Hanimir Aureus

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Hanimir quo Aureus
"Let go of the things that you love as you let go of the things that cause you sorrow."
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Ul'dah
Server Cerberus
Occupation Second Flame Lieutenant, Ironworks Magitek Engineer
Former Residence Illsabard, Ishgard



Hanimir quo Aureus or Han as he tells most people to call him, currently second flame lieutenant of the Immortal Flames of Ul'dah is a former Garlean Centurio and deserter from one of the empire's annexed territories. Feeling increasingly conflicted about the empire's violent expansion and unjustified war efforts he eventually decided to flee with the help of a handful of comrades feeling the same way, however eventually ending up alone on the shores of Dravania after the vessel they fled on where attacked by garlean assault aircraft. He managed to survive and slowly make his way towards Ishgard where he lived in the brume for a while to eventually find employment with Skysteel Manufactory thanks to his basic engineering background. He would eventually head to Eorzea many years later after the Seventh Umbral Calamity had shook the land, feeling obligated to witness what the empire he was once fighting for had wrought upon the world.

Having experienced the violence of the empire firsthand and seeing the aftermath of the battle at Carteneau he decided to continue his life of fighting on the side of Eorzea to finally put an end to the war crimes Garlemald keeps comitting. To this end he joined the Immortal Flames of Ul'dah where he quickly rose through the ranks having extensive combat and leadership experience and valuable knowledge of Garlean battle tactics and magitek weaponry. Silencing his emotions every time he goes to war against men and women who might be his former comrades he steels himself to one day wander into the imperial capital to lend a hand to the fall of the empire.


It's unexpectedly difficult to get a good read on Hanimir's true personality sometimes, his time dealing with nobles in Ishgard aswell as politicians and merchants in Ul'dah taught him to keep up a front until such time that he can judge a person well enough to interact with them openly though alcohol may further speed things up. Once he does he is a rather cheerful and outgoing man even going so far as flirting with the fairer sex with no shame or restraint.

In combat his attitude changes entirely, since he knows unnecessary emotions could mean death he silences them entirely killing with no remorse when on the battlefield, at least until the battle is over. For this reason he never fights for show and only in sparring matches if absolutely necessary, fighting for survival and fighting to protect are the only things that matter to him. Consequently he despises glory seekers and those who fight for honor for he cannot comprehend their reasoning.


A tall bearded Elezen male with long black hair and a small scar across his face which he received as he was learning to wield the gunblade for the first time. Many otherer scars of different origin are strewn over his torso, those being the result of his protector role as a Hopplomus in the early years of his military career. One such scar caused by a fireball attack of enemy thaumaturges had seered his right arm up to his shoulder and chest, this mark in particular he usually keeps very well hidden. When on duty he is usually clad in armor but tried to find a balance between protective and not too restrictive, his arms usually being the most heavily armored in case he has to deal with attacks unexpectedly. When not on duty he opts for formal clothing, mostly because it covers his skin effectively and it's a nice contrast to his past life..




When his military training began as he was still a Garlean conscript soldier, Hanimir was trained in the sword and shield fighting techniques of the Hopplomus which he utilized as a front-line fighter protecting his allies. When later ascending to the rank of a Centurio he would be taught marksmanship and Garlean gunblade techniques, however, since these put considerable strain on the body for one not blessed with the physique of a pureblood Garlean he would later supplement his style with techniques brought to Eorzea by the Gunbreakers.

Lately he has been training in aether manipulation of which he does not yet have a solid grasp due to the concept being entirely foreign to Garlean military instructors. Receiving instructions from Ul'Dahs thaumaturge guild he is now capable of channeling earth ather and applying it to individual body regions to increase defensive capabilities and compensate the force of magitek gunblades.

Utilizing this unique combination of traditional Garlean swordsmanship, gunbreaker techniques and aether manipulation he is slowly shaping his own fighting style which aids him greatly in facing the ever fiercer assaults of the empire he once fought under. His weapon of choice is a modified magitek gunblade capable of using ceruleum shells aswell as aether based attacks. He may also use longswords and shields if necessary.


Gunblade based combat used by Garleans involves using the inertia used by pulling the weapons trigger to increase the strike's impact, it is similar to the gunbreaker techniques in that respect. However, either by virtue of superior Garlean physical strength or the support of magitek armor the direction of the strike can be violently halted and reversed to catch the enemy of guard. Additionally the explosion caused by igniting ceruleum shells is more powerful than what could be achieved using fire aspected aether making for deadlier and armor breaking strikes. Since a swing that forceful would however damage his shoulder if used recklessly Hanimir tends to only sprinkle them into his regular attacks.


As he was already used to swinging a gunblade Hanimir had little trouble picking up the flowing fighting style of gunbreakers that takes the fragile bodies of other races into account. The explosion of shells is used to transition into other attacks in fluid motion and is thus less stressfull for muscles and joints. With his decent control of earth aspected aether he has a good grasp on their defensive techniques aswell, though his fear of fire prevents him from mastering Blasting Zone.


Thought he did not have much time to invest in the art of magic he has still managed to learn how to control certains aspects of eather, being particularly skilled in channeling earth aether. Fire still scares him and somewhat inhibits his progress.


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  • Honest people he can be himself with
  • Drinking in good company
  • Cheerful or peaceful places


  • Fire
  • Vainglory
  • Politicians
  • Paperwork


  • Improving his combat abilities
  • Magitek engineering
  • Hiking


Common Rumors

  • "Heard he was promoted after he solved the Garlean killing thing. Don't mind someone taking care of the bastards but guess he did his job."
  • "I see him talking to women sometimes but never an Elezen, must be a pervert that one."
  • "Feel like he's a totally different person when he's drunk. Or maybe... that's what he's actually like?"

Moderate Rumors

  • "Name doesn't sound Eorzean, I heard he might be a Garlean..."
  • "Didn't he introduce himself as Aurevant? Something fishy about that."
  • "I saw his arm when we all went to Bronze Lake for a break, guy's more scarred than any other soldier I know!"

Rare Rumors

  • "Don't fight like a gunbreaker that one, don't know what it is but trust me when I tell you he learned it somewhere else."
  • "I tried to teach him how to cast fire but he couldn't do any of it, weirdly enough he had no problem with any of the other exercises."
  • "Lads, I saw the captain with a lady in the Goblet yesterday, you're not gonna believe this!"

PC Rumors



Bernadette Bearclaw

Though he does not yet know how important she is to him exactly and they have no obligations towards each other, he certainly knows that the time spent with Bernadette is a harmonious and fulfilling experience. Thought they seem like very different people most of those differences are rather superficial and their views and attitudes tend to align nicely. First time he saw her was on a singles event organized by her free company where she got him drunk out of his mind hitting on an Au Ra girl. They would meet again just one day later where they'd promptly resume the drinking. Worried about her condition he went to see her after that night, one thing led to the next and soon they'd find themselves in a situation none of them could have anticipated.


Trachius Dreher

A grizzled older soldier who slowly became a friend after many chance meetings. Their trust seemed to have truly deepend after the Garlean killings going on around Ul'dah, Trachius had been severely wounded by a hired Assassin which Hanimir ended up catching eventually finding the single culprit behind the chain of crimes. At this time they learned of each other that they were both former Garlean soldiers which only served to strengthen their bond. Even though Trachius is sometimes hard to approach Hanimir still considers him a good friend.


Striking Iron
Akio Camice



Fleeing the Empire

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Living in Ishgard

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The Fall of Dalamud

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Moving to Ul'dah

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The Battle for Ala Mhigo

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The Garlean Assassinations (RP Event)

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The Ruby Weapon Incident

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