Gota'wo Tomo

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 Goto'wo Tomo
Gotawo Tomo Bio.jpg
People are like ants
Megalomaniac Researcher
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper
Citizenship Unknown
Age 27
Birthplace Unknown
Nameday 1st Sun of the 2nd Umbral Moon
Height 5'6"
Weight 160lbs
Occupation Treasure Hunter, Researcher, Criminal
☩ A P P E A R A N C E - B A C K G R O U N D - P E R S O N A L I T Y ☩
Gota'wo Tomo is relatively tall for a Miqo'te. Standing at a height of five falms, six ilms, he has no difficulty reaching the cookie jar on the top shelf unlike the smaller folk lalafell he often is employed by. His face is clear of any blemishes or scars from the countless battles he has seen, attributed no less to his desire to look his best when it comes to getting close to people and potential mates. His eyes give off a gentle hue of blue, akin to a clear blue sky, however upon staring into them, one can see the inner demon that hides within. His hair is a dominate feature of his that he often praises, he often feels a need to stroke his fingers through his soft blond hair from time to time, especially in the company of others when he is asserting himself over the opposite sex.
For an Arcanima/Academician specialist and treasure hunter, he is very fit for his age and size. Able to climb a tree as fast as his fallen warrior brethren and ostracized sisters. At roughly 9% body fat, his muscle mass is well toned, allowing him to lift his body weight easily up and over most obstacles with little effort.
Gota's attire is often tight and conforming to his body in order to not hinder him out in the field. Everything he needs he keeps strapped to his back and underside of his decorative harness. Each section behind his back holds small pouches in which he keeps simple things he finds, wallets he has stolen, loose gil, papers, and even powdered salves. The decorative harness is both practical and fashionable. The collar particularly houses a shortwave magi-tech installed linkpearl case, allowing him to quickly listen in from a distance to the many pearls he often plants on or around his targets. The second function of his harness is the encased Crystal Cells that rest behind his left shoulder, beneath the pauldron. These cells are what power and maintain his prosthetic augmented left forearm and two prosthetic legs. On average, with normal daily use, he can go for nearly seven days before having to recharge them. Many of the pieces of armor plating and decorative trim on his armor are personal and customized to his liking, often spoils from his treasure hunting. He has been known to find rare stones and even lost allagan tech, re-purposing it for his creations. In times past he has been known to utilize the artifacts he's found in battle to turn the tide in his favor. His most favorable was a small ADS barrier projector that he used to seal his target in, and slowly drown by rolling them into a river, with the water bypassing the barrier seamlessly.
Gota's personality he exerts is chaotic in general nature, akin to a Megalomaniac scientist when standing before allagan artifacts. However he can often reel himself in to get the job done, most of the time. Often labeled as a player of sorts, he can often seem charming to the ladies and bold, cold and aggressive with men. This stems from the fact that Gota'wo seeks to sire a family someday, loyal children of his own, with traits to take the world. He is often quite 'mad' beneath his sometimes quiet moments; often grinning and smiling for little to no reason, a trait cursed to him when he came into contact with a lost allagan tomestone of knowledge that bestowed upon him traumatic images that mentally scarred him.
Depending on the individual dealing with him and the context of the discussion, Gota has been known to let his troubled mind slip, leading to severe bouts of aggression and rage. His newly acquired Magi-tech prosthetic's is often deployed in such situations as he has been known to strangle people, pinning them against a wall, be them man or woman. Anyone who attempts to rattle him, successful or not, often find themselves at the mercy of his cold metal clad hatred.
☩ B I O ☩
Gota'wo awoke at the age of 11 summers old, cast adrift with conflicted memories of where he was or who he was. As the water of the beaches lapped against his body, he found a small Lalafell farmer looking down at him. This man would eventually sell him into the Ul'dah slave trade.
