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The following is strictly player-made content. Said content can be found in a text/scrolls in some libraries, primarily Ul'dah. The text details the history of one of the city's many past wealthy houses.

House Mavanix
"From the ashes, we shall rise with flame unyielding."
Mavanix crest.png

Vital Information

Believed to be destroyed since the Calamity, a handful of Mavanix remnants have resurfaced.

Location: Ul'dah
Founder: Joachim Mavanix
Current Leader: Barbas Mavanix
Current Successor: Freya Mavanix
Owned Businesses: Unknown. Most have been sold off to other merchant families.
Influence: Predominately Ul'dah and a bit in Limsa Lominsa. Little to no influence/presence in Gridania and Ishgard.

Family Tree

Sidenote: The only known surviving members in this tree include the Decretum Umbra members: Barbas, Freya (AKA Ekidnah), Marvani, Zacriel, and Lemdarva (missing).

House Mavanix Bloodline

Era 1: Joachim Mavanix, the Igniter

Reigned from age 28 to age 59 (31 years).

“The gods care not to share their paradise with us mortals. Thus, we must forge our own through the familial bonds in which we pass on to each generation.” -Joachim Mavanix in a lecture to his children.

Joachim Mavanix

House Mavanix was founded by none other than Joachim Mavanix. Very little was known about Joachim’s origins for nearly 200 years, and much mystery still remains even today. It is only known that his origins stem from beyond Aldenard.

Joachim is known to have come to Eorzea as an adventurer in search of a specific relic known as the Soulfire Apparatus, believing the relic was the key to immortality. He arrived with nothing to his name and took up residence in Ul'dah's commoner wards. He took up a mining job, where he quickly rose up the ranks due to his dedication.

It was by chance the following year in the markets that Joachim came across Lady Anabelle Felstar. The Lady was quickly charmed by Joachim and the two began to see each other on a romantic level. Anabelle’s family, eventually discovering this, forbade her from seeing the commoner ever again. Joachim was devastated by this. It was also around this time that he was promoted yet again in the mining industry. Shortly after, he got into an argument with the head overseer that caused him to quit the job and start up his own mining company, dubbed Avalon.

After a couple of months building his team, Joachim issued the order to mine in a very specific location in Thanalan. He apparently had requested this location multiple times with his former employer but was constantly denied. Months passed and Avalon was on the verge of going bankrupt, several members even quitting the team. After six months of finding nothing of value, Joachim finally found what he knew to be there all along--the Soulfire Apparatus, an eerie looking totem pole from an unknown tribal civiliation. It appeared to have no visible powers of immortality, however.

Despite finding the artifact he craved, Joachim could not stop thinking of Anabelle Felstar. He decided to prove his worth to her family by charging historians and researchers a ton of money just to see the new artifact or interview Joachim about it. He would use these funds to help start a museum called the Avalon Heritage Museum. Anabelle would secretly give Joachim a loan from her family to assist in the endeavor as well. The museum was a success, and House Felstar finally gave their blessing to a union between Anabelle and Joachim.

Joachim and Anabelle thus wedded one another at an elegant wedding happily hosted by House Felstar. The loan that Joachim took from the family was dismissed following the marriage -- a wedding gift of sorts. Joachim then lived with Anabelle’s family while construction of the Mavanix Mansion began. Annabelle gave birth to their first child during this period of time, a daughter named Carmilla.

After the married couple moved into their new Mavanix home, they had their second child, another daughter named Sarah. It would later be revealed that Sarah was actually born of another man in which Anabelle had an affair with. This affair would eventually spark the war between Houses Felstar and Mavanix, as Joachim would retaliate by placing a deadly curse on Sarah's birth father and forcing Sarah to grow up with the Mavanix house. Trying desperately for a male heir, Joachim and Anabelle had a third child a year and a half later--yet another daughter, Margarette. The fourth child finally ended up being the boy that Joachim wanted so badly. He was named Darian.

Joachim shifted his focus to making House Mavanix stronger by building up the museum and Avalon while raising his three (four if Sarah is included) children as best as possible. Two suns following Darian’s eighteenth birthday, Lady Anabelle passed away from illness. Joachim became distant and closed off following this tragedy until he too passed away six years later from a heart attack. Their eldest daughter, Carmilla, left for Joachim's homeland and was not heard from again afterwards. The younger daughters, Margarette and Sarah, launched a moderately successful fashion line. This would later transform into the successful Margarah fashion line.

