Feldrael Bleistyrwyn

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Feldrael Bleistyrwyn
Feld uniform (art).png
Feldrael's portrait following her accident in Wineport. (By Marcianek)
1st Storm Commander
Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolves
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Server Balmung
Place of Birth Wineport, Eastern La Noscea
Guardian Llymlaen, the Navigator
Nameday 20th of the Second Astral Moon (Age:45 )
Marital Status Married
Occupation Reserve Storm officer, Wolves Den combatant, vintner
Pronunciation Feld-rael Blay-steer-win
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Basic Info

"Can someone give me a hand?" —Feldrael, attempting to milk humor from the most obvious joke she can muster.


Height: 7' 2"

Weight: 230 ponzes

Complexion: Weathered, some facial wrinkles.

Hair: Short, gunmetal shades.

Eyes: Teal

Particular Traits: Missing left arm from the elbow down. Various blue tattoos on the face, back, and upper arm. Variety of scars adorning her person.

Voice: Speaks slow and deliberate. Accent is reminiscent of Ala Mhigan with Lominsan influence in certain pronunciations and slang. (Chosen voice claim)

Clothing Style: Generally sticking to shades of blue in her attire. Lominsan style and nearly always capped with a Chocobo feathered felt beret. Owns a large collection of costume pieces and enjoys implementing them within her own wardrobe.

Laterality: Attempting to achieve balance between them.



  • A winemaker by trade
  • Writing
  • Fencing
  • Practicing marksmanship
  • Supporting the local theater community
  • Costuming


  • Blue attire
  • Cheesy love poems
  • Feathered caps
  • Red vintages
  • Thrusting swords and sabres
  • Teasing
  • Cold, rainy days
  • Terrible, terrible puns and wordplay
  • Managing to coax a smile out of her friends and loved ones


  • Magitek
  • A majority of Storm rations
  • Piracy, or braggarts who let that part of their history be known.


  • Color: Woad blue.
  • Food: Savory pies.
  • Drinks: Apple cider, alcoholic or non.
  • Scent: Ink.
  • Place: Wineport, her home town.
  • Festival: Moonfire Faire.


  • Securing a safe future for her lover.
  • Recapturing the woman she was in her youth.


As pious as any sailor ought to be. Holds faith in the standard pantheon of Twelve, with Llymlaen as her patron deity.


Lawful Neutral


Feldrael will come off as a stern woman, arguably a well deserved reputation. She's so far spent a near 3 decades within the Lominsan military, even prior to the Maelstrom's reinstatement. As an officer it is a well ingrained part of her personality to understand a situation before moving forward and is rare to act on instinct. She is, however, a very corny person to those who get to know her. Despite the large amount of turmoil she's witnessed and herself experienced she strives to keep a tight grip of herself at all times. The "real" Feldrael could well be described as a cheesy English professor. In matters of sexuality, she is incredibly private. Never one to open up to strangers and, hard enough she finds it to open up to loved ones.

She is actively attempting to change many aspects of her own character, those she believes she’s in control of. To those who know her closely, she might be known as a caring, motherly type. She is capable of loving, platonically and otherwise, only those she lets in are generally an exclusive few. Feldrael uses literary arts as a means of conveying her emotions, both negative and positive, and will more often than not turn to her quill before she bothers another with her own issues.

However, she is a woman plagued by self doubt. She takes failures very personally, claiming credit for wrongdoing even when she is not fully at fault.


Just as likely to spit puns at you once she attains a friendship. Actually quite a big doof once one gets to know her. She strives to one day have a knightly aesthetic. Owns a large collection of costume pieces and enjoys implementing them within her own wardrobe.

Feldrael has had a childlike obsession with the aesthetics of knighthood. She hopes to one day be able to retire following this.


  • Protective, to a fault.
  • She's extremely likely to blame herself for a situation going wrong, regardless of her actual fault.
  • Will outright refuse any technological aid deriving from Magitek, regardless of what it could do for her disability.


She fears more for the wellbeing of her loved ones than her own. That said, she also fears falling away from who she is and, losing the parts of herself that keep her from being a clone of her mother.


  • Swordsmanship, especially with thrusting type swords
  • Shield-based combat
  • Sparring with a partner of a smaller stature
  • Wine identification
  • Writing


Very intelligent. Much of her childhood was spent among a traveling theater troupe which heavily influenced her writing. Supplemented with Lominsan Naval officer's training materials in her later life, it would give her a generally higher than average intelligence among her peers. That said, she does not see herself as such.

Abilities and Skills


  • As said before, she's said to be a gifted writer by those few who have seen her writings. A majority are transcripts for plays in various stages of development.
  • Not a half bad dancer, though, takes the right sort of music to coax it out.
  • A decent memory for lyrics, cadences, and will usually be seen humming or tapping her leg to some beat whilst working.


  • Thrusting weaponry, such as rapiers, daggers, and hand spears.
  • Shield based combat, meaning parrying and such, is made possibly by her off hand (left) sporting a unique sort of gauntlet brace that acts as a great shield mounted to her stub.
  • Firearms, both muskets and smaller pistols.
  • Hand to hand combat.


  • A journeyman student of Red Magic, to compliment her already existing talent with fencing techniques. Utilizes a quick release mechanism for manuevering of her magic focus that functions based on a small cluster of lightning-aspected crystals.


