Hyrtwyda Eyhafrynwyn

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 Hyrtwyda Eyhafrynwyn
Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Citizenship Gridanian/Lominsan
Age 21
Occupation Arcanist's Guild Liaison
Orientation Homosexual
Relatives Eyhafryn Hollbyrmsyn (Father)

Syggrael Dragankawyn (Mother)

Eyrizedyr Eyhafrynsyn (Brother)

"Aetheric theory, applied through arcane geometries, makes for some truly spectacular results."

Basic Info

A nondescript Sea Wolf prowling the halls of the Arcanist's Guild is nothing unusual, and thus Hyrtwyda seems to be the same. But her accent betrays the fact that she is not local to Limsa Lominsa, and her confidence has caught many a Yellowjacket off-guard. They may occasionally investigate her "unofficial" activities, but the young Roegadyn is more careful and calculating than she appears.


Hyrtwyda is a little below the average height for a Roegadyn and has the musculature to match. An unimposing figure, her lips are adorned by a near-perpetual smirk and her eye flicks over her surroundings constantly. Her face and hands are softer than most Lominsans – the life of a sailor is not for her and she has no desire to be a rugged pirate. Her hair is tied back and braided on one side, with a lock of hair falling in front of her face.

Her left eye is a rich, bright brown, like burnt umber. The right eye is badly-damaged and scarred.

Hyrtwyda dislikes the cumbersome robes of many magic-wielders and instead prefers loose shirts and waistcoats. She wears robes only when working at the guild. She tends towards finely-made clothing, preferring to be well-dressed. She often abandons her thick-rimmed glasses in favour of an eyepatch, and usually carries a variety of instruments and flasks on a belt or sash.

Physical Appearance

(Hyrtwyda without her eyepatch.)
Build: Average, with slight muscle tone.
Height: Six fulms, eight ilms.
Weight: Around 190 ponze.
Skin tone: Medium grey.
Hair Color: Black, usually with red-orange highlights.
Hairstyle: Mid-length, braided on one side.
Eye Color: Brown.
Voice: Lyric mezzo-soprano, with Gridanian accent.



Hyrtwyda has a quick mind, always working on the next problem and coming up with possible solutions. She watches people and situations carefully, analysing their movements and behaviour and demonstrating surprising insight. She is a fairly good judge of character, and prides herself on her ability to discern motivations. Her less-than-legal activities have left her aware of entrances and exits, and she listens closely for any sign of approaching jackboots.

Most notably, she is a deeply caring person, though she hides it behind acerbic comments and wit. She is happy to help those in need, even if it means going without compensation for her actions or delaying herself. She has missed more than a few appointments because someone was in desperate need of aid, and the Guild has stopped keeping track of all of the lectures she has missed.


At only twenty years of age, Hyrtwyda's confidence easily slips away whenever she encounters something unfamiliar. She lacks life experience, and thus has a tendency to act unpredictably when it comes to things which are new and surprising. Combat leaves her panicked and shaky, and she relies almost entirely on her magic and her wit to see her through such things. Matters of the heart are even worse, and unfamiliar emotions tend to cause her jokes to crash down around her, leaving someone heartfelt and surprisingly vulnerable.

She also has a tendency of overstating her own knowledge to appear more calculating than she truly is – she recognises people and accents from the three central city-states, but beyond that she has no idea of whether they are from Coerthas or Sharlayan, and is likely to believe anything she's told.

She tends to view inaction as equivalent to condoning something, and reacts harshly if she feels that people have chosen not to help when they were in a situation to do so.


Hyrtwyda smirks easily and often – she enjoys catching people off-guard, and likes to show her enjoyment of it.
Her eyes are inquisitive, near-constantly moving across the features of anyone she meets.
When nervous, she'll rest her hand against her codex, thumbing its pages and feeling the arcanima contained within.
Her accent is an awkward topic for her; attempts at a Limsan accent sound awkward and forced, and so she falls back to the light, lilting tones of her native land.
Well-made wooden furniture.
Warm fires and warm conversation.
Soft, finely woven clothing.
Aiding those in need.
The Conjurer's Guild.
Authority figures.
People obsessed with following the rules, even if those rules are unjust.
Talk of "duty" or excessive partisanship.
Favourite Food: Ratatouille.
Favourite Drink: Ul'dahn mulled tea or Lominsan wine. When stressed, she tends towards rum.
Favourite Place: Fallgourd Float.
Favourite Color: Rust red, or dark blues.
Favourite Animal: Carbuncles.

Hobbies and Talents

Beyond the limited healing that the arcane arts provide for her, Hyrtwyda is able to cast a variety of Gridanian healing magicks with a wand or staff.
While never her focus, she has some knowledge of the family trade of carpentry. She's hardly an artisan, but would probably be able to make a table if you gave her good wood and a little time.
She has experience with the arts of the chirurgeon, and is able to perform basic procedures with a degree of talent.


Hyrtwyda is not hugely experienced in battle, and prefers to avoid it. When combat is inevitable, she strikes rapidly with arcane techniques. A few well-placed strikes can send most animals scurrying for cover, but she struggles against people or more determined creatures. Her greatest strength is her experimentation - combining arcane geometries with a variety of different magical techniques to produce often-dramatic results.

