Galvadan Edgecrusher

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Gridania-transparent.png Galvadan Edgecrusher
A Photo Taken In Limsa Lominsa Against His Wishes.
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Gridania
Nameday 1st Sun Of The 2nd Astral Moon
Weight & Height 280 Ponz (Pounds) 7 Fulms (Feet) 6 Ilms (Inches).
Eye and hair color. Sky blue, his hair is raven highlighted by red streaks.
Noticable features A scar over his right eye, a large scar over his torso on the left side.
Intrests Swordplay, blacksmithing, recently has taken up writing poetry and fishing.


Galvadan is of an above average hight for people of his race, which is to say he reaches over a full 7 feet, making him tower over all except Roegadyn, a race with he holds a passing respect for. There is a scar on his right eye and his hair is a solid black save for small slightly blue streaks, which came from injuries he suffered during his ceremony of "bu'rthr celöbra" or "rebirth by honor", it is the rite of passage all male woodlanders when they have reached the age of elezen adulthood. (since elezen's age differently than the other races, it's safe to say his early 20's by normal standards.) they must survive 40 days and 40 nights, with no weapons, food or help in the deepest part of the wood, if they return alive, they are accepted as men in the clan of his village, and are allowed to rights as such. most do not survive the ordeal, those that do come back sometimes scarred or so traumatized they have to have their souls purified in sweat lodges blessed by the elders. His eyes are blue, which is a uncommon occurance for the darker elezens, usually they are brown or a hazel color. his posture is one that reflects his youth, he stands tall and almost challenging in his demeanor towards others at times, he stands as proud as the trees of the wood, and never will he falter.


Galvadan was a small and almost frail child, he was at times picked on and harassed. As a youngling of the wood, sometimes it is frowned upon to be of a smaller stature, to be considered not able to be strong. His older brother E'kar, would at times come to his aid, saving him from more of the cruel children. The son of a blacksmith, he began to find refuge in his father's workshop, he quickly became a worthy apprentice of his father, taking in his trade. One day when he was at the age of about 13 cycles, his father sent him on a assignment to gather various ore and whetstones for work. He was careless, falling into a small sinkhole, that opened into a cave, breaking his arm in the fall. Scared, shivering, he cried for help, with no avail, it was then he saw his first vision of the earthmother, Nophica. She spoke gently to him, soothing and calming him, telling him that no child of hers, no child of the wood would ever suffer under her care. His fever dream broke, and his father and brother were there, lifting him from the cave.

It was in the woods, at the age of twenty, the destiny he sought so hard to find would come to fruition,an encounter with a vile monster, a boar known then as "Ich'are". This encounter resulted in a horrible, bloody battle, leaing his face scarred, but proving his manhood, in order to save his own life he had to destroy Ich'are, in doing this he proved himself. soaking himself in the blood of his enemy, he returned finally proving his worth to all in his hamlet, most of all to his object of desire, a woman named En'nali. After leaving to train in the skills of sword, and millitary stratigies, he returned different, almost...arrogant. He took En'nali as his wife, who while he was away, had caught the attention of his own brother E'kar. While she never gave his advances much mind, he still grew jealous, rageful at the union. His jealously quickly grew into a rage, he tried, while Galvadan was out training some of the villagers in combat arts, to take her. She resisted, and in the struggle, sh was stabbed. Galvadan returned, to see his wife, lyin in a pool of blood, dead. The dagger bore the crest of his own family, the mark of his brother.

It was that very day, all reason left his soul. He took up arms, and formed a small organized militia, consisting of grieving and enraged villagers, and members of En'nali's family. He searched and hunted for his brother, and if he was under the thought a village or hamlet had hid him or given him aid, he would take the people as prisioners, and burn the villages down. Nophica would come to him in dreams, begging for him to stop his path of rage, but he was too filled with grief and rage. He ignored her pleas, and continued his hunt.

Ek'ar formed his own army, and the bloody conflict lasted almost ten years. Now a pair vicious warlords, Galvadan was begged in his dreams nightly, by En'nali and by the earth goddess herself to stop the conflict or the end result would be dire. Blinded by anger over his loss, rage that the one who he loved, and the goddess he devoted his life to, begged for the life of his family turned advesary, he continued to cut his bloody swath across the woodland realms. He severed all ties with nophica and turned his soul over to the lord of thunder Rhalgr, to finally destroy E'kar.