Era 2: Darian Mavanix, the Exalter

Darian Mavanix
Reigned from age 24 to age 85 (61 years).

“What you know the best, you observe the least. One’s greatest strength is also one’s greatest vulnerability.” -Darian Mavanix in a speech to the staff of the newly founded Mavanix Academy.

Darian Mavanix was arguably the greatest Mavanix patriarch to ever live. It was under his era that House Mavanix would expand more than any other era following him, perhaps due to him being the longest reigning head of the family.

His childhood was a combination of enjoying the benefits of nobility alongside a constant reminder of his father’s roots. Having three older sisters often made him feel out of place and Lady Anabelle even revealed in her diary that Darian had asked for a baby brother multiple times throughout his childhood.

In his later teenage years, Darian became mesmerized by magic much like his father was. While he loved his mother greatly, he still felt that her lack of magical expertise didn’t do him any favors. Lady Anabelle even revealed similar regret about her magical roots in her diary, saying that being the only one amongst her husband and children to have limited knowledge and expertise in the magical realm sometimes made her feel out of place.

Darian spent much of his time with his childhood friend, Malina Zagbar. She shared his love for magic and the two often practiced spells together. The fact that Malina was also good friends with Darian’s sisters made her fit even more into the family, despite the fact that she belonged to the middle class.

Malina Zagbar

After his mother passed away, Darian started to take over numerous operations for House Mavanix unofficially. As Joachim drifted into further seclusion, it fell onto the young man’s shoulders to keep the house strong. Darian remained respectful enough of his father in that he did not make any radical changes or decisions. During this time, Darian and Malina were wedded to one another. One year prior to Joachim’s passing, they had their first child, Darius.

Following Joachim’s death, Darian instantly shut down all House Mavanix operations for nearly two full weeks. This was done out of respect for his father in order to maintain a proper period of mourning. This period of mourning would become a tradition of House Mavanix upon the passing of any prominent family member. This is also when the Mavanix Catacombs were set up beneath the mansion grounds. Lady Annabelle’s body was moved there to rest for eternity next to Joachim, though it would be moved back to the Felstar Catacombs many years later.

Once House Mavanix restarted operations, Darian went straight to work in raising it to whole new heights. His first investment was creating a new private academy primarily aimed at the upper class, though financial programs were set up to help medium income families upon Lady Malina’s urging. The Mavanix Academy became a success, raising House Mavanix’s revenue by a hefty amount and paying off all expenses within a mere four years time. Around the time that the academy was starting to be built is also when Darian and Malina had their second child, Katherine.

Darian’s next order of business was to build up preexisting projects. First, the patriarch assisted his sisters in promoting their new fashion line, Margarah. Next, Darian made an aggressive push to expand House Mavanix’s collection of artifacts, magical knowledge, and even the architecture of the Mavanix Mansion itself. The number of artifacts in the Avalon Heritage Museum more than tripled in this era. The same is true of magical tomes in the Mavanix library. Various new rooms, secret rooms and hidden paths included, were added on to the manor as well.

What came next for House Mavanix remains controversial even today. The patriarch greatly expanded the Avalon excavation crew and added a mercenary company under its umbrella. The new mercenary guild not only continued to excavate artifacts, but also took on missions from ordinary citizens for a fee. Additionally, Avalon was given a separate research department at the Academy. Financially, the mercenary company project constantly bounced between breaking even and operating in the red. Despite its financial fluctuations, Darian insisted on keeping Avalon on its path. It became his baby and he refused to watch it fall. Malina offered tremendous support in his endeavor and fourteen whole years after birthing Katherine, they had their third and final child together, Veronica.

Four years after Veronica’s birth, House Mavanix went through its biggest trial yet. A deadly assault against the family took place at Avalon headquarters. The attackers were a small band of Avalon mercenaries, allegedly ones who had been experimented on at the research department in attempts to boost their elemental affinity. Having supposedly gone mad from being overtaxed in elemental energies, the triad of mercenaries ended up slaying numerous fellow mercenaries and even Lady Malina herself. It remains unclear what happened to the three attackers following this event, as none of them were ever seen or heard from again.

Lady Malina’s brutal death sent shockwaves through House Mavanix. As per tradition, all House operations were shut down for a period of mourning. Family infighting was constant during this period. Following the period of mourning, Darian restarted operations much to his elder son’s dismay. Darius had insisted that Avalon should be dissolved following the tragedy, or at least the mercenary sector of it. Darian, however, refused to oblige and this caused his son to disown him and House Mavanix before leaving Ul’dah entirely.