She doesn’t wear armour, and her skill with melee weaponry is practically non-existent. She attempts to keep her distance from any foes, summoning carbuncles to try and hold their attention while she manoeuvres around the back of a fight. If an enemy does close into stabbing range, she attempts to dodge around them or knock them away with water magic or even a well-placed kick. If absolutely necessary, she'll use her codex as a blocking weapon – it's better for it to take a dagger than for her to, after all.

She carries a wand and blades with her, but those are almost purely for her work as a healer and chirurgeon. She can defend herself with her wand but the blades are a last resort, if that. Her medical knowledge ensures she's aware of the critical locations to strike with a knife, but she lacks the skill to actually hit those points.

Of course, the ideal situation for Hyrtwyda is to have a friend fighting alongside her. Her wide range of magic can cure them of minor injuries, and she has experimented with other techniques to try and aid her allies. Alongside a skilled combatant, Hyrtwyda transforms from a minor nuisance into a major threat.


[The following is more than likely not known on an IC basis; if you want to do something with it, feel free to contact me so we can talk about it!]

Before the Calamity

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After the Calamity

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Present Day

Hyrtwyda currently resides in the Arcanist's Guild of Limsa Lominsa. However, she is often seen across La Noscea. When asked, Yellowjackets and Maelstrom would confirm that she is suspected of performing magicks without sanction, but also confirm that they lack the evidence to accuse her of any crime. Without catching her in the act, they cannot know whether she is simply healing people, or if she is doing something far more sinister. Her suspected patients all seem unwilling to tell the authorities why they met with the Arcanist.

More recently, she has been making frequent trips to Ul'dah. Representative of the Arcanist's Guild and the Dufresne Bellworks confirm that she is employed as a liaison between the two organisations, for the purposes of sharing knowledge and expertise. The Arcanist's Guild has a vested interest in any knowledge of Astrology or Ishgardian magicks, while the Bellworks has an interest in the unique perspective and knowledge which Hyrtwyda can provide.


Anyone whom Hyrtwyda has interacted with can add a rumour under PC rumours if they'd like.

◢ Common Rumours (Easily overheard)
"You want to know about a Sea Wolf in the Arcanist's Guild? Twelve, can you be any more specific?" - Merchant
"Does a lot of sneaking around, that one. I 'eard tell she runs with pirates." - Limsan Local
"I saw the Yellowjackets talking to a mage the other day. She looked pretty comfortable about it, but her hand was on those books they carry the whole time." - Ul'dahn Trader
"She's been at the guild since before I arrived. I thought she was a local, but she's too well-spoken for it." - Arcanist
◢ Moderate Rumours (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"The Arcanists always seems to send that one girl to collect potion shipments from Ul'dah, hells if I know why." - Ul'dahn Alchemist
"Hyrtwyda? Aye, she helped me out with...nevermind." - Limsan Local
"It's not Maelstrom policy to discuss ongoing cases. Carry on." - Maelstrom Representative
◢ Rare Rumours (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"Eyhafrynwyn? She picks up potions from us every few moons. Two crates for the guild, but then she always orders about a dozen potions and salves for her own use. I can't for the life of me work out what she does with them all." - Ul'dahn Alchemist
"She abandoned her responsibilities. Don't ask me about her again." - Gridanian Conjurer
◢ PC Rumours (Rumours from the characters of other players)
"Wonderfully resourceful woman, and a delightful conversationalist to boot. I'd count on her for anything. And I do mean anything, dear." - Eliane Dufresne


Romantic Interest Platonic Love Good Standing Poor Standing
Victoria Castle : A seemingly-nondescript Hyur, the two have begun spending a lot of time together following the loss of Hyrtwyda's eye. Hyrtwyda is highly protective of the young machinist, and has been seen with her in Ul'dah quite frequently over the past moons.
Arcian Martell : Hyrtwyda met Arcian several years ago, though only claims to have truly known her for around a year. The two enjoy the occasional drink together, and Hyrtwyda's door is always open to the Highlander whenever her work brings her to Limsa. She has a healthy respect for the mercenary's skill and now-buried temper, and has seen her through more than a few broken bones.
Eliane Dufresne : A recent business acquaintance and a more recent friend, Hyrtwyda deeply respects Lady Dufresne, and believes that she has good motives and truly wants to help every person in Eorzea. Until she's given reason to believe otherwise, she will be an ally to the Bellworks.

Roleplaying Connections

You might know Hyrtwyda if:

...if you had a connection with the Gridanian Conjurer's Guild from 1568-1575
...if you've been part of the Arcanist's Guild from 1575 onwards.
...if you've been injured in La Noscea in the past 4 years.
...if, in the past year or so, you've worked for the Ul'dahn Alchemist's Guild.
...if you've had any dealings with the Dufresne Bellworks.

Contacts and Out-of-Character Information

This character is on the Balmung server.
I'm on the RPC as Daxolotl, if you want to contact me there.


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