House Sylvora

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The following is strictly player-made content. Said content can be found in a text/scrolls in some libraries, primarily Limsa Lominsa. The text details the history of one of the city's wealthy merchant houses.

House Sylvora
Sylvora Crest.png

Vital Information

Location: Limsa Lominsa
Founder: Luther Sylvora
Current Leader: Luther Sylvora
Current Successors: None
Owned Businesses: Sylvora Enterprises, Margarah fashion line, Mavanix Academy, Avalon Heritage Museum
Influence: Predominately Limsa Lominsa, some Ul'dahn influence, and a bit in Kugane. Little to no influence/presence in Gridania, Ishgard, or other provinces.

Era 1: Luther Sylvora, Founder

Patriarch from age 23 to present (26 years).

“Quote pending.” -Luther Sylvora.

House Sylvora is a relatively new merchant house, being less than 30 years old. It was founded by Luther Sylvora and operates almost exclusively out of Limsa Lominsa, with some influence in Ul'dah and Kugane as well.

Luther was born to a carpenter family in Gridania and Emelia was born to a small but moderately wealthy merchant family in Ul'dah. It was while working a job for Emelia's family that the two met and Luther attempted to court her, with numerous rejections at first. Eventually, Emelia would agree to a date and the two began to quickly fall for one another.

Wishing to forge their own path together and get away from family business, Luther and Emelia started their own business at the tender ages of 18. They started with a joint venture into a new restaurant for expensive delicacies aimed at the upper class. Luther's natural ability for business combined with Emelia's public relations experience proved to be a powerful combination and the restaurant quickly expanded. During some moving of restuarant locations, Luther took another step in his business ventures and began to capitalize on his older buildings by renting to other smaller businesses, thus forging a path into the real estate world. As funds began to increase, Luther would buy out other profitable ventures including a toy manufacturing company, a shipping company, and a pet supply company. He would then begin to buy out competitors in an aggressive fashion when opportunities arose. Upon his father's retirement, Luther also was given the old carpentry business in which he overhauled into a construction based company that takes on numerous infrastructure maintenance jobs for Limsa Lominsa.

Thus was Sylvora Enterprises born as the main branch of all subsidiaries. Luther and Emelia would have their first child around this same time when they were each 23 years old, whom they named Jayce Sylvora. They'd officially relocate to Limsa Lominsa permanently around this time and take up residence in the new Sylvora Penthouse. They'd bring one more child into the world within two more years named Zarik Sylvora. It is widely believed that Luther and Emelia remain married out of convenience rather than love, though there is no doubt that the two did once truly love each other deeply.

When the two boys were still young, around 8 and 6 respectively, they were believed by the general public to have been kidnapped and murdered by enemies of Luther.

Luther is said to be completely ruthless in business ventures, rumored to even purposely undermine competitors via espionage and other shady tactics in order to put himself in a position to buy them out. He employs equally ruthless mercenaries and has gained a reputation for various underworld dealings. Despite his cruelness in the business world, he has strong beliefs in the importance of family and wouldn't hesitate to destroy anyone or anything that threatened his family.

In an attempt to expand his business even further, Luther constantly attempted to undermine the powerful houses of House Mavanix and Felstar multiple times, with varying success. As the feud between Mavanix and Felstar came to an end after numerous generations of bad blood, Luther swooped in and gained control of most of their business ventures, including the Avalon Heritage Museum, the Mavanix Academy, and the Margarah fashion line.

  • Azure Tempest: The official Sylvora ship, used for transportation between Limsa and other ports on business related matters. It is usually docked in Limsa's vast harbor. Often shorted to simply 'Tempest.'
  • Sylvora Penthouse: Among the many spires of Limsa Lominsa is one that belongs entirely to the Sylvora family, housing a myriad of elegant rooms that overlook the vast seascape and cityscape. Under heavy guard, the family makes their home here and even conducts business meetings within the home.
  • Sylvora Enterprises: The large business umbrella which all other subsidiaries rest under. Included in this are Cibus Deorum (very high end restaurant chain), Ancora Logistics (shipping company), Imp's Delights (toy company), Urban Tails (pet supply company), Sylvora Real Estate, and Sylvora Construction.
  • Margarah: The family's fashion line originally created by Margarette and Sarah Mavanix. It started small and barely made much in profits, but greatly expanded and became a booming success over the decades. Following events between Houses Mavanix and Felstar, it was bought out by Sylvora Apparel.
  • Mavanix Academy: Founded by Darian Mavanix, the Mavanix Academy has been an important school in the Ul'dahn academic field for multiple generations. Originally meant for the upper crust of Ul'dah, it eventually become a haven for even moderate income scholars who took advantage of expanded financial aid programs that were constantly being added to the institution. Prior to the Calamity, revelations about secret unethical experiments within the institution came to light and the academy shut down. Attempts to revitalize it by other merchants who have bought it continue to fail. The school still exists today under the Sylvora family's ownership, though with few attendees so far and arguably little to no financial success.
  • Avalon Heritage Museum: A former subsidiary of House Mavanix and Felstar both, the museum houses a plethora of findings and research. It is generally open to the public only during specific seasons and showcases a wealth of history for those willing to pay a rather pricey fee to get in. Following the conclusion of House Mavanix's war with House Felstar, the Sylvora family gained control of the facility and many of the artifacts therein.

The following are general rumors/fun facts about House Sylvora.

  • It is believed that both Luther and Emelia have had affairs on one another over the years, and that both are fully aware of it.
  • Luther's head of security, Vexra Devero, hails from a now deceased wealthy family. Rumors suggest she had a hand in her own family's demise and inherited the vast wealth. Despite her supposed wealth, she remains completely loyal to Luther Sylvora.