Within several years of the tragedy, Darian attempted to move on and even remarried. He and his new wife, Lauralyn Vaza, had a single child together named Jonathan. Six years later, the two divorced due to irreconcilable differences and ended up sharing custody of Jonathan. Jonathan would later distance himself from House Mavanix and set up a weapons shop in Ul’dah, even eventually changing his last name. It remains unknown what ever happened to Jonathan and his lineage.

Darian lived out his remaining days sustaining all of his projects and attempting to reach out to his eldest son to rebuild their broken bond. At age 85, he began to slowly pass away. His son, Darius, returned to Ul’dah just in time to reconcile with his father before he died.

Era 3: Darius Mavanix, the Inquisitor

Darius Mavanix
Reigned from age 62 to age 69 (7 years).

“Destiny is just a way of claiming your successes without claiming your failures.” -Darius Mavanix

Darius served only seven years as House patriarch, making him the shortest official reigning head of the family. As per his title, Darius would go on to question many of the House’s practices and projects.

Growing up under Darian and Malina, Darius tended to always be closer to his mother than his father. His relationship with his sisters, Katherine and Veronica, was mostly non-existent. Darius attended school at the Mavanix Academy and was known to become quite the flirt in his teenage and young adolescent years. He often got into trouble for bringing random women to the mansion.

As Darius aged, he realized rather quickly that he wouldn’t be patriarch of the House anytime soon due to his father’s own healthy lifestyle. Darius was fine with this, never really wanting to take over operations to begin with. He spent most of his life simply indulging in the pleasures of the upper class. Darius and Darian often got into heated arguments over these behaviors.

When Malina was murdered by Avalon’s experiments, Darius was enraged. He blamed his father for her death, stating that such unethical experiments should have never happened. His father defended his actions and Katherine even sided with him. Further enraged that his sister was on his father’s side, Darius disowned the family. He cut off all ties to the entire Mavanix clan.

It’s not entirely clear what Darius did during his long hiatus from House Mavanix. The only official explanation he gave was that he was “adventuring.” When word reached him about his father being on his deathbed, Darius rushed back to Ul’dah and reconciled with his ailing father just in time. Since Darian never changed his will, Darius still inherited the title of patriarch at the age of 62.

Following the traditional period of mourning, Darius instantly dissolved the mercenary sector of Avalon, stripping the guild back to its bare bones of the original excavation team. He also reversed other minor decisions made by his father over the next year, including conservative traditions that he claimed were 'outdated.' He also lowered tuition costs at the Mavanix Academy and implemented methods for less wealthy scholars to attend.

Katherine and Veronica were somewhat agitated over their brother’s reign, angered that he still even had claim to the seat of patriarch despite his long hiatus and previous disowning of the family. It’s believed by many that Katherine and Veronica conspired to force their brother’s removal from House Mavanix over the next several years. Over the course of the next two years, Darius faced numerous challenges from outside sources as well. It was under Darius's rule when the group known as Decretum Umbra surfaced and made their first assault against the entire house. Decretum Umbra was, though unknown at the time, a separate sector of the family descended from Carmilla Mavanix who believed they had claim to the house. With the help of Veronica's magic, House Mavanix was able to force Decretum Umbra into retreat.

Darius went on to set up an auction house under Avalon’s umbrella, believing that there was no use for the tons of “useless” artifacts cluttering the museum. He met fierce resistance from his sisters and the museum staff members in this decision, but it didn’t stop him from setting it up and successfully selling numerous artifacts to wealthy collectors.

Seven years into his reign and right before he was about to make a much hyped mysterious announcement about the new direction of House Mavanix, Darius died of poisoning. Many theorists believe that Veronica was behind his murder, though no proof ever surfaced. Darius never married nor did he have any known offspring to succeed him. Most believed Katherine would be next in line to succession, but the eldest Mavanix would instead pass the baton to Veronica.

Era 4: Veronica Mavanix, the Sybil

Veronica Mavanix
Reigned from age 53 to age 105 (52 years).

“The only means to defeat Fate is to embrace it. Any other self-important strategy is sure to be met with failure.” -Veronica Mavanix.

