Grehjarr Ahldaegsyn

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Grehjarr Ahldaegsyn
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Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 48
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Basic Info

Grehjarr (mostly adressed as 'Grey' for the sake of convenience by races that find the Roegadyn's ancient tongue a little hard on the tongue) is an imposing Sea Wolf, towering over most with the looming presence of a gentle giant.

His father's black skin mixes with his mother's darker shade of grey, which givs him the color of coal fresh for the forge. The very sight of him might be intimidating at first, as his features are coarse and squarelike, with a powerful jawline covered in a strap of snowhite hair that meets the slicked back hair. The contrasting tones mark his already chiseled features, with marked chin and a generally somewhat flattened, perhaps even brutish face, and the memory of a broken nose in the hooked shape it has bent into. A couple of scars mark his face, but then again those are the marking of most seasoned adventurers, considering that by his appearance this Roegadyn has seen many a year by now. As such, when he is oblivious to his surroundings, he might appear like a menacing behemoth with a stern visage and a heartless expression, but at the sight of conversation his yellow eyes soften, and he generally manages to procure the most fatherly of smiles even for the dullest topic of conversation. Particularly if his conversation partner is of the Lalafell people, who he seems to adore like a grandfather adores the sight of his skittering grandchildren in the nearby fields. 

The male's devotion to his body seems apparent in the way his wide and muscled frame is still kept in shape. Perhaps not with the chiseled beauty of youth, but with toned arms, legs and chest, and a slight hill of a gut, hard as rock. As he seems to favor the greataxe and armor as much as the work as a smith, it is no surprise that he has developed in this way, most often seen working the forge when inside the walls of Limsa Lominsa.


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Contrary to his oafish, menacing and brutish appearance when he's determined in his work or in combat, Grey is nothing but a sweet, caring giant.

With a voice deep and rumbling as an unforgiving storm, the thunder is usually called out as a boisterous guffaw anyway. Jolly and kindhearted, he has a soft spot for kind spirits and the innocence of youth. The inflexion in his tone together with the low, dark and gruff tone sometimes make him appear almost oafishly dumb, as he tends to live his emotions vividly, often expressing his confusion, happiness or perhaps sorrows in apparent ways. Regardless, even if far from being one of Hydaelyn's most prominent minds, he is generally someone eager to voice his opinion or try to counsel an acquaintance regarding some problem or another, fatherly as always.

One must truly be a heartless soul in order to earn Grehjarr's disdain, but if that were the case, his grudges are carved in stone in his heart, and he will display no kindness for those that knowingly wrong him or those he holds dear.


Other Notes