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Gridania-transparent.png Gus Pumpkinweed
"First and foremost, m' social salutations and quintessential rapport: I am called Gus Pumpkinweed. Nay, you did not misread t' quaint surname! We Lalafell are not all so whimsical on t' um...details. Irrelevant! I am a male...a rather prestigious one as well!"
"Owner of the Piquant Pumpkin™, Director of the Boils & Ghouls Club, and Journalist for the Crystal Chronicle" ''
Gender Male (ALPHA!)
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Gridania
Age 24
Nameday 31st Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon
Height / Weight 3'-3" / 61 Ponz
Occupation GREATEST Pumpkin Farmer EVER & Owner of the Piquant Pumpkin™
Theme: "Gus's Theme" (Artist: Halfbrick Studios)
Server Balmung
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"Y'DO like pumpkins, y'just don't know that yet." - Gus

Gus Fusswuss (legally Pumpkinweed after having his name changed) is a dunesfolk lalafellin born within a prestigious family of Ul'Dah. After ruining his own betrothal, which would have united two large family businesses, Gus decided to start his own business— consisting solely of pumpkin goods. Because of his bizarre decision, and dedication to pumpkins, he was ostracized by his own family; they expected him to return, unwilling to bear the burden of poverity. However, there was nothing resolved, and then the Calamity fell. Afterwards, Gus decided to take his business proposition to Gridania, deep in the greatest forest of Hydaelyn, where the Elementals no longer had complete reign over the area.



"It's not that I am not interested in matters o'course! It's just that...well...pumpkins! They have taken all m' time rather than m' input. So I s'ppose 'none' is t' proper retort!"- Gus to Fufucha

Gus is a 24 year old Lalafell standing at around 3'-3". Like many other lalafellin, he possesses a youthful appearance. Wearing a confident grin over his blemished face, he walks around like a child— without a care in the world. Lacking a traditional birthstone jewel over his forehead, as found on many dunesfolk, he instead keeps his unkempt dark hair over his brow to avoid the subject (he also has considered dyeing his hair pumpkin orange) His mismatching eyes— one dark brown, the other pumpkin orange, comes from drinking a pumpkin flavored concoction of his own making(Gus loves science). Spending long bells in the sun, while tending his pumpkins, has given the lalafell an olive skin tone. He’s often times toting around a large book, and sometimes a spooky book with a morose face on its cover.

Personality, Strengths and Weaknesses

While overall cheerful and friendly, Gus can sound extremely pretentious. While homeless, in the Black Shroud near Gridania, he had nothing but his books to educate himself— and no one to talk with this about save for himself. It took effort to readily admit he'd rushed into his business proposition to others, and to himself. When he did this though, his situation began to improve, as well as his reliance for the talents of those around him. Here are some strengths and weakness of Gus:


  • Eidetic: Commonly referred to as photographic memory or total recall, Gus has the ability to recall images, sounds or objects in memory with great precision. With a tendency to spot things out of place quicker than most can, Gus operates under pressure admirably. His knowledge of bizarre things as well as a taste for the occult or anything spooky has him paying attention to the tiniest of details.
  • Intelligence: What's to say? Give Gus a book, he'll be through by the end of the week and be quizzing YOU. Gus has spent his years reading... perhaps a bit too much. He believes a proper education is imperative to his eventual business and as such, has been expanding his vocabulary. Sometimes, he says words that sound sophisticated on the sole belief that 'big words make you smarter.' It could be seen as a weakness but his drive for knowledge often times proves useful in various situations. He is a fast learner and this is extremely useful while being out and about.
  • Resilience: Poverty has hardened Gus far more than most Lalafell. If he's not being thrown out literally from places, then he is being scrutinized either for his impetuous behavior or persistence. He's been in a share of fights and though he may not always be the victor, he's left enough of an impression that it hurts to get into a quarrel with him, both physically and verbally... though more so the latter. "The misery of a storm is merely a chance to soak off" ...whatever that means.


