piece has any sign of being even potentially bad.
Lounging: As a last resort to not having company over, Ezhil makes himself comfortable and reads or naps in his spare time. This is made even better if given any form of good food or beautiful orchestron rolls. Sometimes will allow another person to join him in comfortable silence, although it's a rarity and a sign that he definitely appreciates the person he's sharing this silence with.


Quick reflexes, flexible.


Inferiotity Complex.


Money: Self-explanatory, but having enough gil makes his life easier.
Fame: whether it's in his circus acts, his acting, or his knack at political intrigue, Ezhil wants to be the best at it.
The Power Of Friendship: More connections means more of both earlier motivations, but also just really likes being a sociable person. Seeks out conversation and confrontation in equal measure.


Ezhil considers himself more a lover than a fighter, but boasts some minor knifework and stealth capabilities. He will by no means beat a warrior in a one-on-one fight, but in a short pre-emptive strike, may be successful. He's also well-versed in poisons, although cannot make any himself, and can identify and approximate dosages for use on others.
Weapon: A single or pair of tanto, more elegant and wicked-looking than actually effective. Carries the two of them at his thigh, usually hidden under his clothes.
Weapons of Choice
His two bushi. Sometimes uses only one in combat.
Do poisons count?

OOC information for YOU

Below is some information that may be important, should you ever be interested in trying to attack/spar with Ezhil. He's generally not going to try and pick a physical fight with someone, and when violence is threatened he'll usually try to flee or talk his way out of it before resorting to violence himself, so keep that in mind as well when considering a fight with him.
Rolling system: I don't mind using the /roll functionality, but if your character is a warrior or otherwise a skilled fighter, I'll be rolling disadvantage (roll twice, take lower score) basically all the time. This isn't really a combat-loving character! (I also wouldn't mind using rolls in like, debate or charisma checks if need be, although I'd like to discuss it beforehand. Will also use this system if allowed a chance to Bring Out The Poisons)
Freeform/Honor System: Depending on who he's fighting, Ezhil might default to this because if a fight lasts longer than a minute and there's the risk of him being injured or killed, he'll usually surrender without much of a fight. I welcome any use of this system if it isn't abused or used unrealistically.
Other: Let me know what you want to use and, more likely than not, i'll be interested in learning about it or applying it!



Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"Heard he doesn't roam with a troupe anymore, despite his talent at circus performance. He still does some street stuff, but it's a damn shame he's out by himself."
"Ezhil? The performer? Seen him around the consulate back in Kugane. Always has his nose in someone's business, or --pardon the expression-- someone's dick in his mouth."
"I see him showing off at the bath houses all the time. The way he can twist his body around in the heat of the baths is, gotta admit, pretty incredible. The Bath House caretaker's been using him as an example for how the baths can improve constitutions for years now."
"He's a master of languages, and sometimes makes a quick buck or two being a a translator or a guide through the twisting walkways of Kugane. I guess that comes with living in a port town, huh?"
"Ezhil? Yeah, I've seen him around the bar, but I've never seen him drink even a lick of liquor. I think it's funny, because he comes off as much less straight edge than he actually is."
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"You ever meet eyes with him? I mean, of course they're magitech, but I really wonder how he got those. Some people say he had some dirt on a Garlean over in the consulate, and they paid him with those to keep his mouth shut."
"His eyes? I heard a Garlean pulled them out in a fit of rage, and another bought him a new pair to try to make amends."
"I think he insults you more if he likes you. Once saw him call someone he liked a 'sorry excuse for a whore's son' before taking him to bed, so it must be true."
"Heard if you pay him enough he'll show you what other swords he can swallow, if you catch my meaning."
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"I think his parents gave him up to the circus and he grew up in it. In that environment at that young an age, it's a wonder how he grew up even a little bit stable."
"He doesn't like to be made a mockery of. It doesn't happen often, but I once saw him almost tear someone's tongue out for antagonizing him all night. Probably would have been able to do it if someone hadn't intervened before the Sekiseigumi could get involved."
"Heard he got arrested once, and in exchange for his release, performed some massive epic I can't remember the name of for five hours. The Sekiseigumi were so moved that they couldn't bear to have so wonderful a talent deprived from the public, no matter the crime."


Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors -
"Place Rumor here " — Rumormonger.

Family Involved Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
Person Name, relationship. ( ) - Title.
Character's Thoughts: " ."
Description of their relationship.
Person Name, relationship. ( ) - Title.
Character's Thoughts: " ."
Description of their relationship.
Person Name, relationship. ( ) - Title.
Character's Thoughts: " ."
Description of their relationship.
Place Holder.. ( ) - Place Holder.
Character's Thoughts: "Place Holder."
Place Holder.



Player Note
As usual, OOC and IC interaction don't reflect on each other; if my character dislikes you, this by no means means that I personally dislike you or your character -- conflict is the essence of a good story, and if we argue ICly that doesn't mean we should have to argue OOCly! I'm always down to make new friends, although typically I'm on and off at being consistent with chatting with people OOCly because I get easily distracted, so don't take any radio silence as me ignoring or not wanting to speak to you! Will give out my discord or twitter upon request.
Personal RP Limits
I will play Almost anything that isn't described below. I like romance/friendship subplots, and I'm less fond of fighting scenes, but I'm not adverse to doing 'em at all if that's what the scene needs. Open to ERP if there's some baseline mutual interest, but I don't want to make it out as though that's the only thing I do.
I won't play Excessive violence, homophobia, transphobia, and misogyny. If you refer to your character as a "futa," a "trap" or a "cuntboy" I typically won't even interact with you. Not big on sexual violence/rape scenes, and prefer if those didn't happen when RP'ing with me. Cool about my character getting injured, but anything over like, a bruise or minor injury, you'll have to ask permission for.
Little Tidbits.
If you're ever uncomfortable, tell me. It can be difficult letting someone know when they're uncomfortable, especially when you're pretending to be different people, but in order for everyone to have fun, we have to be open about what our limits are. This includes if I at any point make you feel uncomfortable or forced into making snap choices -- I'm totally into active retconning of conversations/sessions if you don't like the way the interaction is going.
My character's gay, and so am I. I won't tolerate any gross language that isn't warranted ICly, or any homophobic and transphobic languaged levied at me/joked about OOCly. It's not cool.


Potential Plot Hooks
While the below is by no means comprehensive, it's a kind of spring board for walk-up RP.
■ Street Performer
■ Often at high-class social events, either as a guest, plus-one, or entertainment.
■ Often seen in the baths or just outside them, or in the main bar in Kugane.
■ Big fan of travelling, and of learning about others' travels. Will always have an open ear for a good story.
■ Has rudimentary knowledge of most common instruments played in kugane, and is a particular fan of the flute; may be found playing one, or make a comment towards others playing an instrument.

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