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Ul'dah-transparent.png Testing
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Gender Male
Race Unknown
Clan Unknown
Citizenship Ul'dah
Server Balmung

Sup, it's Unnamed Mercenary from the forums.


1) How many characters do you have?

I have two whole characters!

Franz Renatus aka Unnamed Mercenary
Rostnais Askiwintsyn

2) Are you a mod on RPC?

I haven't been an RPC mod since October 2015! I am still on the staff though as a webserver administrator. Usually edits to the site are handled by me! While I'm still not particularly experienced, I can at least look into the issue and let you know what's being done about it!

Certain things like the forum editor mishaps have been the bane of my existance. I WILL FIND THE CAUSE AND DESTROY IT. I PROMISE!

I do still take care of some reports, especially ones about moving threads or Club/Gallery related things. Don't hesitate to PM me or to open a thread in Requests and Feedback if you have any questions.

3) Why did you bother making a FAQ?

Wasn't it fun to read?

Also, I have a subpage test

Other things I'm linking here for simplicity.

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