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NOTE: It is important to note that, outside of a few Garlean contacts and anyone who might have been close to the Colossus development project, it is NOT known to the masses that Glace has Imperial ties. If you wish to use this morsel of information ICly, please find me in game and send me a /tell, or drop me a PM through the RPC forums, or on tumblr.

For background, story snippets, and more, please follow: Glace's tumblr.


Glace Silencieuse
0178 Frost Blade



? RACE... Elezen

? GENDER... Male

? AGE... Mid-Twenty-something-ish

? ORIENTATION... Heterosexual

? MARITAL STATUS... Unmarried


? CITIZENSHIP... Garlemald

? CLAN... Duskwight

? RESIDENCE... Castrum Occidens/Lavender Beds

? OCCUPATION... Taxidermist, Assassin, Imperial Asset Recovery

? HEIGHT & WEIGHT... 6 fulms, 11 ilms, 270 ponze

? ALIGNMENT... Lawful Evil



A male Duskwight Elezen with midnight skin and violet hair streaked with blue. Where his skin is uncovered, myriad scars have been etched on his face, as they are over the rest of his body, marking a history for which the retelling is offered to but a chosen few. Keen blue eyes, the shade of a clear winter sky, are further accented by traditional ink in a matching color. Should one catch him with his arms uncovered, the entire length of his forearms bear sleeve tattoos resembling antlers coiled around the entire span between wrist and elbow. A similar motif of a stag's skull has been etched across his back from shoulder to shoulder. Over all, his build is that of a gymnast - long, lean, and agile.

Most of the time, Frost's mode of dress consists of neatly assembled pieces of attire, clean lines, and crispness, with just a dash of formality when it is called for. That is, unless one happens to catch him in the middle of his work. If the job happens to involve his taxidermy hobby, he'll dress himself accordingly in durable covering attire, thick gloves, and a mask to protect his face. In battle, he dresses for mobility and eschews thicker, heavier armaments and plate.


Frost isn't the easiest person to get to know. At best, most of those he knows as part of Eorzea's general population don't get much further than a tepid surface at best. He keeps the most friendly of his contacts at somewhere just beyond arm's length and guards his secrets well. Most will never know where his loyalties truly lie, or the life he leads outside of his taxidermy hobby, and those who have tried to pry too far have either been shut out, or silenced utterly. But still waters run deep. The very few who have gotten to know him have found a man so often confused by his own existence, lacking confidence in which truths he should follow - including his own.


