Hisayuki Kisaragi

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Kisaragi Hisayuki
Gender Male
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 27
Marital Status Single
Occupation Oiran
Height/Weight 6'0"/160 pzs
Orientation Flexible, prefers men
  • Katsuyori (Father)
  • Chiyo (Mother)
  • Shingen (Older brother)

A relocated Doman oiran bound and determined to bring a little culture to this backwater continent he now calls home.

Basic Info

Like so many other Domans, Kisaragi Hisayuki fled to Eorzea after the failed uprising against the Garlean occupation. He was one of the rare Domans to settle in Ul'dah, and that decision eventually saw him entangled with the Diabolos' Due gambling ring. Eventually he split from the group after the so-called leader, Flynt Reddard, lost his mind, but he has used the connections he formed and the skills he picked up to start building a new life for himself in Eorzea, free of his previous life as a geisha and now making his own name as an independent oiran.


Watching bloodsports


Getting involved in bloodsports
Being flustered or caught off guard
Being called a whore or prostitute


Alignment: Neutral
Vice(s): Somnus
Favorite Food: Taiyaki
Favorite Drink: Doman green tea
Favorite Color: Sapphire blue

Appearance & Personality

As befitting his history as a Doman geisha, Hisayuki strives to present an image of flawless beauty and ideal elegance in his day-to-day life, to the point that he isn't sure how much of it is real and how much is manufactured through long years of necessity. To be sure, he is quite lovely to look at, with pale skin delightfully contrasted by long hair so black it shows blue highlights, large blue eyes, and a slender build outlined by white-gold scales. He smiles easily and often -- never mind that sometimes it doesn't quite reach his eyes -- and he is adept at appearing warm, caring, and genuine. Sometimes it's even true.
Underneath that carefully constructed image is a man only just now learning how to be "real", rather than simply a beautiful phantom floating in and out of people's lives like a breath of exotic perfume. He has found himself to be jealous, catty, and awkward when dealing with emotions... but also playful, devoted, determined, and not unlike a kitten puffing itself up and flailing when flustered or embarrassed.



Hisayuki was born in a coastal fishing village too small to even have a name, the younger of two sons. His early childhood was uneventful, but in many respects it ended the day he was sold, at age five, to a man he later found out was a human trafficker, a middleman of sorts who in turn sold him to an okiya.





Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"Just the other day I saw him walking arm in arm with some Ishgardian nobleman, and you know, I haven't seen him in anyone else's company for simply ages now. Maybe he's finally accepted a patron?" -- an unknown Syndicate member's servant
"Don't bother trying to get his attention. I think he only has a thing for Elezen." -- some friendly advice offered to a calf-eyed Midlander girl in the Quicksand
"If you're off to see that pretty Raen down at the Coffer for that ankle, you're wasting your time. I heard he only treats members of that gang he runs around with." -- a traveling merchant passing through Black Brush Station
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"Don't play dice with that one. I hear he's got Nymeia Herself watchin' over 'im, an' that 'e traded 'is soul fer that luck." -- a Coffer and Coffin patron, rather deep in his cups
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"How strange that he seems so adamant about keeping his kimono on, even at the most intimate moments. Doman propriety, do you think?" -- Lord Iryo Teryo of Ul'dah
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from other players' characters)


💑 In a Relationship Romantic Interest Sexual Desire Platonic Love Family Good Standing Neutral Poor Standing Deceased

💑 Etront Loubois : A runaway Ishgardian noble as lost on the road of self-discovery as Hisayuki himself was the day they met. A single question -- "Who is Etront Loubois?" -- and its answer -- "I don't know." -- and Hisayuki was immediately enchanted and smitten. How lucky for him, then, that the Elezen seemed equally taken with him, enough to wager his soul on a throw of the dice, a wager that Hisayuki won. He claimed Etront as his own, and although there are many who will insist they're moving too fast, and that they can't possibly mean that much to each other already, the Raen and his Ishgardian lover couldn't care less.
/ Alta Ugund : Currently the only person who has won anything of value from Hisayuki in a game of dice, Alta claimed his soul for her own, and for Diabolos' Due, and since then she has become a rock that Hisayuki clings to in his darker moments. He considers her the closest thing he has to family, despite his scales being white and hers black, and no matter how distasteful he might find the savagery of some of the Due's other members, he refuses to abandon her.
/ Erlanis Shadir : Hisayuki's unexpected catalyst and guide on that aforementioned road of self-discovery, as well as his dear friend and -- before Etront -- occasional lover. He has found in the oft-infuriating Duskwight not just a sympathetic ear, but also the unforgiving voice of truth he needed to knock him out of his ennui-induced stupor so that he might start making something of himself. For that alone he treasures Erlanis, and can even forgive him for the delight he seems to take in ruffling Hisayuki's feathers.
Amedee Delacroix : Although Hisayuki would hesitate to call Amedee his friend, they usually get along regardless. They met when the Raen was in the deepest depths of his ennui, and Amedee offered a bright spot of entertainment in the form of ugly, gritty, acid-tongued reality. Where they stand now that Hisayuki is slowly becoming his own person is up for debate.
Julien Fortier : Once a man Hisayuki admired and was maybe even attracted to, the Raen has since classified him as a vicious thug and someone he only tolerated to avoid causing trouble in the gang were both part of. Now that Hisayuki has split from the Due, well... that remains to be seen.


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