Personality & Alignment

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Galvadan could be described by many words, impulsive, brash, unyeilding, at times he is angry and bitter (not rageful), and if you but two words that ultimately describe him are loving and loyal. he is so loyal that it could almost be considered a fault, his "sister" alona tests this almost daily with her loyalty to the gods rahlgr and halone, the gods he sees as responsible for his eternal pennance. he does not hold her responsible for the actions of the gods she worships, but he does not hide the fact that he believs him to be vile and evil gods from his point of view. this places them at odds as much as they will be side by side in any situation. he is quick to tell anecdotes of his past experiences, sometimes to the chagrin of alona or any of his linkmates who'd be within earshot. he is quick to anger despite the curse upon him, and often will fight even when it's not nessesary, weather it be with or even sometimes against the will of his linkmates. his many lifetimes have taught him that all energy in the lifestream is only fleeting and should be celebrated, he can often be found in a pub singing and enjoying the company of those around him...who aren't angering him at the moment.


Because of his supposed age, he has had much time to work and develop on many different weapon skills and proficencies. As a follower of the teachings of nophica he's always tought never to boast his skills, and unlike most in his current time, he won't even mention what he's capible of, rather to let his skill speak for itself.

He's very skilled with bows and due to his woodland heritage he has a deadly accurate aim, he's not fond of hunting, only doing so in case of gathering food, not for sport like he's seen others do.

Hand to hand he's not the best fighter, but he can more than hold his own. due to meditation and body training he can cancel out most damage done by physical assualt, but if not given the chance to properly focus, he is just as open to physical damage as anyone.

His prowess with a blade is at least in his mind, unmatched, he's yet to meet a single person in this stage of his life who has outdone him at the edge of a sword. Though he has tried, he's had little success walking away from the path of the sword, especially now with rumors of the garlean empire looming in the shadows.

He's trained in the ways of lancing and spearfighting, but he finds spears cumbersome, mostly fumbling through the motions. He has tried now to better refine his skills, and is seeking out training from his former lover, Lyriah Karnelle, head of scantus refero security.

He uses an axe only under protest, he finds them even more cumbersome than lances or spears, if not for the fact that there is some knowledge to be gained from knowing how to attack and defend with one he'd never bother touching them, he finds them uncivilized weapons.

He is well versed in the skills of conjury, and seems to get better it seems by the day. The need to help others seems to drive the passion to learn the healing arts, as well as the drive to become a better person in the eyes of his peers. He has now tried to master the arts of using healing and defensive while using his offensive capibilities with his sword.

Though he was advised not to because of his issues with anger, Galvadan studied the dark arts of thaumaturgy. At an almost frightening pace, he's become a skilled user of the dark arts. The use of the arts have given an unforseen side effect, giving him slight powers of premonition, these premonitions usually come to him in the form of dreams. He has recently seen his own death in his dreams, causing him to give up the arts briefly. He has still put his "final" affairs in order, just in case.

Fight Style

Due to his supposed age, galvadan is a master of many different styles of fighting, which makes him a difficult opponent to scout. he could be fighting in an elezen fighting form one second and quickly change to a hyur gladitorial fighting style, his fighting style is much like him in that respect, fustrating. the only real flaw in his fighting is the same as everthing else, his abitly to anger so quickly, this causes him to at times drop his guard totally for a killing blow and leave himself open for an attack if he's not careful.


Since his time outside of gridania, he's only had employment with the sanctus refero trading company, recently he's provisionaly joined the twin adders grand company in efforts to help in gridania's defence against garlean attack.


Galvadan views even brief contact with others a blessing of the earthmother herself, usually he will only show his "kinder, gentler" aspects to those he's spent long periods of time around. He holds most of his sanctus "family" in high regard, though he'd never tell them openly. He shares his heart openly, and sometimes shamelessly flirts, which can often lead to trouble, his sister Alona Rhys accuses him of having alot of "baggage", which he's tried recently to rid himself of.

Riseyra Storsgram: Things between the two have changed considerably in recent months, before he was an "overbearing overprotective" figure in her life to now sharing a more close relationship. She recently caused the disolving of his and Lyriah's relationship, only to confess her feelings for him. He was angered at the events that caused the end of that relationship, but does not bear any hostility towards her for what transpired. He and her have now started to work on being together, it is unkown how others will view this happening so quickly after his wedding was called off.
Alona Rhys: His "sister" and one of his most trusted allies. He goes through a great deal of stress at times following her wishes, but still follows her implicitly. The blind loyalty he put in her has put him at odds with many people, including his now love interest Riseyra Storsgram. He has said when he's ready he'll listen to what she has to say about his sister, but for now they have dropped the topic.

Lyriah Karnelle: (under construction)

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