Glibbibbi Bibbi

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 Glibbibbi Bibbi
Glibbi's face
Gender Female
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Ul'dah, Limsa Lominsa
Nameday 12th Sun of the Third Astral Moon
Age 24
Guardian Rhalgr
Alias Glibbi, Glib
Marital Status Single

Glibbibbi Bibbi is a rotund, yet fairly muscular example of a Lalafell. Most often seen wearing heavy armor or fancy, concealing clothing due to both her line of work and fashion sense. This is due to the fact that much of her small frame was covered in the results of said line of work. A profession which, for a good half of it, was spent taking blows in the front line of combat. While one might expect this to leave her with a hardened personality and a solemn face, she is instead gifted with a soft smile and a gentle, kind, if not overly anxious personality.

Despite being a Dunesfolk born and raised in Ul'dah by a family of somewhat wealthy printers, due to reasons relating to the garlean conflict she was estranged from her family at an early age in La Noscea- and having grown for some time in the area, she picked up on one of the many accents of the communities along the coastline.



  • Books!
  • Working out!
  • Keeping herself busy


  • Garlemald
  • Obnoxious people
  • Messes


Foods: Steak, rare. As well as cake and pastries!
Drinks: Fruit juices and alcoholic ciders.
Colors: Purple and black


  • Studying magical theory
  • Eating interesting food
  • Reading new books!


Hair: Black
Skin: White
Eyes: Purple
Height: She's pretty tall for a Lalafell!
Weight: Eighty Ponz
Build: Bulky

Glibbi is, of course, covered in scars. Her legs have little bite marks all over them- likely from some kind of carnivorous fish. Her right arm bears the claw marks of something large and ferocious- while her left arm has a large, slightly off-color patch that is the remains of her fight with a morbol. Her stomach has two scars- one running along her belly, and one from the middle of her chest just below her ribcage, running down to her bellybutton. The rest are myriad non-distinct slash marks which find themselves in random positions across her arms and chest. Covering her entire back is a giant, purple tattoo-symbol of Rhalgr. While muscular, she has the common lalafell pudge that conceals much of her muscle tone, leaving her somewhat larger than others of her kind.


  • Alignment

    Neutral Good
  • Motivation

    The desire to improve herself, purely for the sake of improvement.
  • Disposition

  • Outlook

    What will be will be.
  • Positive personality traits

  • Negative personality traits

    Easily Confused


Romantic Interest, Sexual Interest, Platonic Love, Good Standing, Neutral Standing, Poor Standing

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Tyaa Zinjehl - An old friend of hers, wielder of the sack of sadness.
M'Yerri Yhunva - Co-conspirator of Tyaa, wielder of the funbox.
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Glibbi and Kukuri
Glibbi and Kukuri again!
Glibbi wide shot!

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