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Sup, it's Unnamed Mercenary from the forums.


1) How many characters do you have?

I have two whole characters!

Franz Renatus aka Unnamed Mercenary (Unnamed Mercenary hold my old tabbed layout and any information not ported over)
Rostnais Askiwintsyn

2) Is is true you're a mod?

Not anymore! And I haven't been an RPC mod since October 2015! I am still on the staff though. If you visit the main index of the forum, you've probably seen some of my work in action. I make little code edits on the site to keep things running smoothly. See that hidden Requests and Feedback forum? Yeah. It's got special code and permissions to help ensure your posts remain private there. Notice how it doesn't show up in Latest Posts? That was also me.

I do still take care of some reports, especially ones about moving threads or Linkshell Hally/Gallery related things. Don't hesitate to PM me or to open a thread in Requests and Feedback if you have any questions.

3) Why did you bother making a FAQ?

I was bored.

A request has been made to delete this page for the following reason: This is just here for template purposes.