Felixient Grinnaux

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Ishgard.jpg Felixient Grinnaux
Felix face.png
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Duskwight/Wildwood
Citizenship Ishgard
Nameday 25th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon (25/12)
Age 31
Orientation Homosexual
Guardian Halone
Alias Felix
Marital Status Single

The eldest of his siblings, Felixient managed to rise from the poverty of the Brume to join the ranks of the Inquisition, despite his low birth and status as a bastard.



  • Ishgard
  • His mandragora


  • Heretics
  • Highborn
  • Miqo'te
  • Adventurers
  • Paissa


Foods: Apple Strudel, Sohm Ahl Tart
Drinks: Ale, wine
Colors: Gold, red, dark blue


  • Reading


Hair: Red, with lighter red highlights
Skin: Dark grey/brown
Eyes: Left eye gold (natural), right eye Red (glass)
Height: 204.5 cm
Build: Slim, wiry

An elezen man of average height, the grey/brown skintone he inherited from his father clearly marks him as being the child of an outsider to Ishgard, though his vibrant red hair and piercing gold eyes are traits he received from his mother, and the hair and eye colours are something that all of his siblings share despite having differing fathers.
His right eye was lost to an incident with a heretic not long into his career as an inquisitor, the incident leaving a long scar over the right side of his face and leaving him blind on that side. He has since managed to get a glass replacement, though in red rather than his natural gold.
Of a slim build, he still has some degree of muscle build, mostly developed from times spent extracting confessions from heretics or from travelling around Coerthas rooting out heretics.
Across his body he is riddled with freckles and his body is littered with scars, some from heretics, others from his less savoury past in the Brume before he joined the Inquisition. Peculiarly, there is a mark on his right shoulder, a dark inky blue in colour, one that he has said has been on his shoulder since birth. On the small of his back is a small, circular mass of scar tissue.
He also bears numerous tattoos on his arms and chest, some symbols of his time in the Brume's criminal element, others speak of his devotion to Halone. His right arm bears a Y-shaped cross, underneath it a spider and underneath that, three skulls. On his left arm is an eight-pointed star and below it a fragment of a prayer. On his chest is a visage of the Fury Herself, winged and helmed and bearing a shield, on it are the names, dates of birth and dates of death for his mother and sisters.


  • Alignment

    Lawful Good
  • Motivation

    Protection of home and family
  • Outlook

    To serve one's nation and to protect one's family.
  • Positive personality traits

    Moderate, loyal, calm.
  • Negative personality traits

    Abrasive, blunt, prejudiced.
  • Miscellaneous quirks

    Will roll his glass eye around on his desk if he's bored, and he will do it more often if there's someone around that gets unnerved by him doing so.


Felixient was the oldest of five children and was born to Sofine Grinnaux a Wildwood woman who, due to circumstance was forced to work as a prostitute in the Brume. Felixient was the oldest of her five children and was often described as being a hellion when he was younger.
Felixient was often looked down upon by those who regarded themselves as the Brume’s “betters” due to where he was born and raised, as well as his mother’s occupation and his own status as a bastard, and he would regularly get into fights with those who would insult his family or his birth status, especially insults to his half-hyur brother, Quentenain. He would also help beat up any young highborn foolish enough to wander through or too close to the Brume alone or with scant protection.
It was little surprise that Felixient eventually fell in with the criminal element of the Brume, often doing odd jobs and crimes for the higher members of the criminal element, jobs which included theft, extortion, blackmail, torture and rumours had it, murder. During his spare time, he would often engage in drinking, gambling and whoring. Despite his criminal work, Felixient refused to allow his younger siblings to get involved, instead wanting them to somehow get good, honest jobs.
Tragedy struck his family when he was in his early 20’s, and a particularly nasty disease spread through the Brume, infecting and killing many. Felixient’s youngest sister contracted the pox and, and was forced into quarantine with the others infected with the illness, refusing to allow her youngest daughter to go in there alone, Felixient’s mother went in with her. Both mother and daughter died from the disease. It was a couple of months after their deaths that Felixient came to the realisation that he could not keep living like he was and decided to try and turn his life around. He started to help out with the few clergy brave and compassionate enough to work in the Brume, and with his hard work and desire to learn, it wasn’t long before he earned an endorsement to study at the Scholasticate, and opportunity he eagerly accepted. His acceptance to study at the Scholasticate raised a few eyebrows with some believing that he was turning his back on the Brume to try and cosy up to the higher born.
It took quite some time for Felixient to settle in at the Scholasticate, especially with many insulting and belittling him for his birth status and parentage, and his Brume dialect did not make things easier. Yet he was greatly drawn to Conjury and took to it rather well, and compulsory Elocution lessons meant that most students stopped making remarks about his way of speaking, though a few would still bully him over it occasionally. One of the lesser noble sons once insultingly told him that he would make a good Inquisitor, a path Felixient never even considered but realised that he could do effectively, considering he had some of the requisite skills for it, and had experience in some of the more unsavoury aspects of Inquisition work, so after he finished his studies at the Scholasticate, he applied for and was accepted into the Inquisition.
Most people in the Brume took this as a betrayal once they found out about his career path, and quickly ostracised him and his siblings, as they believed that he would be no better than any of the other Inquisitors there, and was only there to try and pretend to be better than his birth and home. Although some residents still supported the family behind the scenes.
Felixient took well to the Inquisition, and had very few qualms in engaging in some of the more shadier and unsavoury aspects of it, though he never took pleasure in it, he did what he did to keep Ishgard safe, and if people had to get hurt or die, then that was the price he was willing to pay. To his great surprise, a few of his old associates in the Brume were still willing to talk to him and act as informants for him, provided he supplied appropriate compensation for their work.
Most of his pay went towards his family, and as they got older, he arranged for his siblings to leave Ishgard to pursue better lives outside of the city. His sister Ursielle ended up joining the Immortal Flames in Ul'dah, and his brother Quentenain became an adventuer after dallying with the Rogues for several years. Only Ivaurault still lives in Ishgard, specifically the Brume, though Felixient is trying to find an appropriate job or guild for his brother to work at or join.
The changes in Ishgard regarding the city, its leadership and its culture made Felixient quite worried about the future and safety of Ishgard, as well as made him increasingly worried about the security of his job, and whether he would even have one in the near future, and what to do should that occur. The skill set of an inquisitor is not one that can be easily transferred to other occupations. The sudden disappearance of his lover, Jihli'a Ademur, also added further stress and worry to his life.
When the Dragonsong War ended and Dravanians no longer being regarded as the enemy of Ishgard, as well as Ishgard becoming a Republic, Felixient opted to go on pilgrimage with his youngest brother, Ivaurault, hoping that the travel would do his mind good, and that some of his worries would be at ease. While he was away, he found out about the fate of Jihli'a, the miqo'te being alive and well, yet had taken up another love, much to Felixient's dismay and anger.
He returned to Ishgard shortly after the Griffin's attack on Baelsar's Wall, and the battle between Shinryu and Omega, and almost immediately volunteered to join the Temple Knights in their campaign in Gyr Abania to liberate Ala Mhigo.


