Five Reflections

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Five Reflections
Five reflec.png
"Probably a weird question, but... you ever think about karma?"
Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Hellsguard
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Occupation Naturalist
Age 25
Sexuality Heterosexual
Affiliations ???
Guardian Byregot, the Builder
Server Balmung

Roegadyn naturalist who seems to take a keen interest in the study of various monsters, and their connection to certain mysteries of Eorzea. Reportedly trained at Mealvaan's Gate; however, they do not appear to tolerate his association any longer, for reasons best known to themselves...

Casual and relaxed, and something of a smooth talker. Enjoys dressing well. Gets quite animated when talking about his points of study; otherwise, might be mistaken in demeanor for some kind of con artist of the Quicksand.


Build: Burly, somewhat stocky
Height: ???
Weight: 222
Hair Color: Black/Green
Hair Style: Braided
Eye Color: Navy
Skintone: White
Features: Liberal use of dye across hair and face.


Five Reflections is an enigmatic and cryptic man at the best of times, apparently preferring not to let people get too much information on his inclinations and preferences. However, at heart, he seems a fairly laid-back fellow with an interest in the monsters and fauna of Eorzea that borders on obsession, with a collection of books on the matter and a tendency to strike up (perhaps unwanted) conversations with Eorzeans who appear to be owners of pets or creatures themselves.

While he himself seems averse to any personal risk, he seems quite willing to help those in his acquaintance or his colleagues... so long as he can do so without putting his own life in danger. However, he is very honest about this aspect of himself, and ensures that all his obligations are on the table before making any kind of deal or committing to any one cause. He quite happily settles into a behind-the-scenes role - whether socially, professionally, or in combat situations.

He can be somewhat hypocritical, though as above, he will often genially acknowledge that this is the case, and simply apologize for his nature... while refusing to do anything to fix it.

He seems to have a soft spot for non-adventurers, or more innocent individuals who dislike causing others harm.



Five Reflections' origins appear to be unknown; moreover, it appears he has taken great pains to conceal any of his activities prior to his departure from Mealvaan's Gate...


Romantic Interest     Sexual Desire     Platonic Love    Good Standing     Neutral Standing     Poor Standing    Rivalry     Emnity     Hatred






Common Rumors

■ - "You ever seen a grown man reading poetry to a puk?"
■ - "Not every day you see a Roe in one of them fancy suit jackets..."
■ - "...Mr. R is no longer welcome in this establishment. I suggest you take your search elsewhere. Good day."

Uncommon Rumors

■ - "I saw him trying to teach some homeless bum to read! Where's the sense in that? What's he even going to use it for?"
■ - "Those are some fine tattoos! He musta had 'em done by an expert - looks as if it's just flowin' naturally out of his hair."

Rare Rumors

■ - "I swear I 'eard sounds comin' from 'is room! Squeakin' and scrabblin', like somethin' was in there! Don't know, don't WANNA know."
■ - "...Found something while I was cleaning his inn room the other day. Tucked up along with his things... some old rusted knife, and a lantern with no oil. Exactly what kinda monsters is he goin' after?"

Player Character Rumors

■ -

RPC Connections

You might know Five if...

-You study Eorzea's environment or monsters
-You frequent the drinking establishments of Ul'dah or Limsa
-You have a reputation as reliable explorers of dangerous dungeons
-You spend time visiting/working at cemeteries or mortuaries
-You have academic theories or have written about political/moral concepts usually thought of as outlandish or radical
-You are known to take any job and ask no questions



Why Don't You Come Into my Room?
Blue and White
Golden Wind




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