Veronica was by far the most controversial leader that House Mavanix ever saw, for more reasons than can likely be listed. Her strong position as a female alone was cause for debate by both feminists and male traditionalists alike. She was far and away the greatest mage House Mavanix has ever seen, displaying a stunning display of magical knowledge on all fronts. Her quirky behavior and seductive mannerisms made her the talk of the city in more than several instances. Her ability to supposedly have numerous visions and prophecies further solidified her role as the most powerful House Mavanix leader ever.

Veronica was raised primarily by her father, Darian. Since Malina died when Veronica was still a toddler, she had no memories of her mother. She was relatively close to her sister Katherine, who tried to look after her little sister on numerous occasions.

Veronica grew up with an unrivaled fascination with the magical world. She sometimes locked herself in her room for days at a time just to read entire tomes. She reportedly had her first “vision” at age 10, accurately predicting her father’s death at age 85. She was said to have been terrified by the vision, refusing to acknowledge her father’s mortality at such a tender age. More visions came to her over time, most of them incoherent and vague. Many of the prophecies were recorded in scrolls and preserved.

As she grew older, she quickly realized how different she was from the rest of her family. Her magical aptitude was off the charts, even for a Mavanix. Her behavior began to slowly change and she became increasingly odd and unpredictable.

Various men often bedded Veronica over the years and she was far from ashamed of her promiscuous behavior, sometimes even flaunting it. At age 27, the future matriarch did something completely unheard of. A strong believer of her father’s theory about a child having as much magical aptitude of both its parents, Veronica came to the conclusion that a male partner would simply weaken any child of hers. She decided to attempt using pure magic to impregnate herself. Locking herself in the manor’s underground study for weeks, she made no contact with the outside world much to the worry of her father, sister, and staff.

Eventually, she put her spell into motion. Veronica emerged from the underground study, confident that her spell succeeded. Sure enough, she was eventually proven to be pregnant. She would end up having a miscarriage within the first three months of her pregnancy though. Devastated, she locked herself in her room for several days to grieve. At age 29, she made a second attempt at the spell. She actually did give birth to a child nine moons later. The infant would die mere days after being born though due to intense mana poisoning. Veronica was once again devastated and abandoned all future use of the spell she had used. At age 39, she would eventually settle on a husband and have a child the traditional way, giving birth to Julius. She divorced her husband, Drogan Vanset, within a year of giving birth and took full custody of Julius after dragging her husband’s reputation through the mud.

As time passed and her father aged, Veronica’s visions began to intensify. She rarely spoke of the contents of the visions save to her sister. When Darius returned out of the blue and reconciled with their father, Veronica was furious. Darius became patriarch and proceeded to undo many of their father’s policies. After Darius sold numerous artifacts via his new auction house, including one of Veronica’s texts of prophecies, Veronica became infuriated and confronted her older brother. Harsh words and threats were exchanged and Darius even threatened to cut Veronica off from the family. It wasn’t long after that fight that Darius died from poisoning.

Katherine, who was technically next in line for House leadership, refused the position and claimed that Veronica was more fit for it. Nobody challenged Veronica to the position and she became the first female head of the family.

Veronica moved to quickly revert some of Darius’s decisions back to tradition. Her aloof behavior continued on even after her ascension to house matriarch. Staff members had a hard time determining when she was being serious or not half the time. She did however give her son, Julius, an intense amount of attention and care. She even tutored him in magic on a regular basis, though his magical aptitude wasn’t nearly on par with his mother’s.

Despite her controversial nature, Veronica had numerous of her own accomplishments during her long reign as matriarch. She expanded House Mavanix’s library of magical knowledge by nearly four times its original content. Numerous new artifacts were added to the museum, though less so than under previous eras. She also added a variety of magical wards to protect the Mavanix Mansion. Rumors also indicated that she cursed numerous “valuable” artifacts to ensure nobody would attempt to steal or sell them. She expanded the house’s knowledge of magic more than any other family member or leader, including the creation of some spells passed on only to the head of the family.

She lived to be an entire 105 years old, though she unofficially delegated much of the running of the house to Julius during her last ten years. Interestingly enough, she predicted the day and year of her own passing perfectly 20 years before her actual death.

Era 5: Julius Mavanix, the Guardian

Julius Mavanix
Reigned from age 58 to age 87 (29 years).

“True power comes not from the things we own, but rather the people we share them with.” -Julius Mavanix in a speech to the newly founded GIN.

Julius was born to Veronica Mavanix and Drogan Vanset, though his father had no place in his life after Julius’s first year of being born. To this day, nobody knows what became of Drogan after his mysterious disappearance. Julius grew up under the impression that he abandoned him, thus strengthening the boy’s future views on fatherhood.