  • Winemaking
  • Some practiced carpentry
  • Basic understanding of smithing and weaving, generally for mends.

Family and Relationships


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R'yhunzi Khoyo: Wife.

Wiltmoen Bleistyrsyn: Brother.


Rhetzedyr Guldarensyn: Friend.



Eyriswys Bleistyrwyn: Mother, deceased.


1st Storm Commander, Maelstrom.

Senior member of the Bloedornn Sorority of Wineport

Grand tier donor to the Roehsald Theater Troupe, Limsa Lominsa

Music Themes

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Beltaine - An Astrailhad

Beltaine - Burning Pipers Hul

Beltaine - Bring to the Boil

Beltaine - Shan Van Voght


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Name and Lifestyle

Name Etimology

Roegadyn for; Field Doe, Daughter of the Pale Star.

Within Feldrael's family, the Pale Star was not in fact the name of her father. The Pale Star was the ship her ancestors traveled with, upon arrival to the new world. In that way all descendants of the original crew are Son and Daughters of the Pale Star.


Feld, Fel.

Current Residence

Rural Gridanian hillside retirement cottage, named "The Heather".

Birth and childhood (0-10)

Raised within the walls of Wineport by her single mother at the time, Feldrael was a bit of a free spirited lass. She was, and is still, unsure of her father's identity.

Teen Years

She met up with a lad by the name of Ornrhut when they were both in their early teens. He was the son of an actor, and Feldrael began to fall for the life of a traveling theater troupe the more time she spent with them. More often she would go on trips with them though, she very rarely took the stage. She had stars in her eyes every showtime, and a life long affection for the preforming arts was born. She kept friendships with many of the troupe members even after it disbanded in her 18th year.

At some time later she was earning coin as a tavern girl in Costa Del Sol. She was followed into the cellar by a far too touchy Highlander sailor, and soon found herself overpowered. Several frantic kicks to his stomach, and the intervention of the cellarmaster's right hook stopped the assaulter, and a brief investigation by the stationed naval officials cleared Feldrael of any sort of guilt. This event affected much of her views on sex and, in many ways changed her future. From then on Feldrael put more time and far more effort into practicing self defense. She'd lost much of her teenage wandering spirit after this event and, much to her mother's relief, left the troupe and enlisted in the navy several moons later. From here began her military career.


Feldrael had kept her head down through much of the initial training. Within the Navy she'd climbed the enlisted ranks quite fast, but at home she'd seen her mother as yet another commander. Much of her relationship with Eyriswys can be summarized as this, Feldrael had been emotionally abused by her and sought to appease her by preforming well in the navy she was proud of. She'd lived with her until her 28th summer but, never strayed far from Wineport.

During the reinstatement of the Maelstrom Feldrael had reached the rank of Sergeant and found herself stationed at the tide gates. She saw skirmishes with the Sahagin at this point in time. Following this she was in command of a Maelstrom vessel tasked with both the defense of civilian supply lines and customs of imported goods. At Lieutenant she was relocated to the Black Shroud.

Before Dalamud's Fall

At the time, she served as the Lieutenant overseeing a small dispatch of Maelstrom and Adders soldiers stationed on the Eorzean side of Castrum Oriens. She skirted a deployment to Carteneau for a reason she does not know. They saw combat with a Garlean force at the time of the battle, suffering moderate losses but managing to deter a squad of Reaper armors by reducing several key bridges to splinters.

After Dalamud's Fall

The Calamity saw Feldrael being dragged out, unconscious, by her subordinates within the fires of the Twelveswood. She survived, as did much of her personal unit, but with no small amount of burns among her person. In the chaos of awaiting reinforcement she spent nearly a moon helping her men clearing a path for wounded through the ravaged forest, while themselves nursing their own injuries. She'd later receive commendation for her actions but, in her own eyes it was undeserved.

A Realm Reborn (Present, 23)

It wasn't until she learned of her mother's death at Carteneau that she'd begun to consider what this Calamity might mean for her personally. She'd had a job to do, to rebuild, but for the first time in her life she felt a sigh of relief. No longer, she thought, did she have to impress someone. She'd put in for a reserve position several years of rebuilding later, and was granted it following her promotion to 1st Commander. She'd then began to attempt contact with some of her old friends, including the theater troupe of her youth. At current those still remaining members are often in letter correspondence. As well, following a meeting at an Alliance banquet she'd met with a young Miqo'te lass within the Immortal Flames who she'd end up taking on as a wife, R'yhunzi Khoyo.

Several years later, an accident occurred during the peak of harvest in Wineport. Feldrael wrote about it in her journal here. The accident saw Feldrael's left arm amputated at the elbow, and during the adjustment period she'd had some major complications and emotional outbursts. With the aid of her close friends and loved one, she is beginning now to accept this hand she'd been dealt.

The Alliances recent deployment eastward, into Gyr Abania, has seen her recalled to active duty. Though she's yet to receive her own orders, word down the line points to a possible diplomatic trip to Kugane being oversaw by her command. Feldrael recently is beginning to reconsider her stance on obtaining a prosthetic limb, as she sees herself as needing to be at peak proficiency if she is to see any sort of combat within her deployment.


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Other Notes

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