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Latest Activities (RP Hooks): Hilda is part of an expedition into the Churning Mists, looking into recovering past relics of Ishgard's forgotten past.

Birth Name:Hilda Alarias de Fortemps

Nicknames: Blue | Blue Moon

Gender: Female

Race & Clan: Wildwood Elezen | Midlander Hyur

Nameday: 19th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon

Height 5 fulms, 9 ilms

Weight: Approximately 141 ponze


Birthplace: Ul'dah, Thanalan

Residence: House de Bayle manor, Black Shroud

Patron Deity: Halone Icon.png Halone, the Fury

Relationship Status: Engaged

Occupation: Aetherochemist | Knight Dragoon of Ishgard

Disposition: Neutral Good

Hilba banner.png

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Hilda's very presence seems to be unoffending, neither exceedingly beautiful nor prohibitively unappealing. A byproduct of her mixed heritage is her tall stature, standing at five fulms, nine ilms, and her pointed ears that seem to just barely poke out from her hair. She radiates a feeling of collectedness, leaving her overall mood hard to judge with just a glance. While her sapphire-blue hair is usually left to hang over her shoulder, she will often tie her hair into a ponytail when in uniform- or in a more serious setting.

Hilda's soft gaze is accentuated by her ice-hued eyes, almost white when in bright light. Often, the edges of her iris' will change hue depending on her current mood- like red for anger, pink for love, and so-on. During combat, this effect seems to be even more prominent, as often her irises will fully turn azure in response to her draconic aether.

SCARS & MARKINGS: Despite Hilda's occupation, her body remains relatively free of scars. The two most prominent are a faint ring of former scar tissue that wraps around her upper right arm, about an ilm above the elbow, and an even more faint cut across her torso, shoulder to hip.

VOICE: With Hilda's mixed heritage and world-travelling tendencies, her Ishgardian accent had never had time to form, leaving her with an unassuming accent, yet a very formal linguistic flow. Her vocabulary is variable, however, and depending on who she's speaking with, her manner of speech will change to match.

Example of her speaking voice.

ATTIRE: Hilda's manner of dress is decisively relaxed. Often found wearing thin, cotton long-sleeve shirts with slacks, or baggy workout gear, Hilda is not a feminine dresser and prefers to have a wider range of movement in her clothes. She will only be found wearing dresses during important events that would not call for her to wear her armor. Hilda currently wears a set of armor similar to the Drachen set used by Ishgard during the Dragonsong War, but she is striving to obtain a set of Trueblood Maile.

Hilda's accessories often include earrings, bracelets, and necklaces branded with the House Fortemps sigil, and a silver ring inscribed with Old Ishgardian script. She is also almost never seen without a golden locket bearing an unfamiliar House sigil.

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"The future is not written."

Hilda is known by many as a bastion of hopeful realism. Rarely seen as anything but content, she is very strong willed and emotional- these traits are made all the more obvious when she is performing her duties. She is an even split of "glass half full" and "glass half empty", knowing the odds are stacked against her, but choosing to ignore this and continue to fight on. She is selfless, often the point of putting herself down- though, with her induction into the Knights Dragoon, she has begun to regain some of her self-confidence.

Underneath Hilda's relaxed smile, however, rests a tired and broken woman. Often hampered by life in ways she does not expect, she tends to bottle her emotional baggage deep inside her, only to be released at the worst times. She still struggles with the grief of losing close friends and closer family, as well as the stress of her new military life, and deals with her occassional emotional breakdown with brief bouts of alcoholism. Despite this, Hilda uses her internal struggle as a motivator to constantly push herself beyond her normal limits.

Whilst her piousness could be questioned, Hilda is a worshipper of Halone and can be found muttering quick prayers to the goddess for strength.


  • Tea.
  • Chocolate.
  • Studying.
  • Reading, specifically romance.
  • Sparring or practicing with her lance.
  • Spending time with her fiance.


  • Self-centered people.
  • Garleans.
  • Snakes.
  • Deep water.
  • Open ocean.
  • Close-minded people.
  • Monetarists.


  • Hilda's eyes have a distinctive glow around the edge of her iris that tends to betray her mood.
  • She is impulsive and will often blurt out a thought without thinking.
  • Somewhat stingy- except when dealing with tea, chocolate, and weapons.
  • Never shivers, despite the the current temperature.
  • Often has one-sided conversations with herself.
  • Sometimes hits herself upside the head after speaking.


  • A decent artist- comes from sketching the mountains of Coerthas.
  • Sometimes seen with a gaelicat she's named Shiro.
  • Favourite colour is dark sapphire.
  • Pinches the bridge of her nose when annoyed.
  • Has an interest in Allagan tech, and can work with it succesfully to some degree.
  • Naturally blue hair.
  • Monetarily well-off.
  • Seems uneasy around any body of water, unless with other people.
  • Slow to anger, quick to annoy.

Hilba combat.png

   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity

With Hilda's older age comes her skill with a lance- training with the weapon since her fifth summer, Hilda's skill with a lance is considered expert by many. Her combat style is based around her halberd, preferring quick strikes, slashes, and thrusts to prolonged attack. She also has some experience with a sword and the katana, after wielding her mother's katana for a short time. She is not a good shot- in fact, her marksmanship borders on "terrible" and "a danger to herself and others".