The life of Julius was of course one of luxury. Under the protective watch of his mother, the youth would learn all of his mother’s magical secrets even though he was unable to actually master most of her spells. Despite the fact that Veronica was not matriarch of the house at this time nor was she even on the radar of being future leader, it was still fairly obvious that she was grooming her son to be future patriarch. Aside from passing on her knowledge and spells, Veronica also made sure to install her son with strong family values and leadership skills. She also sent him to the Mavanix Academy for the best possible education he could receive.

It was at the Mavanix Academy where Julius met Lady Rochelle Galavano. The two became friends rather quickly and then dated on and off again throughout the years. During their off again stages, Julius dated numerous other women who all came under fierce scrutiny from Veronica. Only Rochelle would receive Veronica’s blessing to be with her son. As such, Julius and Rochelle would finally marry one another shortly after Julius turned age 26. They would have their first child six years later, named Kalara.

Julius would eventually have another child with Rochelle an entire 15 years after Kalara’s birth named Nina. At this point, the house would unknowingly begin its plunge into disarray. Due to complications in Nina's birth, Rochelle became barren after her birth. She and Julius never told anyone about this, however, and the knowledge wouldn't surface until Rochelle's diary was found. Veronica began to pressure Rochelle and Julius into having a third child, hoping for a grandson. The pressure mounted more as time went by, and Rochelle eventually lied and blurted out that she was pregnant. Panicking, Rochelle persuaded Julius to go along with the lie and pretend she was pregnant for fear of Veronica's retribution. They agreed to go forward with a fake pregnancy and adopt a boy, having wanted to adopt anyway.

The plan would hit a snag several moons into the faked pregnancy. Veronica would reveal in a casual family gathering an artifact recently added to the family's collection. According to the matriarch, the bauble had the ability to allow its wearer to gaze directly at one's bloodline and trace it. The bauble or details about it were never discovered following these events, so the validity of Veronica's claims to its abilities remain unproven. However, Rochelle and Julius took the statement very seriously, realizing that their plan would be found out after the fake birth since the adopted child would be of a different bloodline. Fearing Veronica's wrath, the two returned to the drawing board.

As everything seemed hopeless, news would eventually reach the two that House Felstar's matriarch was pregnant as well, only about two moons ahead of Rochelle's fake pregnancy. The couple believed it to be a blessing from Nymeia, as all Mavanixs descended from Anabelle Felstar and thus had Felstar blood in their veins. As such, a Felstar child would be capable of deceiving Veronica's artifact if her claims were true. An elaborate plot was put into motion in which the Felstar child was abducted and passed off as dead. Julius and Rochelle claimed the child as their own and named him Cartius. The scheme worked and Veronica was never the wiser.

Time elapsed and Veronica began to delegate many responsibilities to Julius. When Veronica passed away, the traditional period of mourning went into effect and the former matriarch was buried in the Mavanix Catacombs beneath the mansion. Julius then took over the house with ease due to having already been unofficially handling everything at that point anyway. He maintained all of his mother’s policies, adding almost nothing new of his own design.

Julius’s crowning achievement, however, would be the creation of the Goblin Information Network (or simply “GIN”). This strange alliance came about during one of Avalon’s excavations in which a peculiar black and grey egg was discovered in the Coerthas region. The native goblins near the excavation site insisted that the egg belonged to them, claiming it was a dragon egg cursed long ago to never hatch. To this particular clan, it was practically a religious icon. The goblins and House Mavanix quarreled over rights to the dragon egg for many moons before an agreement was finally made. The goblins agreed to allow House Mavanix to keep the egg so long as they kept it safe at all times and allowed their clan access to it at anytime for religious rituals. In addition, the goblins would act as informants for House Mavanix as needed. Should anything ever happen to the egg, the alliance would crumble. Julius went to great lengths to keep the egg safe. The end result was perhaps one of the most crucial alliances House Mavanix had ever made.

Julius would pass away at age 87, leaving Cartius to take over as patriarch at age 40. Rochelle would pass away five years later.

Era 6: Cartius Mavanix/Felstar, the Betrayer

Cartius Mavanix
Reigned from age 40 to age 48 (8 years).

"Checkmate." -Cartius Mavanix

Raised by Julius Mavanix and Rochelle Galavano, Cartius enjoyed the many benefits of the Mavanix lifestyle like those before him. It wouldn’t be until Cartius was an adult that he’d uncover his true paternity to the Felstar family.

