Foxglove Kyo

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Garlemald Flag.jpg Foxglove Kyo
Foxglove Infobox.png
"It's impossible for words to describe what horror means."
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen
Citizenship Doma
Age 27
Height 5'2"
Orientation Sapphic (Kinsey Scale 6)
Marital Status Single
Occupation Unknown

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Foxglove Kyo (7th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon) is a Doman scholar and former Garlean officer currently seeking refuge in Eorzea.

Appearance & Personality

Petite and slender, though relatively tall for an Au Ri woman, dusky violet complexion offset by natural black hair highlighted in cream, styled neatly into a fringed pixie cut. She's a morose sort of girl, a ghost-like beauty, moss green eyes frequently distant and devoid of emotion outside a tortured soul.

Rarely is she ever seen without her fae companion whom she refers to as 'Lily'. (( No relation to the Lily in the SCH quests, I decided on the name long before I got that far! )) The fairy never flutters far and often rides on her master's shoulder, people-watching in silence with a warm smile.

Foxglove is akin to her namesake: beautiful, but deadly. Aloof, short-tempered and unpredictable with the sharpest of tongues, lacking empathy or reasonable approachability on an average day. Her emotional stability is low as a sufferer of PTSD and is prone to violent, tear-soaked outbursts should any triggers be sufficiently pulled or survival instincts tested.

Those brave enough to weather the storm, however, might soon come to discover a significantly more gentler side to the woman long-since repressed, vaguely hinted at by flickers of compassion, endearing social awkwardness and contrasting choices in close companionship.


Philosophical conversation


Unwarranted curiosity
Wasted time
Social gatherings
Pet names


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Vice(s): Rough, casual sex
Favorite Color(s): Neutrals
Character Inspiration(s): Ai Nu, Chun Yi, The Driver, Julian, Lady Snowblood, Snake Plissken, Travis Bickle, Walter E. Kurtz


Doman Tranquility

Little is known of Foxglove's life prior to her capture and subsequent service to the Garlean empire, a handful of vague recollections the only glimpse into her brighter past.

Born to a family of low-income weavers, Foxglove was a reticent girl, gentle in demeanor and content to follow in her mother's footsteps as a humble seamstress for Doma's elite which she often looked upon with a subtle envy. This persistent desire for a more lavish lifestyle would eventually bear fruit in the form of a long-term childhood fantasy: to someday win over the heart of a Doman princess, faithful at her side for all eternity.

Above-average in intelligence, Foxglove took quickly to arcane magic, studying in her free time with a focus on Scholarly technique. The effort would eventually pay off during her sixteenth year, a Nymian tablet imported from Eorzea her sole gift. From it emerged Lily; the two would never part from that day forward.

Forced Servitude




Skill Set




Nymian Arts


Arcane Arts



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◢ Common
"Aye, saw her smack some lewd bastard upside the head with that there tome of hers jus' fer trying to grope at the arse. Left gouges in his face, it did!" The crass Limsan barmaid shakes her head in near-disbelief as her recollection continues. "Oh no, she didn't just stop there, either; kept wailing on him over and over again 'til his chest nearly caved in. Serves 'im right if ye ask me."
◢ Uncommon
"A callous lover, that one." The courtesan laughs, smoking on a hand-rolled cigarette. "Like she wanted to feel every heartbeat between us."
◢ Rare
The young woman steps back, trembling in fear, face contorted in total horror. "You keep her away from me!"
"Even as she tore into my back over and over again, there was something... sad, remorseful about her, a feeling that only grew during my time spent in her chambers. In the end, I pitied her, and would come to forgive."
◢ Player Character


Romantic Love     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Neutral Standing     Poor Standing
Amielle Sarassin - Foxglove shares a room with this gentle Duskwight.
Sumi Kha - Mysterious, tribal housemate intent on peeling back the Raen's layers.
Yisugei Bahtzaya - Former prisoner, her first friend in Eorzea.


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