Romance  Attraction  Platonic Love  Family  Deceased  Business  Positive  Neutral  Negative  Uncertain 
N O N - P L A Y E R   C H A R A C T E R S
Severin Silencieuse ( ) - Biological Sire
The man responsible for siring Glace, but never much of a father. He insured Glace's survival for the first nine or so winters of his life, if only in passing. The boy, born ill and getting no better as time went on, was nothing more than a burden to Severin. The old man abandoned him at Bentbranch and then moved on with the surviving members of their clan. Glace holds no love for him and relishes the idea of one day finding him and taking his life.
Althea Decideris ( ) - First Regret
Half Garlean/Hyur, and a junior technician in the Colossus Project. Her experience as a Medicus and relation to Haim afforded her a place working alongside her uncle. While most of her function didn't involve applying or changing out augmentations, it was more palliative. For Glace, this extended beyond physical aches. Although a few years older than himself, the two quickly formed a bond and the young Elezen had his first lesson in love and loss when she died in his arms.
Haim Jen Decideris ( ) - Distant Respect
Althea's uncle, and one of the senior technicians in the Colossus Project, an elder Garlean with a kind heart who would have sooner eased the pain of the subjects he worked to augment than cause them further harm. Glace knew him mostly through his work and from what Althea would tell of him. The man was never cruel, and Glace could see in his eyes that he hated what was happening to the subjects as much as they did.
Tribunus Sas Theius ( ) - "Father"
While not the original figure in charge of the Colossus Project, many of the subjects view him as "Father" due to his involvement. After uncovering the remains of an ancient colossus, he went to work trying to develop one from the ground up by focusing solely on mechanical development. His insistence on doing away with the bio-engineering portion of research, seeing it as wasteful, in favor of his own plan earned the ire of superiors and saw him reassigned under Lillium Sylvanius. His own plans were derailed which made him resentful toward Lillium and the subjects she oversaw. Advanced mechanical application was later incorporated due in part to his involvement, and he's more directly responsible for the 200 series Defense Units than previous designs. His focus turned to the harvesting of more Allagan technology once his rank rose high enough to do so, and now heads a recombination lab centered around mechanical evolution.
305 AB - Aqua Blade ( ) - Not One of Us
Also known as "One". The first successful post-Calamity unit created by Sas Theius using techniques similar to those used during the original project, yet far more advanced. As an Execution Unit, 305's very existence is a threat to Glace and the other subjects. His arrogance over being Sas Theius apparent favorite also furthers Glace's dislike, and his rebirth well after the original project makes him an outsider.
076 - Ceruleum Flower ( ) - Sweet Sister
One of the surviving low-number subjects from the project, and too delicate to be placed into function as a Combat Unit. Because of her lack of power compared to others, 076 never earned a letter designation. Glace took it upon himself to give her one out of affection, dubbing her Ceruleum Flower. Her original name unknown, the Miqo'te lost her face to bomb shrapnel. Placing her in the project more or less saved her life, though her face has been replaced with a solid mask, illuminated red eyes, and a beartrap grin. She dwells in Castrum Occidens in a security and observation function.
P L A Y E R   C H A R A C T E R S
Lillium Sylvanius ( ) "Mother"
Optio Carceris Lillium Pyr Sylvanius, Roegadyn Seawolf in charge of the Colossus Project, also known as "Mother" to the subjects. It started out as a research and development project to further Garlemald's medical research, but she remained at the helm of the project even after its purpose shifted. She embraced the project's subjects as her own children and treats them with a mix of authority and affection. She's the closest to a Mother figure Glace has ever had, and appreciates her presence as such.
Oni De'phor ( ) 0168 Lightning Spear - "Brother"
One of two friends Glace had after ending up in Gridania, he met Oni through Aimee. Oni and Glace were both captured together a few years before the Calamity during Garlean incursions in the Shroud. Oni went through augmentations first and ended up in the unenviable role of a Disposal Unit. He disappeared for a while, only to turn up in Eorzea with no desire to return to Mother's side, a decision Glace resents after all the woman did for them. He views Oni as ungrateful but has been working to put his resentment aside and reconnect with the Hyur in dealing with their common problem - 305, and Sas Theius's confiscation of the other subjects.
Aimee Peltier ( ) Childhood Friend
Glace's first friend, and an orphan. She was the first to introduce him to anything resembling a childhood, adventure, exploration, and fun. And trouble, boy howdy. She also made a point of watching over him during his persistent bouts with sickness. They lost touch for years when he and Oni were taken, and only rediscovered her years later entirely by accident.
Annowre Ka'lyth ( ) "I guess I have a girlfriend"
Annowre has been, and continues to be, a wellspring of confusion. Their first encounter consisted of Glace trying to scare her with the notion of hanging her from a footbridge near Candlequay Keep and slitting her open like a fish. She didn't flinch then, nor when he sent her a freshly carved out heart in a box during a previous Valentione's celebration. Chance encounters months later somehow got the woman thinking they were friends, especially after her misfortune of losing some comrades at arms to a dragon attack. Her affection was off-putting at first. Having been jaded by Althea's loss and viewing himself as a monster because of his augmentations, he was undeserving of anyone's interest. Annowre's persistent stubbornness in spite of Glace's cold demeanor has succeeded in bringing him closer against all better judgment.
Sigurd Sundsteigan ( ) Blondie
At times, Sigurd can be frustrating to deal with because of his erratic behavior. He makes damn good wine, though, and often provides Glace with ample supply at no cost. He can't complain too badly about anyone willing to to be so generous. Well... he can. Because the jobs Sigurd asks him to take on are frequently bizarre and for the vintner's own selfish reasons.
Felix Drake ( ) When Rank Fails Upward
Although Felix has close, possibly even romantic, ties to Lillium and has shown a willingness to help the other subjects, Frost isn't convinced that the man is all that reliable. He and 76 were temporarily assigned to Felix's charge after the others were taken by Sas Theius, but his efforts to be of help have shown him to be inert at best. How he ended up in any position of rank is completely a mystery to Frost.
Yael Cahernaut ( ) Among the Few He Trusts
One of the few people outside of the Empire who earned Frost's respect and trust, as well as his friendship. She recently extended the offer to have Frost join House Cahernaut, with no shortage of work to be done and ample pay to be had. He would have agreed to aid her as a friend, whether or not there was a sum involved.
Dark Dagger ( ) 0171 DD
One of the more elusive Colossus Project subjects who managed to avoid capture. Although slightly earlier in production order, Frost views him as a little brother... if for no other reason than 171 is a Lalafell. He has a tendency to disappear on his own, which means Frost doesn't see him often.
Terra Shield ( ) 0296 TS
This Roegadyn is the "big little brother" as opposed to 171 being the "little big brother". Terra Shield was one of the more heavily augmented subjects, primarily for the function of defense toward the end of the project. He was one of the first to be deemed a complete success in the Empire's advent of its Magitek Colossii and has faithfully remained by Lillium's side as a personal bodyguard. He may be large and slow, but he's powerful. Frost is wary of getting caught by even a friendly hug from this one. Like 168 and 305, he's also an Executioner Unit and thus capable of easily destroying any of his fellow subjects.
Khyran Oisin ( ) Trustworthy?
Frost isn't entirely sure what to make of Khyran Oisin. On one hand, he believes the Hyur to be trustworthy enough, his heart is in the right place, he wants to do whatever he can to protect those he cares for. They both have sin and regret in common. He's also offered to help deal with Severin, but Frost still holds some doubt as to the strength of his dedication should Khyran learn more. The man's ability to access and remove a person's memories is also troubling, and he's made note to not let him anywhere near his head.


