Geissyng Frydtoum

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Gridania-transparent.png Geissyng Frydtoum
Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Citizenship Gridania
Height 6 fulms, 5 ilms
Weight 206 ponz
Age 29
Marital Status Single
Orientation Bi-sexual



Geiss is short for a Sea Wolf standing scarcely even with the loftiest Hyuran. She has pale skin and a womanly form. Her figure is accented by a strong build fairly typical of Roegadyn women. Her sense of style is simple and rugged, favoring practical above fashionable—except when it comes to traditional Roegadyn wear. Usually she is found in light clothing unless adverse weather demands. She often wears hand wraps that accent weapon draw and grip while still leaving mobility and tactile sensation unimpaired.

She wears her hair long and pridefully keeps it presentable. Her eyes are a soft blue set in a gaze that alternates between intense focus and mild confusion depending on who she is listening to. Her voice is hoarse and throaty, giving her a raspy speaking cadence and a laugh that sounds like it could lead into a coughing fit. For her size she is immensely strong, and she demonstrates a practiced comfort with armor and cloth alike.

  • Her arms are usually visible, displaying her physique and offering an unhindered range of motion.
  • Scars line the skin of her arms and back, faded and fresh alike. Some bear the mark of a skilled healer, while others seem uncared for. The lion's share of marks seem to have been made by an edged weapon. Others appear to be the claws and teeth of beasts, or by ropes specifically about her wrists.


Geiss is brusque and to the point with very little talent or taste for subtlety. She appreciates the same in others, but their own intricacies are not completely lost on her. Simply, she wastes no patience on being indirect. Despite a tendency to seem rude or crass, she is quick to befriend and will become protective, giving, and loyal to those dear to her. Quick to laugh and unseemly patient, she takes life as it is and tries to make the most of it without letting disappointments or failures affect her negatively.

  • She has a strangely adversarial opinion of cold weather and will loudly object to any ideas involving enduring the cold. She is also very apprehensive about undead, but will not cower from them.
  • While no stranger to ale, she is more often found nursing mugs of piping hot cocoa.
  • One can tell by listening to or conversing with her that she is well read. Her vocabulary routinely ventures far and wide, but most commonly reverts back to lazy slang with an informal cadence.
  • She does not openly worship nor observe any real faith. However, her deep seated empathy with others and caring nature suggests a kinship with Menphina.


Her name translates loosely to ‘Ghost story,’ and whether this is a given name or an adopted one is not something she openly shares. As adequately as any Lominsan scribe is able to determine, her story begins along Bloodshore near Costa del Sol as the lone survivor of a shipwreck. Her account of the Lady Iliana’s final voyage remains wholly unverified with the lack of additional survivors or any wreckage of the vessel.

With no known records kept, and no one coming forward with a contradicting story, the truth behind the sinking of the Lady Iliana is still shrouded in mystery. It takes with it the ultimate fates of those on board and why Geissyng was among them.

The loss of the vessel was not thoroughly investigated by the Maelstrom. Only cursory evidence the vessel ever existed was recovered, so no resources were wasted on a search. The wreck left Geissyng with naught but a story to tell and a questionable skill set that left no want for work.

A skilled lancer, using the reach of a spear to jokingly compensate for her stature, Geissyng found quick access to mercenary work. She developed a fondness for drink and became a regular at the taverns to quiet her personal demons. When the venues changed and the Adventurers’ Guild was announced, her haunt became nearly infested with fresh faced optimists all too quick to absorb information and assistance from anyone who would provide it. Annoyed at first, Geiss soon found herself enamored by the precocious, but innocent eagerness.

When not working, she found herself engaging the neophytes and attempting to keep them levelheaded. Eventually after enough courage-drunk antics and subsequent injuries there was a death that affected her. Nearly without thought, Geissyng approached the guild to enroll for the training needed to raise steel in defense of those whom she trusts to be rich in spirit but poor in wit.

In recent days, Geissyng has turned away from dedicated mercenary work and lives in the quiet refuge of the Shroud. While recovering from an injury sustained on a job her interests turned toward aetherical arts. She developed talents she wasn’t aware she had after a chance visit to Ishgard. Following a long, wandering pilgrimage she has found her new calling in combining her martial and magical abilities in her old line of work.