Furious Finale

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 Furious Finale
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Gender Male
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Unknown
Server Balmung


A Sea Wolf Roegadyn who ran away from his father's ship, Rost is not the brightest. Loud and outspoken, he acts without thinking to take what he wants. He can usually be found wherever there is alcohol.


Furious Finale
❝Chasing dreams, chasing work. . .


: Alias... Furi

: Birth Name... [Redacted]

: Age... Thirty-Six

: Gender... Male

: Race... Au Ra

: Clan... Xaela

: Orientation... Bisexual | Polyamorous

: Marital... Single

: Deity... Llymlaen, the Navigator


: Excitable Often seen to be very excited and cheerful. The littlest thing sets this mans mind a going and he is ready to give it his all!

: Cheerful Furi is constantly found with a smile adorning his rugged features. Even within the darkest of times, those in trouble need only look his way for a reassuring smile to help brighten the darkness.

: Curious With the gaps in his memory, Furious is constantly thriving on new adventures, expeirences and information. His ability to recall and understand things are on the lower side than most, but he still gives it his all to learn more!

: Amnesiac Following the events that lead to him being captured by Garleans, Furious suffers from Amnesia from the traumtic events that transpired. Though his memory is a blank slate and his ability to recall things is harder for him than most, this man seeks to either regain his lost self or create a new one by forging ahead.

: Loyal A loyal and curious man. He is loyal to those closest to him and will gladly put his fists up against those who would cause harm to those closest to him. This man is currently employed as a private bodyguard to an Ariuni Salkhi.

: Matter-of-Fact A man who doesn't understand jokes or sarcasm very well. Furious tends to take things seriously, unless the joke or sarcasm is explained to him before he can cause harm or get himself into trouble.

Rumors and Relationships
Ariuni Salkhi - This woman accepted Furious as her bodyguard three cycles back, and tends to have him fetching various items from other sellers and other black market beings around Eorzea. Furious thinks highly of the small Raen and is terrified of her when she's angry.

He doesn't have any yet!

Interesting Items
 : Text, text, text. : Text, text, text.
RP hooks
 : Bodyguard work, Found in the wilds, Adventurer, Ex-Garlean test subject
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More information regarding Furious can be found on his tumblr.

New and old memories are created.❞