N O N - P L A Y E R   C H A R A C T E R S
Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!

* “We've seen less of him in recent moons, but he used to be a fairly frequent customer. Always drinks alone, that one.” -- Momodi, Quicksand Proprietress
* "He just finished curing a peiste hide for me and we sealed the deal with a handshake. I remember his hand was cold as ice... odd thing for someone who just spent so much time working in the heat of the Sagolii." -- Forgotten Springs resident
* "He's a nice man! He brings us treats!" -- Acorn Orchard orphan, Gridania
* "I've heard of wanting one's steak rare, but he asked for it to still be mooing when he stuck it with his fork. I swear he just about licked the plate clean after." -- S'dohjbi, Drowning Wench waitress
* "Here was I, standing at my post when this dark-skinned fellow wanders by and says 'Nice day, isn't it?' Freezing my arse off in that blizzard, I was, and he acted like it was a right summer's day." -- Ishgardian temple knight

Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!

* “He's around Wineport several times a week, and I know he always goes north from there. I thought to trail him one day, but I blinked and lost sight of him. Imagine that, in the middle of an open road, with little cover, and just gone.” -- Random Yellowjacket

Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!

*“An abomination, just like his entire brood. They should've all been put down like mutts once the Project was over.” -- Imperial Centurion
* “Some of us can only aspire to Frost's courage. He never gave up on us, even when there was nothing to hope for. We're home because of him.” -- 0153, female Colossus Project subject

P L A Y E R   C H A R A C T E R S
Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

Player Character Rumors -Some of these are more rare than others!

* "Ah, Frost? Rare to find others savouring in raw meats too!" - Tsaganarii Dhoro

* "It's rare to find a Project who so fully embraces what they've become. I admire and respect that in him." - Corelyn jen Bellor

* Your rumor about this person goes here. -- Your Name



R O L E P L A Y   H O O K S

RP Hooks and Affiliations

* Pamphlets can be found in many public areas around the four major city-states advertising taxidermy services. Operating under the business name "Caravelle's Creatures" with a secondary operation "Torzevir's Terrors" for the clients with darker taste in taxidermy aesthetics. The pamphlets also state he is willing to travel for his commissions.
* Frost has been known to spend time around groups of monster hunters, possibly related to his hobby. He was employed by Ebonbrand Teknoworks for a while due to this, before they shifted to more of a mercenary focus.
* Various charitable organizations will also sometimes benefit from his presence, especially if there are children involved. He has more than once made generous donations of gil and goods to the orphanage in Gridania, and may sometimes be seen spending time there. Individuals in need have also been gifted with funds out of his own pocket, albeit anonymously.

Imperial Connections - Note that these RP hooks are limited to those with Imperial ties

* For those working or residing in Castrum Occidens, Frost is in and out of their frequently. While technically connected with the 2nd Cohort, most of the subjects of the Colossus Project have no associated ranks like the majority of the soldiers. They're a unit unto themselves, and ranking is limited to their group with higher tiered and lettered individuals holding more influence over their peers. Frost is a third tier Survivalist Unit, and lettered, therefore is considered one of the more recognized and influential of the subjects, compared to an unlettered first tier subject.
* His reputation within Occidens may or may not extend to other areas of the Empire. This will be left up to any individual who wishes to claim that they know of him. Those who are familiar will know he has an admirable record for efficiently and brutally completing assignments handed down to him, particularly with regard to the recovery of stolen Imperial wares.

Template adapted from Bancroft Gairn, Xheja Rajhera, Unnamed Mercenary, D'lyhhia Lhuil and Glioca Sargonnai. Further edits made by Tsaganarii Dhoro.

A writings section will eventually be added. For now, please follow Glace's Tumblr for writings, rp snippets, and more.