Illua Corcavo

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Garlemald Flag.jpg Illua Corcavo
Birth Name Illumina Corcavo
Pronounced Ill-loo-ah Core-kha-voh
Nickname(s)/Alias Illua the Nightshade
Born 6AE 1558
Nameday 15th Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon
Race Hyur
Clan Garlean
Citizenship Garlemald
Guardian None
Height 5 fulms 8 ilms.
Weight 127 ponze
Physique Athletic
Hair Blue
Eyes Blue
Skin Pale
Hobbies Magitek engineering
Fears World domination
IC Profession Hystmill Militia
IC Soulstone Machinist
Physical Advantages Quick, excellent marksmanship
Physical limitations Magically inert
Non-combat Magitek
Primary Weapon Garlean Pistol
Secondary Weapon Magitek Bow
Armor Guardian Armor
Username Andromeda
Time Zone Eastern
Server Balmung
Tumblr xiv-nightshade
Adittional Characters Andromeda Dulaque
Free Companies EquinoX

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Illua is a pureblood Garlean with the telltale third eye on her forehead. However, due to experiments she was subjected to as a child her hair pigment changed from its natural blond to a shockingly bright blue. A minor side effect is a more youthful complexion - nothing drastic, she just appears to be several years younger than she is. Illua favors outfits with some form of magitek accouterments and usually wears a circlet to hide her Garlean eye.



  • Magitek Engineering is something Illua did in her spare time as a soldier of the Empire. She has retained her interest in the craf and secured a steady supply of cereuleum to continue her work.


  • Magitek can basically accomplish anything, and she absolutely loves that.


  • The Emperor and, by extension, the empire. Anyone who wishes to rule the world shouldn't be able to, simple as that.


  • Color:  Dark Blue
  • Food:  Eft
  • Drinks:  Mango seltzer
  • Scent: Roses
  • Place: Hystmill
  • Festival: All Saints' Wake



  • Traumatized - While she has her issues with the Legion mostly under control, she occasionally still gets powerful, vivid and agonizing flashbacks to her time as a Frumentarii.
  • Adverse Reactions to Aether - When exposed to high amounts of aether - like that required to summon Eikons - she gets a powerful burning sensation throughout her body, essentially rendering her helpless.


  • -


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Abilities and Skills


Guns - Since leaving the Legion, she has preferred the use of firearms to blades, seeing swords as the symbol of her old life. To an extent, the same marksmanship applies to the use of her magitek bow.

Swords - Illua is exceptionally skilled with swords, but refuses to use them.


None - Despite attempts to kickstart her aetheric abilities, Illua remains magically impotent.


Magitek - She studied the basic principles of magitek while in the Legion.

Family and Relationships


  • Kasumi Gakunin: Illua attended a few events hosted by the Keeper's Kiss. Kasumi helped counsel her through adapting to life as a defector.


  • Andromeda Dulaque annoys her from time to time but actually seems like a decent person. As much as Illua feels like Rommie pulls her into things she'd rather avoid, she also is envious of the other woman's social skills and ability to become 'besties' with relative strangers.



  • 'Garlean Special Operations (Frumentarius), under the command of 'Gardener', a Primus Frumentarius. She served on various black ops across the Known World. Her job lead her to a lot of travel and to pick up a lot of cultural information about Imperial-occupied lands. She has "deserted", however.
  • The Hystmill Militia has been the place her talents have been employed for several moons. Protecting the hamlet from Ixal attack has been a way to train herself in using a bow as opposed to the more 'civilized' pistol she used to use.
  • Bioscience firm EquinoX recruited Illua as an intelligence agent. She joined the organization in the hopes of continuing the experiments she underwent as a child.


Note: This section is editable by anyone. Just keep in mind that the rumors here may be both true or false.

General Rumors

  • "They say that she always wears a circlet to hide a godsdamned Garlean eye. Can't be, though, can it? I mean, she does have a funny bow and wear weird clothes..." - Hystmill Wood Wailer

First-Hand Accounts

  • "She shouted a Garlean battle cry while getting drunk at Crescent. I'm kind of surprised no one seemed to notice." - Club Crescent regular
  • "Weird girl. Kept telling a big dude not to kill a smelly cat because they had the night off." - Druthers drinker

PC Rumors


Name and Lifestyle

Nicknames, Aliases and Titles

Her special operations codename is "Nightshade", which is how most frumentarii and primus frumentarii identify her. She varies her title and family name per assignment - lately it's "Illua tol Corcavo", but it has also been "Illua pyr Celsus" and "Illua goe Jovian", among others. Fantastically few people know her 'actual' name, Crispina eir Lucianus, is known by almost no one.

Current Residence

Illua has been laying low at Hystmill since desertion.


Birth and Childhood

Teen Years

Early Frumentarius Career


The Razing of Doma

Plot Hooks

General Hooks

  • Illua is a deserter of the IXth Legion, which she served in as a special operations liaison.
  • She participated in an experiment as a child that attempted to enhance Garlean aetheric abilities. Despite the experiment being classified as a failure, Illua has exhibited slight physiological changes as a result. This might be worth studying.

Current Projects


OOC Notes

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