  • Impulsive: Gus has a tendency to get into things whether or not he is fit to perform the required task. However after coming to grips with these duties, he usually performs admirably at the expense of a throbbing headache.
  • Stubborn: Once Gus gets an idea, he goes for it simply to see what will happen. Sometimes it works for the best and other times... well, he'll sugar coat things that don't work out so that it can be considered some form of premeditation. It can be extremely frustrating to come to grips with his pretentious belief that he's right all the time.
  • Bluntness: Living on his own for a few years has given Gus the idea that what he says and thinks is generally correct. With nothing but time to spare, he watched and observed how social groups operated and believes that he can pick apart people based on their actions and words. Despite being correct the majority of the time, he uses this quirk in a negative aspect. Whether the topic is business goals, romance, or general assumptions about someone just by looking at them, he came be so forward that it causes the subject of his observations to become defensive. This leads to arguments which trigger his stubborn and impulsive nature to snap back. With his general knowledge, it can be downright maddening to hear his insults when they tend to hit close to the mark.


Ffxiv 04152014 142412.png

Our Story Thus Far... What can be said about Ul'dah and those that lived there before the Calamity? Not much that isn't already known and some blame that lapse in remembrance on the event itself. However there is one aspect that has changed, enough that one ambitious Lalafell would disregard what life he already had.

Gus Fusswuss, as he was named at birth, was born and raised in Ul'dah and ushered to put work before play, a trait that he took upon with great pride even in his youth. His mother and father were both monolithic in their professional itinerary. Farming, as laborious and drudging as it is, housed a special place for these particular Dunesfolk. Early were the ramblings of Gus's father, who helped with Ul'dah's thriving economy before the Calamity by providing stocks of seasoned goods. Consistent bickering on contending with other trades brought about a plan to take the family business far and away in order to strengthen a failing marriage and a strained relationship with their offspring. But Gus was no longer a child and had other ideas to take their hard work to a place considered impenetrable before the Calamity: Gridania, where the culmination of crafts and the union of nations were now taking root.

However, Gus was betrothed at a young age, a business deal that would make two families a thriving powerhouse in Eorzea! Despite this, Gus had other plans and his fiancé was all too eager to agree in aiding him with destroying the pact. What was woe for the two families after it was sabotaged was the opportunity that Gus yearned for. Ironically, Gus and his former fiancé found themselves at odds with their decision when they ended up infatuated with one another during their scheming. Ever vigilant, they kept to their decision and parted ways after a lengthy discussion.... With that obstacle out of the way, Gus commenced with his original plan. Claiming the rise of the Elemental's original prowess to be inevitable, who could compete with their business once the realm was sealed off to the outside world again? At least, that was the idea behind the decision... and what was the driving factor of this dream aside from simple bickering? The fruit: pumpkin, too rare a thing in Ul'dah and too delicious to be without. In the lush forests, Gus knew they would have more success of sprouting... or so he would have you believe.


Thus, Gus found himself at odds with his family yet again, who found the entire idea to be far too eccentric. Who wanted pumpkins year round after all? His father's ostracizing made the action of cutting ties all the easier. The young Lalafell departed, taking the opportunity to rename himself Gus Pumpkinweed out of spite while also attempting to create a name pivotal to his trade. This 'heterogeneous aggrandizement' took flight long before he even had the gil to make this dream blossom.

Poverty, poor fortune and awkward social skills awaited Gus in Gridania. He learned to harness what little pride he had left while sleeping under trees within the ever expanding city. It boomed around him and without him. That revelation was more than enough to harden his resolve.

Ultimately a dream cannot sustain a Lalafell. While the forest offered more then a share of treats, along with the blessing of more then a few generous neighbors aiding him, Gus decided that it was high time that he make the leap of sacrificing his usual repertoire. The new plan would be to take up employment with one of the various organizations sprouting through Eorzea. In order to gain access to fortune and ultimately his pumpkin farm, Gus would have to use what he learned about advanced farming through books and actually become a warden of the forest.

There is after all, no shame in taking a simple career before taking the next big step.

Ffxiv 09202013 203612.png

Unfortunately, the reputation Gus had earned during his time as a vagrant made impressing or convincing those he had been around all the more unwilling to trust him. Persistence and dedication to his "business" that Gus claimed he owned despite the rags he wore, he came upon chance one evening; a female miqo'te named L'yhta Mahre happened to be near his favorite shop in Gridania. Striking up a conversation with the stranger, manipulation and his silver tongue rousing her interests, Gus convinced L'yhta to let him into the growing Mysterium Order.