Through the many years under his employer, Gota'wo worked, adopting the name he now uses as he was presented from a pleasure house of other miqo'te for often selection from would be customers. His notation of being a 'Wo' was of his rank in line for the pleasure house he was sold to. After many years, one particular incident would give him reason to rise. During a renegotiation of services, he found himself set to be sold by his employer for sickened lust and coin. As he sat to await his new master, he overheard he had been bought by an Amalj'aa who had a 'taste' for miqo'te boys. Set before him was a veiled high ranking Amalj'aa general, smuggled into Ul'dah to collect his new 'toy'. As the beastman set himself upon the now 17 summers old Miqo'te, Gota'wo snapped, taking a Golden goblet and beating the beastman dead. In the state of blood lust, Gota'wo turned to find his employer having arrived in the aftermath, with little hesitation, Gota'wo lunged, and seperated soul from flesh of the small monetarist Lalafell. Gota'wo took what he could and fled from Ul'dah that night.
A stint of Vagabond ensued, leading to the 23rd summer, or 12th year of his known recollection, to where having found refuge in the aftermath of the Calamity, Gota'wo turned to banditry. It was during this time he stumbled upon some allagan ruins. While exploring the ruins, Gota'wo encountered an information node that took him as a threat. Upon struggling to defend himself, he was knocked unconscious. Later, after coming to, he found himself in a re-purpose tank of sorts, a genetic recycler. It was during this time, in his panicked attempt to escape the century old machine, it malfunction; forcing instead not the liquidation of his body and aether, but allagan information into him. The allagan empire, the experiments, the torture of the races centuries ago, all these things bombarded Gota'wo. As he laid there, having escaped the chamber, he began to come to. Born from the desire to make sense of this violation of his mind, something clicked inside, something old. Ancient. A voice inside seemed to call to him, drive him.
After having escaped the ruins, Gota'wo wondered around for a time, allowing himself to come to terms with what he saw. Idly in nature, he failed to realize it had changed him, he understood things, he was practicing Magic, and becoming incredibly good at it. Two years past and he was finding that Allagan artifacts were popping up all over Eorzea, as he stumbled across some, he found he understood more about what he saw. The pursuit of knowledge, the ability of the Allagan's, their desire of everlasting life, control and manipulation of the world, their absolute dominance. He pressed on, picking up the research of the Allag.
On his 26th summer, Gota'wo's life changed yet again. During a battle to secure a large cache of allagan artifacts that some smugglers were trying to transport, Gota'wo was struck down by a powerful Au'Ra Death Knight. In one swing, Gota'wo found his legs in mid leap taken from him. As he gazed upon his battle with the fiend, he could see the vile man bring his blade on the rebound, another slash, Gota'wo's left arm reached out, and kept reaching out, far beyond what he was familiar with. Laying there dying to loss, Gota'wo could feel that if he dies, the world he saw from the Allag, the one he yearned for to be, to fix the mistakes the world saw fit to scar him with, begin to fade. He fell silent.
After several days, he came to. He had survived, yet was forever maimed. Yet this would not be his end... as he stared at the roof of the chirurgeon's recovery room, thinking back upon those moments of death... on the torment he was forced to endure... a darkness grew in Gota'wo's gaze. By the next morning he was gone, seeming to have crawled from his bed, perhaps aboard a shipping wagon. The next time he would be seen, he would be whole, yet not. Part machine, part man, all hatred for others in power, seething behind his lips.
⚒ C O M B A T & S K I L L S ⚒
Gota'wo's style of combat is unusual for one of the arcanima profession. Originally in the past he often played hands off, opting to attack from range with arcane geometries and his familiar carbuncle, or bolstering and aiding the troubled souls he employed to his gain; only later to 'strategically' let them fall. However since the loss of his left forearm, and two legs in the battle that took place at the gold bazaar; and his contact with forgotten allagan technologies, he has since devoted his life to one more physical, opting to rely less on his arcanima magics and instead direct his attacks with physical blows, many of which are dedicated to his left arm's mechanical function and wolfram grade razor sharp claws. He has been known from time to time to summon his once constant companion, the ruby carbuncle, just to throw it like a fast ball at someone to close the gap for a more up close personal fight.
⚒ A T T R I B U T E S ⚒
   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity

