Hieronymus Wrex

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Hieronymus Wrex
Wrex portrait.png
Birth Name Hieronymous Wrex
Nickname(s)/Alias Wrex
Age ~35
Birthplace Limsa Lominsa
Race Roegadyn
Clan Unknown
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Height 6'9"
Weight 250 lbs
Physique Muscular
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Skin Dark
Facial Features Healed broken nose
Hobbies Cooking
Likes Whiskey, Women
Dislikes Violence
IC Profession Private Investigator
Combat Style Pacifist
Time Zone UTC+6
Server Balmung
RP Preferences Long-term, plot-heavy

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Basic Info

Hieronymous Wrex is a Roegadyn of questionable heritage and mysterious origin. Neither distinctly Sea Wolf nor Hellsguard, he seems to be a mixture of both while also possessing traits uncommon in either clan.

He is a man of experience and wit, both haunted by past hardships and striving to make the world a better place.


Somewhat shorter than the other members of his race, Wrex is nevertheless a bear of a man, built from the same hard muscle that his people are so commonly known for.

His hair is long, dark, and well-kept, usually worn in a simple braid behind his head that keeps it out of the way. A trim beard outlines his jaw and upper lip, with tiny flecks of grey just beginning to signal his transition into middle age.

Some might consider him handsome in a world-weary sort of way, but there can be no doubt that his face has seen its share of punishment, and the smashed shape of his nose suggests that it has been broken and healed more than once. Still, he manages to put on a charming smile, and the deep sadness in his eyes is only discernable to those who know him best.


A rather quiet man, Wrex prefers to watch and listen rather than make himself the center of attention. Contemplative by nature, he waits until he has something to say before he speaks, and will happily remain silent when he does not. When he does speak up, his words are usually marked by cutting sarcasm and a laconic wit, his once-silver tongue somewhat tarnished by cynicism, but still as sharp as ever. He is most happy when chatting with others of similar mind, and adores both flirts and smart-asses. Those who can penetrate his sarcasm may even find the shadow of a romantic lurking below the surface, and a few drinks always do wonders for bringing out his flirtatious side.

Philosophically, he walks a fine line between cynicism and optimism, still desperately clinging to a past idealism that has been all but destroyed by decades of exposure to the darkest sides of mortality. Although generally untrusting of others, he himself is rather trustworthy, and hopes to break the cycle of betrayal that stained his earlier life.

He also has no patience for violence, and will spurn anyone who resorts to it flippantly.