Gryneiden Caerkirsyn

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 Gryneiden Caerkirsyn
Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Citizenship Unaffiliated
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The best way to describe him is that he is a gentle giant for the most part. Gryne takes after his mother in quite a few ways, not that he would know since he never met her. He shares in her wanderlust, and desperately wants to travel the world even if it means fighting tons of monsters and all the Primals to do it. He is a kind individual, and enjoys going out of his way to help others similar to what most would call a Hero he also loves saving damsels in distress. Which, he counts men in this description despite being hetero. As long as he is helping someone, the tall male will be happy to help!



The Roegadyn doesn't entirely hate fighting, only the unnecessary combat he is sometimes forced to do with other people. He is quite adept at fighting with his fists, and despite his father and his sister both enjoying the use of Axes he doesnt share in this. And honestly every time he has tried to use on. He ends up throwing them as though they were a projectile weapon, and never hits his target much to his own dismay. Training under the Holy Fist he has learned quite a lot when it comes to Hand to Hand combat, and hopes to one day become a well trained Monk capable of fighting off Primals on his own.

Weaponry and Armor:

Though he prefers the use of his fists when it comes to actual combat, he does know his way around a lance. Thanks to his reliance on brute strength he tends to favor the use of the heavy and unwieldy sort that you would see monsters themselves wielding. He tends to wear whatever he can find as armor, and even tends to keep some sets of armor put back in his 'armory chest' for personal use and casual wear. Class Options and Favorite Weapons



  • Those of Others races
  • Adventuring
  • Females


  • Slavers
  • Killing those who don't deserve it
  • Being manipulated or forced into situations


  • Enjoys Fishing and swimming
  • Cooking and Cleaning
  • Exploring Nature and hanging out with allies







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Before Events of the Intro

Gryneiden was born on one of the many Islands of the far north seas, his mother was a Roegadyn and his father was a Miqo'te she met on a adventure of her own.Shortly after he was born however, his mother left him and his older sister leaving them to grow up on their own with their father. He grew up with his father on a farm learning to grow the most basic of crops while also being raised to become a sort of warrior in case the male deciding to leave and travel similar to their parents. But he seemed to fail at the use of his fathers weapons, and prefered to fight with his fists much to his sisters annoyance. Eventually he grew tired of this life, he felt it was boring and could feel the desire to explore and after finding a old map of Eorzea that his mother left he decided to leave without a word basically running away from home like a angry child leaving a note that proudly stated,"I am going exploring I'll return one day, and I'll bring mother home father!"

He snuck aboard a ship and tried to hide with all the cargo they were shipping, but sadly this turned out to be harder than he had though thanks to his rather large...size. The boat workers decided to drop him off at the nearest Island, which lucky for him happened to be part of Limsa. There he began to hear tales of the great Holy Fist, and decided to seek him out. But to pay for a ticket he had to start working,which is when he decided to start working in the Nanawa mines under a fake name along with a fake age.


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