  Color Key
In A Relationship: is romantically involved with this character.
Romantic Attraction: is romantically interested in this character.
Platonic: considers this person a close friend, like family.
Friend: considers this person a friend, one he would confide with.
Friendly Acquaintance: considers this person in positive standing, someone not just a customer.
Good Standing: has no feelings about this character, however they left a good impression.
Neutral: has no feelings about this character.
Bad Standing: has no feelings about this character, however they left a bad impression.
Dislike: This person isn't a friend, but he will talk with them if needed.
Hate: This person annoys him, and he will try to avoid them. Conflict may happen.
Fear: He would rather avoid this person then talk with them.
Rivalry: He considers this person a rival, and will try to initiate conflict every time he gets to meet them.
Family Member: This character is related by blood.
Business: This character is either an employer, employee, or coworker.
Deceased: This character has passed away.
? Hidden Feelings/Unknown: This character has one of all the color keys above, but he isn't fully aware of it yet.


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Unsentimental, Quick to judge, Cynical, Dishonorable, Naughty


  • Allagan Research
  • Treasure Hunting
  • Extorting People
  • Inventing Things
  • Potential Mates
  • Absolute Destruction


  • Thunderstorms
  • Politics
  • Working with Others
  • Being ignored
  • Animal lovers
  • People who slow him down


  • Return of Allagans
  • Never finding a Mate for Life
  • Overly Kind People
  • Someone Stronger then him
  • Dying


  • Favorite food: Paella
  • Favorite drink: Pineapple Juice
  • Favorite colour: Green
  • Vices: Debauchees Women
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Weaponry & Armor
Allagan Grimoire Book of Casting
A lost artifact of the Allagan empire that Gota'wo has obtained. It has been heavily modified so that its contents can be discerned for use. Additionally its pages seem to shift right before ones eyes when read.

Eikon Leather Corset of Casting
Gota'wo's modifed Eikon Leather Corset. Designed for flexibility and dependability in combat. Housed inside the shoulder and collar of this armor is a Magitek relay regulator that helps provide power and control to Gota'wo's Magitek arm and feet.

Schloar soulcrystal.png
Scholar Soul Stone
There are many like it throughout time, each unique to the user and legacy. This stone however is Gota'wo's, unearthed some years ago during a treasure hunt deep in the lands of Outer La Noscea.

Portable inventory
Mega-Lighting Ward Potion
Due to the large amounts of metal that now are bonded to Gota'wo, he finds it sufficient and important to his survival to keep a steady supply of Lightning ward potions on hand.

Sesame Cookie
Essential survival rations for on the go. Highly caloric to Gota'wo's needs, and yet small and light to carry a large sum around with him always.

Personal Vehicle
Draught Chocobo
A commandeered mode of transportation Gota'wo obtained some time back. The previous owners of the beast of burden had little to no use of it after encountering a determined Miqo'te. In Gota'wo's words "I don't know the birds name, nor the owners, but that's of little importance, they are dead now."

Personal Room
Gota'wo has no residence. He lays and sleeps where he must, be it on the street, or another's house he has scammed his way into. However he does own a small workshop, hidden away in the windmill of the Goblet. Residence of the Goblet often complain of loud noises and flashing lights shining from the cracks of its walls, some even say the sky seems to darken when he sequesters himself away for days on end.

