Flitchee Oosa

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Gridania-transparent.png Flitchee Oosa
"Take my hand...do you trust me? Trust me."
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Gridania
Age 16
Height 2' 11"
Physique Tiny, Rotund; Full-Toned
Profession Aetherial Manipulator/ Fisher-fell, Healer-fell, Miner-fell
Guardian Llymlaen, the Navigator
Server Balmung




"Flitch", "Hey-You", "The-Lala", "Flit"




Flitchee's face is youthful to say the least, defining his age to many a passerby. Even to other Lalafell, he is young. As a tradition left by his village and family, he wears a horizontal bar of white face paint across his eyes and to the edges of his ears. Hidden behind bangs of auburn hair is his blue, Guardian jewel, which is affixed to the center of his forehead.


Dark-gold, luminous, deep, empathic, and wild are all descriptions Flitchee has heard about his eyes throughout the cycles. Just as any other Dunesfolk-fell, a luminous, protective sheen covers his eyes from tireless hours spent in the desert and on the waters fishing with his father and uncle.


"He's short; even for a Lala!" - a common statement used by many within Flitchee's home village and even throughout Eorzea. Flitchee's body maintains many of the characteristics a day-to-day Lalafell exhibits. He resides on the low end of the spectrum considering height, but he makes up for it with a leaner body/muscle mass because of his constant travels and training.




Flitchee's personality stays within a medium spectrum and he rarely moves from his curious, warm, and friendly demeanor unless his attention is focused upon study. He is open, honest, carefree, and always willing to talk to people from the lowliest of servants to the those in the highest positions of political or royal power. In the case of study, he becomes collected, quiet, and thoughtful, humming slightly when he makes a personal discovery or fights a mental block. In rare circumstances, normally within direct, combat situations, his youthful graces are replaced with a stern, focused, and almost poetic expression of agelessness. In even more rare occasions, he has been witnessed launching, attaching, biting, clawing, and pulling hair of individuals who harm those he truly cares for. The screeches that blare from his mouth because of his unconscious need to protect loved-ones is known to make on-lookers cover their ears in pain.



Restorative Aetherics:

Flitchee grew up following in the footsteps closely of his mother's stance on restoratives. At the earliest age he was tending to scrapes, bruises, and bug bites before he could even speak clearly. He was always happiest when manipulating restorative aetherial threads. Today, his passion for restoratives has grown stale. "Where was restoratives when his entire village was wiped off the map?" he thinks often. His current take on restoratives is a supportive intergration between it and the dark arts.

Destructive Aetherics:

When Flithee found his childhood home detroyed, he vowed to take arms against those who wrought havok againt an innocent people. He traveled back to Ul'Dah and pleaded his case to the thaumaturge guild within the city. There, his control over destructive aetherics blossomed in acceleration. He never realized he had such a knack for destructive power. He has also met with a select few who have taught him greater secrets within the realm of the dark arts- those calling themselves Black Mages. Through his intensive studies, he has realized that destructive force is not the only path of true aetheric mastery. By combining white and black magic, one can become a vessel of true magical power.


While traveling through the Black Shroud, Flitchee's friend Gyles Ra'tava made an off-the-wall suggestion about Flitchee's spell targeting- as best as the mute Hyur could at least: Flitchee watched as Gyles held out an old short bow from his repertoire. "What? You want me to take up the bow or something?" Flitchee scoffed with a smirk. Gyles just smiled. That's just what Flitchee did. Today, his aim has improved dramatically and his destructive aetherics have seen the effect. When he is not slinging spells, he takes up the bow in the field.

Sword Mastery:

"Gyles are you nuts-o? I'm not gonna use this sword! Gyles?...Hey! This is YOUR sword! I'm not gonna be this marmot's meat-shield! Gyles, come BACK!"




  • Clumsy (more than your average lalafell- or anyone for that matter)
  • Happy-Go-Lucky/Cheerful
  • Motivated for Self and for Others
  • Insightful/Determined
  • Studious


  • Raisins, Cookies, Vegetables (raw and steamed), and the Occasional Marmot Steak Cooked Medium-Rare
  • People of all Backgrounds, Jobs, and Races
  • The Sea Breeze and Desert Heat


  • Stagnant, Filty Water- Especially that Nasty Water Hole near Camp Drybone
  • Abusers of the Innocent
  • The Stench of Black Shroud Marmots
  • The Big, Scary Dryads of the Black Shroud
  • People Who Maintain that One Way of Aetherics is the Right Way






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