Felonarias Leafault

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Felonarias Leafault
"The savage in man is never quite eradicated."
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Duskwight
Citizenship Gridania
Full Name Felonarias Leafault
Age Late 20's
Occupation Journeyman
Height Six fulms, nine ilms
Weight 230 ponze
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Felonarias Leafault is a Duskwight Elezen born in the South Shroud. A peculiar individual with a deep interest in knowledge of all sorts, he follows a path that most of his kind dare not tread. Once a potential prospect for the Lancers Guild, the tension between Duskwight and Wildwood Elezen took him down a different road. Now a trained pugilist and what most would consider a monk, he has finally left his home in the Twelveswood in search of further learning.




▼ Vital Records
Full Name: Felonarias Leafault
Citizenship: Gridania
Nameday: 7th Sun of the First Umbral Moon
Place of Birth: South Shroud
Alias: Monk of the Shroud
Guardian Deity: Nophica, the Matron
▼ Physical Traits
Hair color: Raven black
Eye color: Ice blue
Complexion: Dark, youthful
Piercings: One on each ear
Marks or tattoos: Face is lightly dusted with freckles. Several tattoos on body.
▼ Other
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Key Items:
Favorite Food:
Favorite Drink:
Favorite Color:
Additional info:


▼ Likes:
▼ Adores:


▼ Dislikes:
▼ Loathes:


Towering at near seven fulm fall, Felonarias carries many traits typical of his Duskwight kin. A deeply dark complexion and raven black hair to match leaves him quite evasive to spot when the sun is down - but easy to pick out in a crowd. Relatively short ears, a sharp nose, and a pointed chin frame a face that most say is quite handsome. His eyes are a very light blue in color, almost akin to the stones of aetheryte scattered around the many settlements and cities of Eorzea. Beneath them, light freckles litter his cheeks - a trait he was not born with, but eventually given in adulthood.
A trained pugilist with a centered discipline, Felonarias' body presents a man with a strong desire to stay in good physical condition. His shoulders and chest are distinctly broad, but couple with a thin waist in comparison. Long arms and legs make him a swift individual, but awkward when in some close quarters scenarios. He is a lanky man that relies upon his strength, but not strength alone. Nowhere near as thick or hefty as some races in Eorzea, his body is far more lithe and riddled with corded muscle. Though vanity only preys upon him on the rare occasion, he would be lying if he said that he kept himself in shape for training alone.
Despite moments where he might appear quite stubborn, Felonarias is generally a polite, well-tempered individual. He has dealt with the stereotypes of Duskwight Elezen for all of his life, and for the most part, actively seeks to prove them wrong. Though it would be folly to say that no mean streak lies within him, he typically seeks to make friends, not enemies.









Pugilism - Despite his size, Felonarias is not the type to carry enough brute strength to run through or overpower opponents. He is trained to do a great deal of defensive fighting that involves absorbing blows or parrying them, before using a defensive clinch (often referred to as dirty boxing in a contemporary setting)to beat and bludgeon his foe. His style of fighting is not particularly exciting to watch, as it involves allowing his opponent to wear themselves down before swiftly assaulting them. If he were a more exciting fighter, he might consider displaying his skill in the coliseum of Ul'dah.
Discipline - Felonarias is a very well-mannered individual due to a great sense of discipline instilled in him. Rarely does he deviate from a schedule he creates for himself, which includes a fair amount of training, meditation, and studying. Some would consider this boring, but he doesn't necessarily think that that's a bad thing.

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  Vymaris Dremiere Bandit
► Vymaris and Felonarias are childhood friends, and still remain so to this day as adults. The two are relatively the same age and remained very close through their younger years. When the two were removed from the Lancers Guild, however, Vymaris left the Twelveswood to set upon his own journey while Felonarias remained. The two fell out of touch for quite some time before reuniting once more and eventually agreeing upon a journey to live in Thanalan.
  Meyla Sarka Goobbue Monk
► Meyla happened to be one of the first acquaintances Felonarias made when traveling to Thanalan. She initially approached him because of what she claims to be an inherently suspicious nature, the two are now friends. Coincidentally, they both follow the same path and lead similar training regimens. Their conversations occasionally tow the line between politeness and flirtatiousness, but the two appear to be friendly and willing to learn from one another - or fight one another, at least.
  Xhosa Tauzeh Miss Ashling
► Miss Ashling is a recent acquaintance of Felonarias', and one that he has quite enjoyed speaking to. The Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te carries both beauty and intellect, and seems to easily relate to Felonarias' prevalent issues in Thanalan thus far. A friendly individual that seems to favor the Duskwight, Xhosa carries a great deal of connections and a wealth of knowledge.
  Lucaell Tareth'eian Color Keys Luca
► The Midlander from La Noscea had a bumpy start with both Felonarias and Vymaris. By his account, she seems to be a well-intentioned troublemaker with too much time on her hands, but friendly enough to engage in conversation with. There is far more to her than what she allows others to know, and Felonarias may seek to learn more if his curiosity gets the best of him.
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