Flamel Eldgamel

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Flamel Eldgamel
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Plainsfolk
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Free Company Eyrihimal
Guardian Llymlaen, the Navigator
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Basic Info

Name: Flamel Eldgamel

Height: Very tall for a lalafell, especially a plainsfolk. 3'2"

Weight: Roughly 70lbs, give or take.

Build: Not as rotund as most lalafell. Slight muscle lines, but no intense definition Occasionally tries to work out, but usually loses interest. However; he remains quite agile.

Hometown: Born and raised in Limsa Lominsa

Hair: Brown with green highlights.

Eyes: Lavender

Likes: Scholarly pursuits, reading, writing, poetry, festivals, drinking, mead, adventuring, logic.

Dislikes: Being called short, blatant stupidity, ignorance, drinking, mead.

Weapon of choice: Thaumaturgy


Flamel was born in Limsa, where he grew up as well. His parents were farmers from the southern islands, who had come to Eorzea to find something new. He was always an adventurous and studious boy. When he wasn't reading or writing (mostly poetry), he could be seen running around La Noscea. But, at the age of fifteen, his parents started a small trade business, and asked Flamel if he would stay in Limsa as their representative, after he declined returning 'home' with them. Flamel loved his family so much, so he agreed. Business took over his adventurous side, which now hides dormant, itching to be released once more. His parents and siblings moved back to the southern islands, and now only occasionally visit Limsa. Flamel's parents work with another plainsfolk family to distribute various goods back and forth between Limsa and their homeland because they own a ship. Within this family is a cute lalafell girl, to whom Flamel has become unbelievably smitten. He gets extraordinarily nervous whenever she's near, or when anyone talks about her. His nervousness has kept him from 'making a move', even though he knows in his heart that she's 'the one.' In fact, the main reason for his choosing to adventure, is to protect her, in the hopes that one day he'll tell her and she will feel the same way. Flamel sees the threat that Garlemald and the Primals pose to Eorzea, and even the rest of Hydaelyn, and wants to keep her safe no matter what. Flamel also has short bursts of slipping into the void. When this happens, he randomly begins staring off into space, and he can't be aroused by anything. These, void excursions, started when he was around three. He's tried for most of his life to supress them, but they've recently been happening more frequently. This is something seperate from the echo, which he had only experienced one other time in his life. Slipping into the void within his own mind has driven him to a desire to search for Black Magic. He believes that it will help him fully understand, or even prevent them from happening at all. He decides that it is finally time to let one of his brothers take over the work in Limsa, so he can figure things out. He hopes adventuring will bring him confidence enough to tell the lalafell girl how he feels. So, he sets out for Ul'Dah, where the Guild of Thaumaturgy lies, hoping it will bring him one step closer to figuring himself out, with the aid of Black Magic.


Optimistic for the most part, unless logic is screaming at him that a bad outcome is inevitable. Calm, collected, yet cheerful. A very logical thinker. Very intelligent. A nervous mess when it comes to the only girl he's ever been smitten with. He loves festivals, mainly for the drink; although, he tries to resist the urge to drink as much as possible because it turns his calm and collected demeanor into a loud and open one. He's good with matters of business, like most lalafell, though he doesn't thoroughly enjoy the work. When ever he does business work of any kind, he always dons a pair of spectacles, even though he doesn't need to wear them. He feels it gives him a more scholarly look. Vegetarian, having grown up with parents from the plainsfolk homeland that were farmers, and preferred to eat the various plants that grew in that area. He is truly fascinated by the intricacies of the aether, and is thoroughly obsessed with learning as much as he can about Black Magic. Flamel cannot stand to be called short, it fills him with rage, especially seeing as he is very tall for a plainsfolk. He also can't stand it when people are stupid, but sometimes that can't be helped. He keeps a journal; although, he oftentimes forgets to write in it. When he does, it is filled mostly with poetry, with occasional 'diary' entries. He loves strategy and yearns for adventure! He isn't very religious, but is very respectful of those that are. Every now and then you might see him praying to Llymlaen for navigation. He is also very loyal to his friends and family.


Family: (Let me know if you'd like to be a relative! I'd love to work something out.)

Cute Lalafell girl: (Hands off. This is a placeholder for my fiancee if she ever wants to play! >:D)

Other Notes

Flamel is not an alcoholic. He merely enjoys the taste of mead, but hates the way it makes him feel.