Golden Willow

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 Golden Willow
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Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Hellsguard
Citizenship Thanalan
Age 34
Marital Status Widowed
Occupation Business owner - textile and beauty supplies
Orientation Pansexual

Basic Info


Willow came from humble beginnings. Her parents ran a small shipping operation in Thanalan which Willow helped out with in her youth. Through the business she met her first husband, a Sea Wolf smuggler named Aerstaren. Together they built their fortunes before putting aside their days of smuggling and starting a respectable textile business in the far east. After many years of a happy marriage, Aerstaren died on a routine shipment and left the company in Willow's capable hands. She has since expanded the business back to her homeland.


I will play Mature content involving violence, drugs/alcohol, and/or sex. Temporary injury or imprisonment okay. Please discuss beforehand and ask for my OOC and IC limits. I prefer group RP but 1-on-1 is more than welcome too. Discord RP is welcome too.


ERP information:
Prior to ERP I require a small conversation about interests and limits, thank you for understanding.
Willow has a plain ol' vagina but has invested in potions that can temporarily give her an 8 inch penis should she wish. Willow is versatile but always dominant. She can both give and receive so long as she remains the one in charge. She generally likes people smaller than her, in particular she has a soft spot for femboys, but is also attracted to the larger races. Her first husband was a roe after all.


foods with rich flavours, especially spicy food
beauty products and body care


cold climates
mud and dirt


Being left behind
Loss of freedom


Favorite Food: Spicy foods!
Favorite Drink: any red wine
Favorite Color: RED!

Appearance & Personality

Willow stands over 2 metres tall with an athletic and toned body. She didn't just fall into fortune, she worked for it. Despite her elegant appearance, she is no stranger to hard physical labour which has resulted in the development of no small mount of muscle tone. She has wide hips and muscular thighs. Her skin is dusky and tanned and her hair a bright red hair. It is rare to find Willow in anything but expensive fabrics and the latest fashions from various cultures. She's no stranger to showing skin and often likes to flaunt her unblemished skin and amazonian physique.



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