Gazgrog Heigon

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 Gazgrog Heigon
Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolves
Citizenship Unaffiliated
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Basic Info

Gazgrog can usually be found at the Quicksand in Ul'dah, minding his own business in the back of the room or talking to friends that rarely stop by. Often times he will have a flask in his hands, each labeled with the time of day it is to be drunk. When not at the Quicksand, Gazgrog can can usually be found hunting the wilds for coin or company. Most likely he is on a mission from an employer.

This Roe is far more tame than he looks. Most people at the Quicksand tend to stay at arms length unless they have spoken to him in the past, or have work that needs to be done.


Born many moons ago aboard a ship somewhere in the Rhotano Sea to parents that couldn't sit still for a moment, Gazgrog traveled to ports all across the world working from a young age as a pickpocket or stupid distraction. He was raised on ships and taught the ways of the thief and scholar, his parents believing that the best way to win a battle was with brains and surprises.

Across his travels with his parents he has been to most ports from Limsa Lominsa to numerous pirate coves to deadly ports in Garlean territory. Each port he left with more enemies than friends but not without a stash of coin or a new contact for future work. As he grew older he broke from his parents tradition of sailing port to port and settled down in more civilized lands such as Ul'dah. In this land he took jobs as a mercenary, assassin, and information runner working with almost every person with coin in their pockets.