With new faces who were unfamiliar with his prior engagements, Gus was able to feed into the spotlight in a rather positive manner, dismissing all manner of rumor or ill bearings when coming upon those who were all too keen on his vagrancy. Despite that past tearing away at him, Gus took on an apprenticeship under L'yhta herself, who turned out to be the initial lead to the Order; working on arcanum incantations. While Gus never mastered the power of magic, he learned enough to drive curiosity on how he could manipulate farm crops into bearing special properties given the proper soil, conditions and spell. Even more alarming was when he learned more on how crystal enhancements could alter the effects of such energy... and so began the art of "Pumpkin-Alchemy" as Gus would call it.

After a time, the Order began to wane it's interests on Gus, who was still eager to have his pumpkin business and so he parted ways on good terms with his fellow Wizards.

Ffxiv 11112013 011955.png

Swyrbhrat Syhrberksyn, a Roegadyn he had met on his endeavors within the Shroud, sparked his initiative into the business field of Eorzea; something Gus thought he had absolute knowledge of due to his time spent reading... he was quickly mistaken. The friendly Roegadyn taught Gus to take other elements into account that he had not considered... and even more alarming, how it all cost gil that he did not have. Lies and deceit driving his resolve, Gus held to the fact that he had "connections" and listened carefully to all that Swyrbhrat had to offer. A partnership was offered, though never actually obtained as business and other endeavors intervened; not before Swyrbhrat ushered Gus to a university within the quaint port of Limsa Lominsa.

Elisea Renyven ran this organization and while Gus never truly fulfilled any role that deemed appropriate for the classes he wished to enroll in, he received pointers unofficially none-the-less; making contacts, friends, rivals and even bitter antagonists.

After a time, Gus dismissed the university entirely, finding that he possessed the tools now to gain the business he warranted.

On the very docks of the Fisherman's Bottom, a strange fog formed one evening and the thrill of All Saints Wake trickled down Gus's spine; he simply HAD to have this plot for his shop. Gus began selling his own goods to bystanders and fisherman, proclaiming that the Fisherman's Bottom was in fact HIS store and that there had been a dispute among the owners and himself. While this was a completely fabricated tale, persistence did drive the question on whether this was true or not and Gus's goods were selling at an alarming rate.

Being thrown off the property several times for soliciting only gave Gus an even more stoic resilience to win what he wanted. If anything, it gave him the time to bake and cook more goods, which proved difficult in the first few moons. With the knowledge of some magic techniques at his disposal, he illegally grew pumpkins on various plots with varied success. It was quite troublesome, both for Gus and the farmer's who had to deal with the trespassing. Haste was required and pumpkins were no delicate matter to garden.

While they grew in secret, Gus would stowaway on various ferries, stealing what he could to sell and merit enough gil to purchase more supplies needed to make even more impressive delicacies. He also required a more convincing attire and shoes with no holes in them... so rather than spend the gil he acquired from various "donations"... usually the discarded and wishful pieces of gil tossed into fountains, he stole one particular coat from a shop, EVENTUALLY dyed it a flamboyant pumpkin orange, and traveled back and forth between the three major cities of Eorzea.

Ffxiv 10282013 182318.png

A few moons passed, Gus saved his gil and sold his small inventory; amassing other stolen goods such as crates, kegs, water skins and anything he found useful to convince his patrons that he actually owned a business. Again, he sold the story that he owned the Fisherman's Bottom and that it was undergoing a deed dispute to solidify his banter. Infamy and amusement drove the customers to buying goods from Gus again and again... until All Saints Wake itself commenced.

During this time, Gus's sells tripled and he made more than enough gil to last himself for moons on end alone. When the season ended, a bitterness filled the young Lalafell's heart and he knew that in order to make such a sell again, he'd have to wait for All Saints Wake... unless All Saints Wake was EVERY day rather than seasonal. So the business model for Gus took shape and he began spreading fliers for hiring across the continents.

While his business remained minuscule, with hopeful employees coming and going, it was not until the meeting between a lovely young female Lalafell named Katiti Kati that his business began to take on a legitimate structure. Despite her limited knowledge, her far more timid mannerisms and ideals dowsed some of the more ostentatious methods Gus had made a habit of.

With promotions and complimentary items being given away relentlessly, soon there wasn't a soul who came upon Gus Pumpkinweed who didn't know of his delicious pumpkin goods and positive business structure.

