Gansukh Mol

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 Gansukh Mol
"If all we have is time, then we'll be alright."
Gender Male
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela (Mol)
Citizenship None
Birth Place Othard
Age 32
Occupation Wanderer
Height 7 fulms, 1 ilm
Server Balmung

Gansukh Mol, or Gan, is a Xaela from the Mol tribe. He is extremely spiritual and very curious. Often found wandering around and looking just about anywhere but where he is walking, Gan is a very free and easygoing person. He has a love of all things creative and particularly loves music and cultural architecture.




▼ Vital Records
Full Name: Gansukh Mol
Citizenship: None
Nameday: 10th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon
Place of Birth: Othard
Alias: Gan
Guardian Deity: None.
▼ Physical Traits
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Grey / White
Complexion: Pale
Piercings: None
Marks or tattoos: None
▼ Other
Alignment: Neutral Good
Key Items: Thin, simple silver chain around his neck; Flute
Vice(s): Relatively naive
Favorite Food: Anything fresh
Favorite Drink: Juice
Favorite Color: Earthy colors
Additional info: Doesn't seem to react to or even notice passive aggressive behavior in others. In fact, seems pretty difficult to get a rise out of in general.


▼ Likes:
Learning about those who are different
Trying things he has not already
Tall women (They fascinate him.)
People watching
▼ Adores:
Music / Flute
Musical Collaboration
Magical Theory
Creative individuals


▼ Dislikes:
Small talk
Doing nothing
Unwillingness to learn
Vain individuals
▼ Loathes:
Small spaces


Standing at just over seven fulms, Gan is a rather lanky and almost gaunt in appearance. His long, black hair is almost always pulled up in a messy ponytail that still manages to reach his back. Grey eyes are lined with white, glowing limbal rings and the scales that cover his pale skin are black like the rest of his Xaela kin. Generally, he can be found wearing tattered, old clothes that look like they've seen most of the world in his adventures. Around his waist, he carries a rather large satchel filled with many things, but most notably his flute. Depending on where he is, he can also be found with a staff hanging over his back as well. Not as noticeable, but always present is a very thin, silver chain that hangs around his neck. There is no pendant that hangs from it or any apparent indication of sentimentality aside from the fact that he never takes it off.
Personality-wise, Gan is extremely easygoing and very hard to rile up. He has a fascination for the new world that is Eorzea as well as the cultures that inhabit it. He is prone to asking many questions about things he knows little about and is always willing to offer his own perspective on a manner. People with tales to tell, talents to boast, and artisans of their craft are those he finds most fascinating and drawn to. While he has many experiences in life and in his travels, he can be prone to being naive, especially to the customs of Eorzeans. However, he maintains an open mind and an eagerness to try things that are foreign to him.
Because of his curiosity, Gan tends to be extremely outgoing. He is not shy by any means and will likely strike up a conversation with anyone who strikes him as potentially interesting. However, small talk is one thing he will avoid like a plague. People incapable of holding thoughtful conversation will generally find him tuning out faster than a dodo running from a bear. While there are things he is not fond of, he possesses extreme patience. In fact, it is unclear if he is even capable of feeling offended. If he is, he does not seem to openly express it. However, if he feels he has been lied to or betrayed, that pleasant demeanor is liable to change at the drop of a hat.



Ask him.


Ask him.


There really is no one place that Gan can be found, mostly because he just tends to go as he pleases. Hwoever, he's been seen lingering in La Noscea more often than not. Currently, he picked up a job as a mercenary, but failed to let his new employers know that he isn't very interested in being one. It was a job taken mostly to avoid having to sleep on the lawn and to see why he was directed there.


MAGICAL THEORY - A true nerd at heart, Gan possesses a true passion of aether manipulation and pushing the bounds of magical theory within his capabilities. He actually finds great pleasure in reading books on the history, discovery, and application of various magical feats and can lose himself in discussion about it.
SPELLCRAFT - Because of his passion for magical theory and study, Gan is actually pretty talented in his own aetherical manipulations. It is probably the skill he takes the most pride in.
MUSIC - Gan plays the flute and is rarely ever seen without his. It is a hobby that he holds very dear to his heart for more reasons than just appreciation of music.
EXPLORING - Whether it be ruins, forests, mountains, or fields, Gan has a keen eye for picking up on his surroundings and mentally bookmarking it. Even in his short time in Eorzea, he has learned of many hidden locations.

