Fresh Bread

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Gridania-transparent.png Fresh Bread
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A Tiny Voice in a Big World
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Plainsfolk
Citizenship Gridania
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Fresh Bread seems do his best to keep an air of mystery about him. He refuses to talk about his past or where he's from. If pressed, he will insist that it isn't right to dwell on the past when the present is so nice, and offer to play a song. Fresh Bread will readily admit that his name is a pseudonym, but will not tell how he got it. He has mentioned the existence of a lost love, but will not go into any further details. The most interesting thing about him is his lute, which contains a series of levers, pulleys, and bars, with an adjustable bridge and nut, allow him to adjust the tonal range of his instrument at will. When asked about it, Fresh Bread will likely say something like "Oh, this thing? Just something I came up with one idle afternoon."



Cheery and bright. Fresh Bread always strives to be pleasant and polite, even to those who may be rude or aggressive toward him. He strives to make sure people around him are having a good time while being as unassuming as possible. He claims that his goal in life is to make as many people as he can feel happy and comfortable before he dies. During his performances, Fresh Bread seems to prefer some of the more maudlin tunes in his repertoire.





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  • "Nice guy." - Andrew Wyndrick



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