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★Name: Meyla Sarka
★Age: Twenty-seven
★Height: 4'10
★Weight: ~120lbs
★Eyes: Purple
★Skin: Goobbue Grey
★Hair: Moss Green
★Occupation: Monk



"But What Am I?"
"The Beginning"
"The New Pet"
"Perfect Memories"
"Handle With Care"
"The Grace of Chiara: Part I"
"The Grace of Chiara: Part II"
"The Grace of Chiara: Part III"
"The Grace of Chiara: Part IV"
"Twelve Visions"

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★ Does not enjoy talking about her childhood. May speak on it when approached delicately.
★ Flashbacks cause her emotional unrest, and rarely has restful sleep. Crankiness intensifies.
★ Panics over physical contact, it is best to not touch her. 80% chance of injury.
★ Is obsessed with food. If you give her food, chances are, you've made a friend.
★ Calls herself a Goobbue. Grey skin, green hair- With no blood family, she feels an attachment to them.
★ Bitter, angry, hostile. However, past that shell, she can be a valuable friend.
★ Littered in scars, her entire back is covered.
★ Severely sensitive to aether, and becomes ill near the use of it.
★ Attaches to those she loves aggressively, and may become over protective.

PC Rumors/Opinions

"She has been through enough hardship to break most people. Think of that before passing judgement." -Kiht Jakkya

"My dearest and sweetest best friend. Bother her and I'll end you." -Pyralis Targaryen

"My worst teacher and greatest friend, I wouldn't change her for the world." - Xao Ganajai

"Don't let her lean, muscular, *incredibly sexy* stature fool you. The girl's a fatass.
I'm pretty sure I saw her put away a whole Apkallu in the Quicksand before, with a huge piece of cheesecake after.
I want to interact with her. Really, I do... but I'm afraid she'll eat me out of house and home if I invite her over." - Ta'kheo Nunh

"Meyla? Oh yes I've met her. She's rather sweet, that one. Well, most of the time....some of the time?
...How about just keep your fingers out of biting range." - Samuru Lantis

"Meyla for as tough as she comes across, she's also incredibly sweet something I didn't expect when we first met.
I still wouldn't want to be on her bad side for any reason, and if you find that you are....
Bring sweets, it'll distract her while you run." - Isen Yumemiru

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"Take Me To Church" - Hozier
"I'm Afraid" - The Neighbourhood
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"The Wolf" - Phildel

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