Word spread as far as where interests sparked: Limsa Lominsa, and when the Fisherman's Bottom... annoyed and thoroughly impressed by Gus's persistence and sells decided to offer him an OFFICIAL partnership so long as they could inherit a percentage of the sells made. Reluctant to agree, Gus continued hiring employee after employee, setting fliers and inking countless pamphlets containing positions for the shop called: Piquant Pumpkin Café across any he encountered. He had no choice but to agree to the terms offered by the Fisherman's Bottom, though altering one small detail: a percentage of sells from the Fisherman's Bottom as reciprocation. The partnership was made official and Gus Pumpkinweed finally had some claim to the property. All that remained was to see whether the grand opening to his partnership would prove fruitful. What he received was beyond his expectations....

Ffxiv 06132014 165603.png

Currently, Gus Pumpkinweed is spreading spook-tacular cheer across all of Hydalen, with his large staff of employees and the hopes that one day, ALL pumpkin products will be made available each sun. The greatest mystery of all though... is how Gus grows pumpkins despite the weather conditions. Just HOW FAR has he gone to make his dream a reality? Is it a dream... or really a nightmare?

Only Gus knows... but one thing is for certain....

For Gus Pumpkinweed... EVERYDAY is All Saints Wake!



Father: Tus Fusswuss
Mother: Fuss Fusswuss


Dweia Delacroix
Kanaria Galanodel
Ziziwato Lalawato
Tefh Jinjahl
Tirra Lirra
Julius Vermillion
Zanin Briggs
L'yhta Mahre
Tirra Lirra
Screaming Fist
Sion Gyr
Swyrbhrat Syhrberksyn
Darwyn Ulondarr
Rheah'na Serras
Nanarou Garnin
Hopkins the Fruit Bat
...And Many More!


"Um... no one!?" - Gus

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Piquantpumpkin (1).png

"Piquant Pumpkin/Spooky the 13th Theme" (Artists: Atlus Sound Team)

The Piquant Pumpkin Café is the shop claimed to be owned by Gus Pumpkinweed in Limsa Lominsa. In actuality, Gus actually never purchased any property given his poverty. This didn't stop the dreamer of a Lalafell though! Bringing his goods down to 'his' shop which is in all matter of fact The Fisherman's Bottom, he tends to sell his goods at an alarming rate to those shopping and has spread the rumor that it is in fact his shop despite the legal issues. Rather then have Gus arrested which he has been told would happen if he persisted, the owners realized that Gus did in fact raise sells not only with his goods, but of their own. As such, they have offered Gus a partnership on certain conditions. Deciding to 'look the guidelines over', Gus is left trading and offering random patrons his famous pumpkin goods until his decision is made up.

Perhaps there is a more proper place to set up this dream of a shop?

Indeed. Over the course of several grueling months, Gus decided to take the deed negotiation from the Fisherman's Bottom and became an official business partner. But that was not enough Gus wanted to take Hydalen by surprise! Using the same tactics in both Gridania and Ul'Dah, Gus managed to get the owners to at least consider a partnership with him. So long as Gus continued making large sales with his piquant goods, there was a market for it worldwide.

With the hard earned gil (as well as gil stolen from various fountains found in many cities... when asked, Gus claims to be cleaning them), Gus was able to hire some legitimate traders who were willing to bring in his pumpkins from Gridania. He was also FINALLY able to buy out a plot of land that he had been illegally using to secretly grown his pumpkins. Next, the Botanist guild, which carries a fair share of goods began taking his pumpkins and selling them. Each was properly labeled with his merchandise logo, earning him more profits and yet another business share. While he does not own the Botanist Guild, he intends to buy it out someday, simply to teach one particular shopkeeper there a lesson.

Gus's enterprise was growing, and on the 13th day of the Third Umbral Moon. This day and EVERY Lightsday after was deemed "Spooky the 13th" by Gus, marking the opening of his business.

The event itself was a complete success, with various customers purchasing merchandise and ensuring continued business so long as there were promotions. Following the grand opening, Gus's "Spooky the 13th" became a monumental achievement and weekly endeavors that all in Hydalen could come to appreciate.

The Piquant Pumpkin Café Menu

PPC Menu.png

PPC Menu 2.png

(To Be Updated)