Hikari Nakajima

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Sharlayan.jpg Hikari Nakajima
A little camera-shy, no?
The Magus
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Plainsfolk
Citizenship Sharlayan

Basic Info

Hikari Nakajima (中島 ひかり Nakajima Hikari) is a black mage who travels the world in search of adventure.



Relatively little is known about Hikari's early life, aside from being born in Old Sharlayan. He can usually be found wandering around Aldenard or in adventurer-made taverns. According to his musings, he has not seen his mentor since he began adventuring.

Acquiring Black Magic

Hikari's specialization in magic is mostly self-taught. Due to the myriad of different books and treasures he had found in the Dravanian Hinterlands, as well as artifacts from the Weeping City of Mhach, he was able to learn a large amount of Black Magic, as well as find a long lost job-crystal. Since the use of this magic is forbidden in most parts of Eorzea, its use is limited primarily in the extermination of primals, though if threatened, Hikari can also use it for self defence.

Regarding The Sharlayan Forum

Hikari understands the Forum's reasoning for taking an isolationist stance towards the Garlean invasion, but questions their reasons for not sharing their knowledge with other nations. In recent times, he has argued that if Old Sharlayan were to have a more open stance, this would further allow for other nations to prosper, and thus suppress the empire.


Hikari is a short, slim lalafell with black hair and brown eyes. His outfit is a mix of Goetia attire with some gear from the Idyllshire. Can occasionally be seen riding a miniature Air Force.


An introverted, taciturn magician, Hikari tends to spend time just observing others. Has a penchant for seeking knowledge, especially of the kind that can improve his magic. Though he does not socialize much, he is friendly towards those that approach him.


  • Listening to others' stories. The adventures of others fascinates him.
  • Exploring abandoned magic sites, such as the Great Gubal Library and the Weeping City of Mhach.
  • Hunting primals. This is his primary source of work; his magic is well-suited for it.


  • The Elementals. Dislikes their effective rule over the Black Shroud.
  • The Garlean Empire. They were responsible for why the Sharlayan research colony was abandoned.
  • The Illuminati. They prevented others from exploring the Dravanian Hinterlands in pursuit of their own goals.


  • Hikari's name does not follow Lalafell name conventions and instead is a self-given one based on his mentor.
  • Can wander around if nearby conversations interest/don't interest him.

Out of Character Stuff

  • Availability: Whenever online except when raiding with group.
  • Server: Zalera
  • Currently considering use of a template.