Illyriel Otonashi

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Garlemald Flag.jpg Illyriel Otonashi
Illyriel by felicemelancholie-small.png
Commissioned artwork by FeliceMelancholie.
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen
Citizenship Doma
Age 22
Nameday 28th Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon
Relatives Akiko Otonashi (mother, deceased)

Illyriel is a young raen hailing from the region of Yanxia. She arrived to Eorzea together with Eowale Dotharl, a Xaela that she had encountered during her unfortunate journey from Othard, and can often be seen accompanied by him. She has studied conjury in Gridania during her stay in Eorzea, and currently resides in Othard to take part in the rebuilding of the Doman civilization.

Basic Info


Kind people
Forests and nature
Listening to other people hum or sing
La Noscean landscape


Violence for the sake of violence
Drunken people
Busy cities


Alignment: Neutral good
Vice(s): Cowardice, weak, can behave like a martyr
Favorite Food: Berries, fruits, doman food in general
Favorite Drink: Different kind of juices
Favorite Color: Neutral colours such as white or gray and earthy colours such as different shades of green and brown; pink

Appearance & Personality

This small, pink-haired au ra could almost be considered a runt by the standards of her own people - she stands barely at 4'7", with scrawny physique that makes it obvious she has possibly never done proper physical work in her short lifetime. She has a slightly rounded face and bright blue eyes than stand out together with her bright hair color, bringing life into her otherwise fragile appearance.

Most recent change to her outward appearance are the changes in her weight; having been underweight for many moons since her arrival to Eorzea, she appears to have reached healthy weight now.

Illyriel is curious by nature, although sometimes her shyness can get in the way of her thirst to get to know new people and see new places. Despite wanting to learn about those around her, she often fears that she comes off as rude and obnoxious, and can withdraw from a conversation rather quickly if she perceives herself to be trouble or bother to others.

She is easily frightened in new and threatening situations, but if she finds her surroundings and peers safe, she let's her guard down easily and displays her optimistic and naive personality. If particularly excited, she can forget herself completely and talk away without any regard to whether people are paying attention to her or want to hear what she has to say, although this is a rare occasion. She is rarely completely serious in casual situations, although she quickly composes herself and acts mature when she is called to her healing work, which she takes very seriously.


Illyriel was raised by her reclusive mother, Akiko Odayaka, in the outskirts of Doma. Their small, rickety hut resided within a forest, and the young raen grew up shielded from the city life. Her mother was skilled in both magical and traditional healing arts, and trained Illyriel since childhood to respect the nature and the life around her. She was familiarized with both healing and poisonous herbs and how to produce salves, teas and potions. In addition to herbalism and the knowledge of healing magic, Illyriel learned to sew and repair her own clothes, as they had little income and couldn't afford clothes nor the fabrics to sew them. Instead, she collected straw, hemp and cotton, and would weave it into fabric to use for clothes. The occasions when the raen child would have the chance to see the world outside the forest were with her mother when she travelled to the nearby villages to treat the ill or the wounded. It was their sole income, which kept them barely fed.

When the Doman people rebelled against the Garlean Empire and the empire's retaliation crushed the city state, Akiko pleaded a fleeing caravan to take Illyriel with them and bring her across the sea to Eorzea. Alas, the journey did not go quite as planned and a large portion of it remains unrecorded. If asked, Illyriel often falls silent and avoids giving a response. Despite the difficulties however, she finally made her way to Thanalan together with her newly found Xaela companion.



Speaks Doman and Xaelan languages fluently
Recognizes and knows how to use most Othardian herbs for medicinal purposes
Knows how to utilize healing magic
Knows traditional ways of healing (i.e. knows how to clean a wound and stitch it, set bones and dislocated joints etc.)


Lacks physical strenght
Easily demoralized
Doesn't know how to utilize offensive magic


Romantic Interest Platonic Love Good Standing Neutral standing Poor Standing
Eowale Dotharl: Eowale and Illyriel met eachother several moons before she arrived to Eorzea. They were brought together by some violent and unfortunate events, and despite her fear towards the Dotharl, she slowly grew to trust him, developing deeper feelings during their travels together. Eowale made certain Illyriel made it safely to Eorzea, and he too cares deeply for the Raen.
Mao Oro: Mao is Illyriel's childhood friend who she has known for most of her life. As Illyriel's mother was the physician of the Oro family, Illyriel saw Mao often whenever her mother would travel to the Oro family estate. While the two share very little in common, they still come along well and care for each other.
Sayuri Yona: When Illyriel and Eowale first arrived to the Kindred Estate in the Goblet, Sayuri was the one who interviewed the two and made the biggest difference in how Illyriel viewed Eorzea and the start of her life in the new land. Lady Sayuri made certain that the two were safely settled, and even made sure that Illyriel had something else to wear than her ragged, dirty travelling clothes. Since then, Sayuri has had Illyriel's respect and loyalty, and the noble lady can do no wrong in her eyes.
K'aila Riki: Illyriel and K'aila first met during the time they worked together within the Kindred free company. The start of their friendship was rocky at first after K'aila put the raen through some inner turmoil with just a few badly chosen words, however, the two eventually took time to talk heart to heart, and emerged with renewed friendship.
Batbayar Tumet: Although the first time Illyriel and Batbayar crossed paths, he shot her in the shoulder with an arrow by an accident, Illyriel considers Batbayar a friend of sorts - after all, the Xaela did introduce Illyriel and Eowale to the Kindred, where the two were offered a way to make living, a place to sleep and food for their bellies. He also took time to teach Illyriel the eorzean language, and started her on the path to learn hand to hand combat, for which Illyriel owes him a great deal.



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