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Gene-Icon1.pngGene-BirthName-Icon---.png Eugene [Pronunciation: You - Jeen] Treno.

Gene-Icon1.pngGene-Nicknames-Icon.png Gene. "Pretty Boy" "Lucky S.O.B".

Gene-Icon1.pngGene-Race-Icon.png Hyur, Midlander.

Gene-Icon1.pngGene-GenderIcon.png Male.

Gene-Icon1.pngGene-Age-Icon.png Twenty Nine Summers.

Gene-Icon1.pngGene-Nameday-Icon.png Born on the 1st Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon.


Gene-Icon1.pngGene-Orientation-Icon.png Straight.

Gene-Icon1.pngGene-Residence-Icon.png Currently: No fixed abode.

Gene-Icon1.pngGene-Occupation-Icon.png Pugilist, Seafarer, Trader.

Gene-Icon1.pngGene-Deity-Icon.png Rhalgr, the Destroyer.

Gene-Icon1.pngGene-Height-Icon.png 5 fulms, 11 ilms.

Gene-Icon1.pngGene-Physique-Icon.png Lean, Athletic.


A fairly over confident, daring and free-spirited man. Gene’s brazen, often reckless, derring-do and "prince charming" nature may often invite trouble to follow him in his path. He can come across as a selfish, narcissistic and somewhat egotistical Hyur and is apparently said to act the hero wherever he may see fit for a reward.

However withal this, it is nothing but a self-assumed façade undoubtedly his own way of protecting himself, his secrets and his most treasured people whilst veiling his own deeply hidden insecurities. Were he to ever find himself a sweetheart there is no doubt that his gentle heart would be nothing but true and his loyalty would never falter.

This self-proclaimed ladies man isn’t short of friends and although his charms backfire and fail him more often than not; His foolhardy approach never ceases and his unbelievable luck seems to hold out on him just in the nick of time.

Apropos to his romantic advances and charms that often fail him, they have in some way been said to leave a fairly endeared lasting impression on some folk. (But they daren’t admit that to him of course!)

A little hypocritical and silently at war with himself now and then, he is driven with determination when it comes to troublesome and trying times where he and his friends are concerned.

Despite his many flaws this hopeless romantic's heart is very often in the right place, leading him to make decisions resulting in some less than favourable consequences.

"With rugged charm and a face chiselled by the Twelve"


Gene has a head of sandy-golden blonde hair and light brown facial hair usually fashioned with slight stubble. He has tanned skin tone and an olive complexion, sea-green almond shaped eyes and a narrow but soft nose. His teeth gleam a perfect pearly white and he proudly maintains them so.

Said to claim his features as "the art of and chiselled by the divine Twelve" themselves albeit often in jest however it would seem that many take this light jest far too seriously.

He has a light blue painted tribal-style tattoo on the right side of his face.

Casually, he often wears a light blue shirt usually seen worn by most seamen. A sandy white embroidered pattern trails along the collar. He is very rarely without his black boxing style hand-wraps and gil pouch tucked beneath a buckle of his trousers.

He carries a deck of cards with a blue motif identical to the tattoo on his face and calls them the ‘Treno’ deck specifically designed for a card game popularly played by his father's friends.

Has a talent for music and a pretty decent singing voice.

And finally, he wouldn't be the complete Gene picture without his gold and glory. He wears gold earrings one in each ear, gold rings and bracelets but does not tend to display them as much as he would like to.

More often than not he is accompanied by his chocobo companion named Chappu.

Voice: Distinctively warm, masculine with a kind tone. When serious or sombre, it becomes slightly raspy.

Rogue, Charming, Stubborn, Determined, Passionate


MiniMapMsqIcon.png Fishing
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Triple Triad
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Fencing
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Gambling
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Brawling
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Excavation
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Auctioning
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Camping


MiniMapMsqIcon.png Close Quarters Combat
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Mining
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Sailing
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Singing
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Swimming
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Flute
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Harp
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Goldsmithing


MiniMapMsqIcon.png Compassionate
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Optimistic
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Independent
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Ambitious
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Bold
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Conscientious
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Patience
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Loyal


MiniMapMsqIcon.png Stubborn
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Reckless
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Audacious
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Hypocritical
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Over Confident
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Nuisance
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Soft-Hearted
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Temptation


During the Third Umbral Moon at the age of 16, Gene found himself roped into a shady life with a company of piratic dabbling activities. With the unexplained loss of his parents some moons ago, Gene grew somewhat unbalanced but his ever remaining resolve kept him from completely losing sight of hope. He had come to accept his parents’ disappearance and spent many moons planning his route of survival. However, all lawfully practised endeavours to survive it became more difficult with each day and proving next to futile thus he fell into a pit of darkness for some time.