Cartius had close ties to his sisters, Nina and Kalara. His grandmother, Veronica, saw great things in his future and placed an elaborate amount of attention on the boy as he grew up, teaching him some of the things she had taught Julius himself. After Veronica passed away, Julius continued to groom Cartius as the next heir to House Mavanix.

Cartius, in his early twenties, met Lady Sophia Nox of Ishgard. The two fell in love with one another and eventually married. As they tried to have their first child, Sophia would eventually learn that she was unable to bear children of her own. The tragic news caused her to turn to old tactics used by Veronica to impregnate herself. A powerful sorceress in her own right, Sophia tweaked Veronica’s spell so that it would simply cure her ailment rather than impregnate her out outright. The spell was a success. Sophia and Cartius would have their first and only child together shortly thereafter. The spell, however, had spread a number of aetherial toxins through Sophia’s body and she would die immediately after giving birth to Castiel Mavanix (who later changed his name to Kylin, his mother’s preferred name per her diary).

Devastated by Sophia’s death, Cartius raised Kylin as a single father. Kylin remained afflicted from his mother's spell as well, forced to take ether-like medication daily for the rest of his life to keep the mana poisoning from manifesting.

After Julius’s death, Cartius became patriarch of the house. His accomplishments were few due to his short reign in comparison to other Mavanix leaders. He did however expand the Avalon Heritage Museum’s collection of artifacts significantly. He also helped found Outer Heaven, an adventurer’s guild composed of four different pillars that was wildly successful prior to Cartius suddenly pulling support from it for unknown reasons. It was also revealed during this time that Seraphine Winter was the daughter of Cartius, birthed by an affair between him and Rebecca Winter.

Just prior to the Calamity, House Mavanix would begin its downward spiral into destruction. Cartius, a couple of years prior, had learned of his true paternity to the Felstar family and had secretly began bonding with the family. Upon learning the many atrocities House Mavanix committed to House Felstar over the years, Cartius saw a need to wipe the slate clean and restore the Felstar name. The patriarch would fake his demise during a staged attack on the mansion by goblins from GIN, the alliance formerly forged by Julius. Elza Ashfen was unexpectedly named his successor in his will, a daughter that none knew of until the revelation. Elza took over as matriarch as the house began to crumble from perceived external enemies. The Mavanix Academy fell first when revelations about unethical experiments in the academy’s basement suddenly came to light. Most of the staff and students abandoned the school, causing an irreversible downward spiral for the institution before it was eventually bought out by an unknown merchant. Margarah came next when Nina and Kalara Mavanix, angered at Elza's instant rise to matriarch, attempted to secede from the house entirely with their fashion business. Elza managed to challenge and best them in a fashion duel for control of the business using a mercenary group known as Everwatch as the models. Nina and Kalara died tragically that same night when their airship mysteriously crashed, leaving Margarah completely without management. In its vulnerable state, it would later be bought out by another merchant family. On the same night, Balthazor Mavanix’s home was attacked during a family meeting and almost the entire remaining Mavanix clan was wiped out. The mysterious attackers were never uncovered.

Not long after these events transpired, GIN somehow received the artifact that kept the alliance between them and House Mavanix stable, thus severing the vital relationship and another of the house’s resources. In a final climatic turn of events, Ul'dahn officials received proof from an unknown source stating that Elza was not a Mavanix at all and thus did not meet the specific criteria of Cartius’s will (someone had brought forth proof of Cartius's blood relation to the Felstars). As such, Elza’s tumultuous and extremely short-lived reign is not recognized by historians as an era in the house’s history. The embarrassment of the situation caused Ul'dahn officials to dissolve House Mavanix in its entirety. Afterward, Cartius was revealed to in fact be alive and well living within Ishgard. It was revealed that the former patriarch had staged his death, claiming he had hoped to protect the house from his enemies by doing so. It was widely believed, and later proved, that Cartius orchestrated all of the events that led to the Mavanix downfall for the sake of restoring his true lineage in House Felstar.

Numerous mercenaries were wanted for questioning in relation to these myriad of events, but the investigation was permanently cut short with the coming of the Calamity. House Mavanix fell completely with no known survivors as the Calamity came. House Felstar, under Cartius's new leadership, would in turn rise in its place.