BOTANY - Not particularly something he enjoys, but Gan is pretty knowledgeable in most things plant-related. A skill mostly developed from his time traveling.
STORYTELLING - Gan has quite a few stories to tell, mostly due to his history of travel. However, sometimes those stories can find themselves being 'had to be there' kinds of stories.
ESCAPE ARTIST - Throughout the years, Gan has learned how to be clever and crafty when it comes to situations where he seems trapped. Generally, he can weasel his way out of places. However, if he fails, and he has, Gan will get extremely uncomfortable as being confined in any way messes with him.

SOCIAL CUES - Gan is pretty bad at a handful of social cues, especially affectionate ones.
FOREIGNER - Since he has not been in Eorzea for long, Gan is not very accustomed to all of the cultures. Coming from a life spent mostly in a tribe, adaptive to city life has proven a challenge. He also might inadvertently misunderstand or mistake certain behaviors.
PHYSICALLY WEAK - As skinny as he is, Gan is not much of a brawler in any sense of the word.



Where to find this character with whom.
(Knowledge accessible to all with IC research done on the character unless stated otherwise.)


La Noscea (Highly Likely)
Ul'dah (Highly Likely)


Rudra's Storm (Minimally as of current.)
Thaumaturges' Guild (All them books!)
The Mol Tribe


Eorzean encounters.
(Make sure to check the 'color keys' tab.)

  Character Name Color Keys Character's Nicknames
► Summary of the relationship.
  Suyiketu Avagnar --
► A Xaela of an obsolete clan that Gan stumbled on in the streets of Ul'dah. He sat with her and had some interesting conversation about the denizens of Eorzea as well as the interests of the other. He hopes to take her on an adventure with him soon enough.
  Virella Douront --
► Virella is the first person he met upon his arrival to Mist. She seemed to hold a few misconceptions, but Gan was happy enough to provide insight. She also didn't make him sleep on the lawn and was generally kind enough to him to provide access to a job.

  Character Name Color Keys Character's Nicknames
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In a relationship: The character is romantically involved with this character. The characters might not like each other. It is reciprocal, or at least the person explicitly made them believe it was.
Muse: The character is attracted to this character. It usually is not be reciprocal.
Potential Muse: The character is slightly attracted. It is not reciprocal.

Platonic Love/Family: The character considers this person family, and that goes above friendship. It is usually reciprocal.
Friend: The character considers this person her friend. It is reciprocal, or at least the person explicitly made her believe it was.
Friendly Acquaintance: The character considers this person mostly friendly, or as an ally. It may not be reciprocal.

Good Standing: The character has no specific feelings about this character. They left a good impression, though.
Neutral: The character has no specific feelings about this character.
Bad Standing: The character has no specific feelings about this character. They left a bad impression, though.

Dislike: The character doesn't want to consider this person a friend, and will talk if needed, but try to avoid them. It may not be reciprocal.
Hate: The character consider this person an annoyance, and will try to avoid them. Conflict can happen. It is often reciprocal.
Fear: The character is terrified by this character, and will try to avoid them at all cost. It can not be reciprocal.
Rivalry: The character considers this person a rival, and will try to initiate conflict every time they gets to meet them. It is reciprocal, or at least the person explicitly made them believe it was.

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Deceased: This character has passed away.


Some of these rumors might be untrue or greatly exaggerated.
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Gdiamond.png Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"I think I saw him staring at a building for an uncomfortable amount of time. Seemed a little creepy."
"He plays the flute quite beautifully, but when I bumped into him later, he returned the tip I gave him."
"... Prays to strange gods about everyday things. Uh."

Gdiamond.png Uncommon Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"He visits the Thaumaturgy guild at very strange hours of the day only to read the same books multiple times."
"Saw him practicing some sort of spell out in the middle of the desert. I thought he died by the way he collapsed at the end of it."

Gdiamond.png Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"His carelessness is the reason for the disappearance of his tribe."

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"Feel free to add yours!" - Character Name
"Feel free to add yours!" - Character Name
"Feel free to add yours!" - Character Name






If I'm not on Gan, I'm probably on Domri Blackblade. Also my name on the RPC so just shoot me a PM. Might be easier to get ahold of me through Virella Douront or Enla Kertuh, however. I'm flaky.


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