Hilda's learned upbringing gifts her with a knowledge of all things aetheric (at least, as far as scientific study of aether goes) and chemical. She is also an avid student of lost civilizations, studying Allag in particular. She is able to manipulate many different kinds of Allagan terminal with varying degrees of success.

Hilda is unable to cast magic beyond simple spells, an effect of her body's naturally very low amount of aether. Thankfully, she has no spellcasting ambitions, and only makes use of her aether when using her jumps. She also suffers from chronic headaches of varying strength with an unknown cause.

Free-Company Combat Sheet:

  • WIP

Fortemps Halberd
Hilda's current halberd. A weapon given to her as a gift by House Fortemps upon her ascension to Knight Dragoon.

Dated Iron Dagger Icon.png
Boot Knife
A boot knife often carried by Hilda when she is not armored.

Golden Locket
A locket carried just about everywhere by Hilda. On the outside, there is an engraving of an unknown House sigil, and on the inside, a portrait of a young midlander girl in fancy clothes.

A specially-made leather pouch containing an assortment of different tea leaves, so that Hilda is never far from a cup of tea.

Coin Purse
Hilda's coin purse, containing about 10,000 gil at any given time.


These items are assumed to potentially be on Hilda's person. Those labeled as being regularly worn are always on her, while those labeled on occasion or rarely will be described to be on her person if worn.

Ishgardian Chaplain's Choker Icon.png
House Fortemps Necklace [Regularly]
A choker with the House Fortemps symbol on the middle. Always worn by Hilda when she is in her casual cloothes, less often in her armor, as it interferes with the armor's fit.

Ring of Freedom Icon.png
Silver Ring [Regularly]
A silver ring inscribed with an Old Ishgardian phrase: "L'avenir n'est pas écrit."

Green Cherry Blossoms [Occassionaly]
A bundle of flowers picked for Hilda by her fiance Faelen. Preserved so they do not rot, Hilda wears them in her hair sometimes.

Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under the Player Character category! Any PC rumours marked red are considered rare, and will need permission from the gossiper or player before usage.
COMMON RUMORS - Easily overheard. Use these freely!

    ¦ “I don't think I've ever seen that woman without some sort of steaming cup in her hand.” - Forgotten Knight Patron
    ¦ “She's one of the most relaxed knights I've ever seen. I wonder how she stays so calm?” - Temple Knight Guard
    ¦ “She's always buying crystals from me, she is. I think she uses them in her little experiments.” - Jeweled Crozier Merchant

UNCOMMON RUMORS - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!

    ¦ “Her records state she was born in Ul'dah, but she's obviously of Ishgardian blood.” - Temple Knight Record-keeper
    ¦ “Sometimes, she just... argues with herself. Don't know why.”- Fortemps Manor Steward
    ¦ “Hear the Alarias family was in some hot water out in Ul'dah. Guess she distanced herself fast as she could, huh?”- Limsan Merchant

RARE RUMORS - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!

    ¦ “Hilda's family is all sorts of messed up. Sister became a bandit, brother became a mage, father's out in the desert somewhere, and... well, her mother was executed about a turn after the Calamity. Think people said she was "harboring a voidsent" or some other shite like that. I don't think Hilda's ever gotten over it...” - Former Alarias Family steward
    ¦“She harbors a dragon's eye, I'm tellin' ya! Convenes with it, speaks with it, draws upon it for power... she'll curse us all to death, I know it!”- Brume Beggar

PLAYER CHARACTER RUMORS - Feel free to add rumors of your own!

You can find me on Discord at Rainbow#5351 or Tumblr at future-exalt.tumblr.com. My personal twitter is @FutureExalt- though, out of all of these, I would prefer you contact me over Discord if you wish to set up a scene.
Personal RP Limitations
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? Long-term.

? Combat.

? Slice-of-Life.

? Paragraph RP.

? Discord RP.


? Injury/maiming. Please ask me before you get me involved in a plot that may leave my character hurt, injured, or maimed for an extended period of time.

? Sexual RP, up to and including Rape. Hilda is engaged, and is faithful to her fiance, but I am not opposed to bad things happening to Hilda- I just ask that you talk with me and plan before you actually go through with anything.

? Past friendship/family member RP. While I'm very much okay with people playing some of Hilda's friends from her past, playing anyone in the Alarias family requires an OK from me- the story of many of the family's members is dictated by myself alone.

? Lore-bending. I'm not saying that if you don't follow lore to the exact letter, then I won't RP with you- I mean, I'm pretty sure no one's harbored a dragon's eye in their body besides Hilda. Please try to remain faithful to lore.


× ERP for the sake of ERP. There's plenty of brothels for that.

× Permanent character death. If you try to kill Hilda without asking me (and I'll say no anyway), I'm going to count whatever we've interacted with as non-canon.

× Lore-breaking characters. There's a difference between a Garlean who tries to hide the fact they're a Garlean and one who walks around the major cities in full uniform. If you're obviously breaking lore, I'll likely not want to RP with you. This is a case-by-case basis.

I apologize if I do something IC that makes you, personally, uncomfortable, and I'd ask that you tell me if something like that happens. This doesn't mean that you should be offended on your character's behalf- if you, personally, are offended by something I do, please tell me.
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