Hidden Era: Decretum Umbra

Decretum Umbra, meaning roughly 'Decree of the Shadows,' is an arm of House Mavanix that existed almost as long as the house itself. Very little has been known about the shadow branch of this family.

Decretum Umbra was founded by Carmilla Mavanix, firstborn daughter of House Mavanix's founder, Joachim Mavanix. It is said that the prophecy of the house's complete and total destruction somehow became known to Joachim early on in his reign. In an effort to protect the legacy he built, he persuaded Carmilla to disappear and create a 'backup' branch of the house away from Aldenard.

Carmilla traveled across the world to study powerful magic in an effort to become powerful enough to save her family from the dreaded prophecy. She would end up having at least one son named Lemdarva, though the father remains unknown even all this time later. It is also unknown if Carmilla had other children or what life was like in their secretive household.

Carmilla would become increasly distrought and unpredictable in her conquest for more powerful magic. Her determination to save the family from an unknown and possibly yet unborn foe remained at the forefront for her as she mastered a plethora of deadly and forbidden spells and studied numerous cults and secret societies. She became more distant as she aged before disappearing entirely, though it would much later be revealed that she extended her life for nearly two hundred years with advanced necromancy--necromancy that turned her into a complete abomination that was ultimately slain by Outer Heaven prior to the Calamity during a nightmarish battle.

Lemdarva would have at least one child of his own, named Barbas. It is unknown whether he had any other children. Lemdarva, like his mother, would study advanced necromancy with near obsession. He too would extend his life, though it cost him his hyur like features and he was last seen to have ashen grey skin, multiple scars, and an almost elezen shaped body and ears. He would lead an assault against House Mavanix during Darius's reign in an attempt to reclaim the house's resources. He would later resurface to battle Outer Heaven for the Soulfire Apparatus artifact, though he was defeated again. Prior to the Calamity, he was believed to be dead.

Barbas, like Lemdarva and Carmilla, studied magic at an obsessive rate. He did not, however, focus on necromancy, opting instead to master the elements themselves and harness their destructive properties. He would go on to have at least three children: Marvani, Freya (who used the alias 'Ekidnah' for some time), and Zacriel. Unlike his predecessors, Barbas expressed a bit more warmth to his brood. In a further attempt to protect the family, he would keep Zacriel's birth a secret for some time. The youth was given to a foster family in Gridania where Barbas paid occassional visits. He kept Zacriel's existence secret from Decretum Umbra for 8 years, and the boy's existence remained even more hidden from anyone outside of the group until the age of 24.

As Decretum Umbra desperately tried to prevent the prophecy of the House's fall, failure remained imminent. House Mavanix's mercenary allies, namely Outer Heaven, saw Decretum Umbra as dangerous criminals rather than the saviors they actually were trying to be. Realizing this, Barbas, Freya, and Marvani opted to fake their deaths in order to escape the slaughter that they saw coming to House Mavanix. They remained hidden for years, while keeping Zacriel hidden all the while. House Mavanix would indeed fall at Cartius's hands just prior to the Calamity. The destruction from Dalamud prevented any and all future investigations of the matter...until years later.

Several years following these events, Kylin Felstar would be assassinated during a speech outside the Avalon Heritage Museum. Cartius, witnessing the death of his son, was enraged and distraught, vowing justice for his brood's demise. The patriarch would begin lashing out at all of the former enemies of his family without discrimination, letting his own guard down in the process. During his rampage, an unknown party (believed by experts to actually be Decretum Umbra), began to compile evidence against Cartius for all of his past and present crimes. The evidence would surface with the aid of unknown mercenary groups and Cartius would be arrested by Ul'dahn authorities. He has remained in the Marasaja Pitts since.

House Felstar's assets in Ul'dah became frozen until Decretum Umbra revealed themselves and managed to secure all of House Mavanix's former assets once more. House Mavanix had managed to successfully revive themselves at long last. Barbas Mavanix would head the house with his three children-Marvani, Freya, and Zacriel. After several moons, Barbas would, with agreement from his children, sell the house assets and they would all disappear once again for unknown reasons with their vast coffers of gil.