Gene's days were spent scrambling for food at the disposal unit and hawking the streets for dropped gil in the city of Ul’dah. A stalwart, gruff looking Roegadyn noticed the young, now vulnerable Hyur one evening flicking a pack of cards between his grubby fingers. The back of the cards were marked with a blue motif similar to that of the one on the right side of Gene's face. The Roegadyn made no attempt to sugar coat his intentions, just by a glance; Gene was very well aware of this mans "trade". It was perhaps his overwhelming and forward approach that persuaded Gene's acceptance of the pirate's offer for he would never had chosen to walk such a path before now.


Around two years later, Gene had learnt the ropes and earned himself a significant position among the corsair ranks. With his own charm paired with an influenced mendacious attitude, he became a valued asset and was tasked with a role in one of the largest illegal operations the crew had ever devised. Sources and information had reached the crew with word of a ship fraught with precious wares that would leave each member richer than some of the richest people of the three city-states put together. A fantasy in reach of becoming a reality for Gene and the others.

Although he had no choice but to accept the task, he battled with an instinct he’d thought he had overcome a long time ago. He whispered prayer to Althyk perhaps in desperation, after two years of no request for help. This was an enormous risk and he knew the consequences were undoubtedly fatal. Nonetheless, he managed to slip unnoticed aboard the ship apparently loaded with extremely valuable jewels.

Gene succeeded in finding the treasures in the darkest place below decks. He opened the top of one of the crates after a good few attempts of putting his acquired skills in lock picking to use. The sun glimmered a stream through a tiny crack from the deck above. His eyes sparkled behind the black mask and he paused momentarily. As he reached into the crate to take a closer look at one of the dazzling gems, footsteps thud ever close so he shut the crate quickly and hid in the shadows behind some sacks of flour. There was nowhere to run with a guard patrolling back and forth across the door so Gene covered himself and slept there for the night.


The ship finally reached port and pre-planned distractions took place as Gene readied himself to take the cargo out the opposite side of the ship. He lifted the crate he had previously opened. It was heavier than expected and Gene had half a mind to lessen the weight but his focus was on the fortune. He eventually managed to come to a narrow opening down a lane but just as he turned to lower the crate, it wobbled and slipped from the tip of his fingers crashing onto the ground. The wood cracked and out poured the jewels and something else rather unexpectedly…

Gene froze, aghast and in disbelief. Gazing up at him were two big, dark ruby eyes of what appeared to be around an 11 year old Miqo’te. Her arms bound to her body, gagged and hands in shackles. Gene pulled the gag from the Miqo’te girl's face and spoke broken words of question and confusion. He removed his mask just looking at the wafer thin girl. Panic began to set in, and the thought of the crew or worse, the army passing by; He shifted the bound Miqo’te girl aside and began scooping the jewels back into the crate. The girl's desperate muffles behind the gag became louder. It was clear she was begging for the thief's help.


With every heartbeat, time was running out and instead, Gene pocketed as many jewels he could fit before he staggered to his feet and rushed to find the quickest escape. The Miqo’tes voice of panic alerted a nearby Yellowjacket and any hope of escaping a rich Hyur dwindled rapidly. Gene stopped in his tracks and turned to look back at the shackled girl. At this moment, Gene displayed a heart once lost in the time of the last two years and tried to calm the girl down. He removed his shirt to cover her body to keep her warm and picked her up off of her feet, grasped her hand and headed back down the alleyway but as they turned a corner, a Yellowjacket and his wide girth cut their path.

Gene managed to string a story together and an embarrassing one that it was. Luckily, Gene managed to escape the law once again and left with more than he had bargained for one could say.

Gene jumped on the next boat to Thanalan with the young Miqo’te girl and completely abandoned his crew. Needless to say, he kept a low profile for some time and reluctantly took the girl into his care for the next five years and so naturally, their bond grew over time.

To be Continued...
Gene's Diary
Under Construction!

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Roleplay Style:

Views on RP combat and injuries:

I prefer to either roll a dice and roleplay the consequences of that dice roll or just roleplay as normal without using dice to determine events. I don't do D&D character attributes and HP with dice rolling every move. It completely ruins immersion for me and becomes quite tedious.

Views on Lore:

I do prefer to roleplay within the boundaries of the lore and awareness of the environment however I am no lore guru myself and open to folk correcting me if I may say/do something that doesn't make sense according to the lore. I'll feel stupid for about 15 seconds but that's okay.

Other Info:

Server: Mateus
Country: United Kingdom
Timezone: GMT/BST/EU
Contact info: RPC Private Message or in-game

I took a couple of long breaks from the game over the past couple years so i've not really had chance to make any fairly long-lasting connections. I hope to find and make new friends and fellows to enjoy the game and roleplay with.

The following art subjects have been commissioned and are NOT permitted for use by anyone else for their own characters/avatars or any other purpose.

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