Primary Base

  • SUPERB(+5): N/A
  • GREAT(+4): Lore
  • GOOD(+3): Fight, Crafts
  • FAIR(+2): Magic, Athletics, Provoke
  • AVERAGE(+1): Will, Notice, Investigate, Physique

High-Concept Aspect

  • Megalomaniac Researcher (Academician)

  • Research and advancement is the driving nature of Gota'wo. His unhealthy obsession has often lead him down both great and horrifying discoveries, nevertheless, he continues to grow because of it. His understanding of the aetheric and magical arts gives him a scholarly atmosphere outside of his personal expression of himself. To most however, he lives by the means justifies the course, aiding often in battle to others as a skilled arcanist by trade.

Troubled Aspect

  • Traumatic Implanted Memories

  • The Burden of Knowledge is more often a burden then a blessing. Recalls phantom pains and memories of past allagan experiment subjects, which can often lead to freezing, or bad choices in his megalomaniac state.

Stress and Consequences

  • PHYSICAL: (0/1) (0/2) (0/3)
  • MENTAL: (0/1) (0/2) (0/3)
  • MINOR: (0/2)
  • MODERATE: (0/4)
  • SEVERE: (0/6)


  • Style Stunt - Dirty Fighter
  • Gain +3 instead of +2 when invoking an enemy Consequence on a Fight attack.

  • Style Stunt - Dreadwyrm Trance
  • For an FP, gain the Aspect Dreadwyrm Trance with one free invoke. This aspect gives +3 instead of +2 when used to attack with Magic.

  • Personal Stunt - Aetheric Supercell
  • Any time Gota'wo spends a round in combat without defending or changing zones, he gains a boost to Magic or Physical of his choice; this boost does not stack(see end). This stunt does not trigger on the opening round of combat. By utilizing the Magitek prosthetic legs and arm, large amounts of aether can be stored for a short period of time. If unused by the following round, the aether quickly discharges into the air.

  • Personal Stunt - Fast Ball Special
  • Utilizing his Carbuncle familiar in combat, Gota'wo may use Fight to attack enemies in adjacent zones by throwing his Carbuncle at them. Target must be in line of sight and clear of obstructions.

  • Personal Stunt - Allagan Insight
  • Gain +2 to lore by tapping into the treasure trove of knowledge that was implanted into him.

Three Character Concepts

  • Three-fifths Machine
  • Gota'wo's Legs from the knees down and Left Arm from the elbow down are Magitek Prosthetic. He has enhanced footing and steady grip when hanging and is particularly robust. Negatively, Electricity is extremely potent to him.

  • Ooh! Shiny!
  • Gota'wo is obsessed with research and Lost Treasure, particularly allagan high tech interest and understanding. This drives his innate lore on subjects and understanding. The allure can often be too great, often putting him in danger.

  • It's Always Mating Season
  • Gota'wo is a hound dog by nature. It is not unlike him to stand out, take a shot for, cause trouble and become distracted when trying to flirt with the opposite sex. This has lead him to intervene and take attacks for some. When not negatively putting him in harm's way and instead aiding someone, he tries to score descriptive flair in his actions.

☩ C O M M O N - R U M O R S ☩

☩ M O D E R A T E - R U M O R S ☩

☩ R A R E - R U M O R S ☩

☩ P C - R U M O R S ☩

((If your character has something to say about Gota'wo, share it here but keep it brief!))

Potential aspects of Gota'wo to start RP with about:

  • Allagan Artifacts
  • Treasure Hunting
  • Political Power Struggles
  • Black Mailing for one of the above
  • Heist jobs
  • Allagan tombstones, Research.

Gota'wo might seem interesting to you if:

  • You enjoy a mentally somewhat cracked antagonist.
  • You enjoy looking for exciting RP where one finds ways to take advantage of other people for personal gain.
  • You enjoy treasure hunting, stealing, and potential backstabbing's.
  • You enjoy physically harming and forever character changing situations.
  • You enjoy Magitek modifications to ones being for practical use.(Gota'wo's arm was sliced off, he wears a magi-tek prosthetic to continue on)
  • You enjoy exploring the mind altering ways the Allagan's left their mark on the races.