  • Scarlet Siren: The official House Mavanix ship, used for transportation between Ul'dah and Limsa on business related matters. It is often docked around Vesper Bay.
  • Mavanix Mansion: A manor built during Joachim's founding of the house that has been with the family for each generation. It was nearly destroyed due to various internal/external battles just prior to the Calamity, left in mostly ruins. After the Calamity, the property was purchased by an unknown merchant. It was partly cleaned up, but still is a former shadow of itself. The property still remains uninhabited and in ruins.
  • Margarah: The family's fashion line originally created by Margarette and Sarah Mavanix. It started small and barely made much in profits, but greatly expanded and became a booming success during Darian's reign. After the Calamity, it was bought out by Limsa Lominsa's Sylvora Enterprises.
  • Mavanix Academy: Founded by Darian Mavanix, the Mavanix Academy has been an important school in the Ul'dahn academic field for multiple generations. Originally meant for the upper crust of Ul'dah, it eventually become a haven for even moderate income scholars who took advantage of expanded financial aid programs that were constantly being added to the institution. Prior to the Calamity, revelations about secret unethical experiments within the institution came to light and the academy shut down. Attempts to revitalize it by other merchants who have bought it continue to fail. The school still exists today under new ownership, though with few attendees and severe financial issues.
  • Avalon: Avalon is the founding arm of House Mavanix. Created by Joachim Mavanix, the institution is essentially an artifact preservation group that consists of miners, researchers, and a handful of private mercenaries who assist with excavations. It currently continues to operate independently under unknown leadership.
  • Avalon Heritage Museum: A former subsidiary of Avalon, the museum houses a plethora of Avalon's findings and research. It is generally open to the public only during specific seasons and showcases a wealth of history for those willing to pay a rather pricey fee to get in. It currently continues to operate under Sylvora Enterprises.
  • GIN (Goblin Information Network): A small tribe of goblins that served as House Mavanix's primary arm of information gain since Julius Mavanix created the alliance. The alliance was severed prior to the Calamity.

The following are general 'fun facts' about House Mavanix.

  • Every House Mavanix leader has been given a nickname/title. Joachim was nicknamed the "Igniter" due to his igniting the creation of House Mavanix, as well as his strong abilities with fire magic. Darian was nicknamed the "Exalter" due to his raising the house to new heights during his reign. Darius was given the title of "Inquisitor" due to his constant questioning of the family's stances and practices. Veronica was known as the "Sybil" due to her myriad of prophecies. Julius gained the "Guardian" title due to his staunch stance of maintaining the Mavanix status quo. Cartius was known as the "Strategist" due to his excellent capabilities of political and business maneuvering, though the new Mavanix era quickly changed his title in the books to the "Betrayer."
  • Following the birth of three daughters without a male heir, Joachim instated a House Mavanix rule stating that all female family members are required to keep the Mavanix name even after marriage. Refusal to oblige would result in being exiled and cut off from the family. The rule mostly remained adhered to, though mostly out of respect for the family name rather than fear of being exiled.
  • Lady Malina was one of the least traditional heads of the family. Though passionate about magic, she also was quite the tinkerer. She helped to create a number of artifacts within the house before her untimely death.
  • Darian instated a House Mavanix rule stating that the heads of the family should always marry someone of equal or greater magical aptitude. This was done out of the belief that two parents with exceptional magical skill would increase the likelihood of a magically gifted child. The rule was adhered to by most Mavanix family members.
  • Darius was one of the weakest mages ever in the Mavanix family, most of his training usually focusing on fencing and swordplay. He made numerous claims that he wasn’t all that interested in the family’s roots in magic. This only added more fuel to the family’s fire against him during his short reign.
  • A small cult called Hydra, named after one of Veronica’s favorite artifacts, was created after her death and still exists today, worshiping Veronica as a goddess. House Mavanix has consistently kept its distance from the cult.
  • Veronica had numerous prophecies, though many are vague and difficult to decipher. Many of her scrolls have been lost and/or sold.
  • Julius went to great lengths to protect his family from overexposure to tabloids and to the overly critical lesser-middle classes of Ul’dah. He gave few speeches and even refused to hire public relation teams for any of the house's businesses.
  • The members of Decretum Umbra are all known to house a myriad of tattoos on their bodies. Arcanists theorize that these are actually sigils used to enhance each of their magical aptitude and/or protect them from certain spells.
  • Barbas, the current patriarch of the house, was believed to have faked his demise in a direct confrontation with Cartius prior to the Calamity. It is rumored that he orchestrated the assassination of Kylin in order to weaken Cartius, and then proceeded to unravel House Felstar in order to bring House Mavanix back into the fray and recapture their lost resources. These same rumors believe that the new patriarch has secretly put hits out on the remaining Felstar clan (Elza, Seraphine, and Cartius's brother, Islude).