Romantic Interest, Sexual Interest, Platonic Love, Good Standing, Neutral Standing, Poor Standing

Romantic Interest

Platonic Love

Sofine Grinnaux (deceased) - Felixient's mother, died of illness
Ursielle Grinnaux (deceased) - Felixient's younger sister by three years, she left Ishgard shortly after her mother and younger sister died, and enlisted in the Immortal Flames when they started up. She was sent to Gyr Abania to assist with liberating the region from the Garlean Empire and perished at Specula Imperitoris.
Quentenain Grinnaux - Felixient's younger brother by six years. He left Ishgard just before the Calamity, wandering around before he fell in with the Dutiful Sisters of the Edelweiss in Limsa Lominsa.
Ivaurault Grinnaux - Felixient's younger brother by fifteen years.
Vielle Grinnaux (deceased) - Felixient's younger sister by fifteen years, she died of illness at just six years old.
Crow Brume - An adopted family member, Sofine took Crow in after Crow's mother when he was just six, staying with the family for several years before disappearing a couple of years before the Calamity. The have since reunited, much to the surviving family member's delight.

Good Standing

Neutral Standing

Rosaire Ledigne

Poor Standing

Seraphin Sellecerre (deceased) - His father whom he never knew, the man abandoning Felixient's mother when she told Seraphin that she was pregnant. He condemned his sire to the Witchdrop, never knowing of their relationship.
Jihli'a Ademur - He once considered the miqo'te to be a close friend, trusted confidant, and dear lover until the man disappeared and had notcnotacted either himself or his siblings in months, leaving him greatly concerned and fearful for his well-being. An unexpected reunion with him and the revelations that he since has moved onto another lover has left Felix angry, betrayed and feeling used, despite the miqo'te's words to the contrary, and has vowed to never again trust miqo'te, adventurers and especially not miqo'te adventurers.


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC Rumors! Instructions on how: Show text

Commonly heard

"Was told that 'e never 'ad much love for them nobles when 'e was my age, looked down on them for who they were just as much as they looked down on 'im for who 'e was. Wouldn't be surprised if 'e's changed 'is mind 'bout them" - Brumeling
"One of his brothers is a mongrel, just don't refer to his brother as such to his face, made the mistake of doing that b'out ten years ago and I swear I can still feel his fist hitting my face..." - Forgotten Knight patron
"You could call him all the names under the sun, but as soon as you moved on to his siblings or his mother, well may the Fury have mercy on you for he shall spare you none" - Pillars Youth

Occasionally heard

"I swear 'e was the lout that beat me up over ten years ago. Robbed me of all me coin an' took me shoes while 'e was it. It's all true, I swear by the Fury 'erself!" - Drunkard in a pub
"Was a real ruffian back in the say 'e was. Though with what happened with 'is mother an' sister, can't blame 'im for for turnin' 'is life around" - Brume elder

Rarely heard

"That youngest 'brother' ain't 'is brother, 'is mother was too old to 'ave more kids when that brat was born, same with the 'brother's' twin, may the Fury grant 'er peace" - Disgruntled Brume dweller
"Rumour has it that the incident with the heretic that cost him his eye was no accident, but you never heard it from me..." Anonymous inquisitor

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