Inori Furukawa

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Garlemald Flag.jpg Inori Furukawa
"The weight of a soul, has no true measure."
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen
Citizenship Doma
Age 35
Alignment True Neutral[1]


"Ah how lovely."

Inori Furukawa was born to two loving Raen, Sasuke Furukawa and Natsuko Furukawa. A merchant class family, Sasuke Furukawa had made a small name for himself in his city, and traveled near and far to spread his influence. And while the Father had not always been around due to work, Inori was loved greatly. She was schooled at locally, much like any other family in the small farming province of Doma. Her mother was a local doctor. Not extremely skilled in any of the usual conjury, but Doman magic and natural remedies had proven her to be a valuable asset to the community. over time, this knowledge was passed to Inori, but her own magic, seemed to flourish with abandon. She was an abundant source of aether.

It was upon her twelfth year that her prowess with aether truly began to show. And thus, upon one of his journies, Sasuke Furukawa had taken his young daughter along with him, to the bustling land of Ul'dah. A city of gold in the desert, the Jewel of the Sagioli. Here she had been enrolled in the thaumaturge guild, and her lessons truly began. But, what they had found out as her studies became more and more in depth, was that while she had such an abundance of aether, it seemed to be unable to hold form. Unable to keep attuned to one thing in particular leading to an oddity within the mists of the guild. Only the chaos of lightning and unaspected magics did she seem to keep at bay. And as the years went by, the mages of the guild kept her, teaching her the control she needed, but never allowing her to go further than just the basics. Unaspected energy had always been a source of potent destruction.

Nearly five years would have passed, and while the initial sadness had long disappeared she had often yearned to go back home in the first years. But, to make her family proud, she would continue on her studies. Turning seventeen would lead to her father coming back on a trade journey. Announced via letter, he would see her progress, and discuss the possibilities of an arranged marriage with her. To a young male much the same as her, to further strength ties between another trade based family and their own. But, the city corrupts, and while she was pure, focused only in her studies, she did not wish to go back home. And when her father arrived, she had pleaded, begged, to not leave. To continue her studies. He had found her accent was nearly all but vanished, her common fluent and pristine. It had nearly brought a tear to his scales as he found his daughter put so much effort into the world she had been thrust in to. But a relic of old ways was hard broken, and the argument grew. It had grown so much that he claimed his word final. But, alas, under the cover of night did she escape from the inn that she had been relegated to. Left for brighter ventures, to a guild across the sea she had only heard about. The port city of Limsa had called her.

She had forsaken her heritage and her culture in pursuit of knowledge. And upon joining the Arcanist guild did she spend a number of years with them. Studying much the same like she had done with the mages in Ul'dah. Her father not once having come to find her. Perhaps he had given up, perhaps he had even forsaken her, outcast her from the family. Alas, what she had found in her new home over the years was that she was unlike any there, much the same as before. Her magic did not stay bound, unable to be used to summon anything to existence. Offer contract to carbuncles or provide solace to the plagues arcanists could conjure up. She was like a blank slate, yet the person behind it had only a dried up ink well and had long since tried scratching the page itself. But with knowledge abound, she dove into books, searching for her own method and madness. A way to claim she could withstand just like any others.

it was almost a cycle, another fifth year passed leaving her to be twenty two. And while the arcanist guild was accepting, and she had made her home there for sometime, it seemed her studious nature had left her without many friends, only some that she dared not say truly of. Yet, one so called acquaintance had delivered foul news. An invasion of the lands she had once hailed from, and a further forcing of the army down towards them. The world seemed in disarray, and so began the war. The sudden realization had hit her and broke her, she had spent so long without family, only to squander the chance so long ago of seeing them again. But she was here now, a new home made. And so, she went out, with adventurers and mercenaries alike to strike her place on this continent and world. She fought in battles few should see, and yet with purpose she was happy. The cacophonous aether that inhabited her had finally found place, wrought upon the battle field. The red moon had fallen, yet she still stood.

Inori has now had dreams of going back to her home. Yet she knows there is nothing left. She remains a happy woman, albeit somewhat quiet and secretive. And tends to look toward tomorrow without thinking of what could have been. After the war, she had many travels and saw many things. No longer bound she flew the coop and currently holds a strong belief that the sun guides her way, even if she will not speak openly about it.

"If you do not stand for something, you will fall for something." -Doman Proverb
"Amazing what a little light could do for this city."

Current Roleplay Events
Inori is currently residing in Gridania. She travels frequently and still searches for knowledge, She has a small amount of friends but it seems after her last journey she is not too sure they are around any longer. But, it seems adventuring is not too profitable any more, at least not in her eyes, and while she enjoys helping here and there or perhaps spending time in the Vanu Vanu village and with the Gobbieflock in Idyllshire. As the world plunges in to a chaotic affair once more. She has returned to adventuring. Some reports might have just said a magi donned in red cloth and armor had aided in Doma and Gyr Albania accompanied by a flaming-egi. Sadly Inori does not run her own tea house any more, opting to share her craft with friends instead when she is able.

Noteworthy Information
Inori has moments of utter shyness. Particularly around Elezen Women. Why? Who knows, but sometimes she does get quite flustered.
Inori loves a good cup of tea, and sometimes it's enough to get her to talk about anything over.
She has dabbled in mokograss and tobacco, and while she may indulge here and there, it is quite a secret.
Inori is from a merchant family, and while she has not delved that far in to her past, it seems a silver tongue may run in her blood line.



Inori seems to hold the Raen blessing of looking younger than she is. Apart from extremely light blemishes, she still looks young. Her pale scales are well kept, and her tiny features are notable to keep her in a cuter light. Not all too unlike being a doll.


Inori's eyes are a bright blue. They still hold the same love of the world as they seemed to always have. But sometimes they quiver, a particular memory, a scene that reminds her of a past act. It certainly helps that she was never a front line fighter.


A lush forest of bark tops her hair. The brown locks are silken smooth and long, well kept and often hold a scent of being freshly washed to them.


Inori would claim to be at the top of her physique, but she is to a degree squishy. She could be more toned, but with some slacking and being a mage she is not all too combat oriented. Overall she is average, able to run for sometime if needed, but could use some work to keep her fully in shape.

Upon her shoulder of her left arm she has one tattoo. That of an Ouroboros, the unending winged serpent forever destined to swallow itself whole. It means eternity, a return to itself and the repeat of the world. Whatever meaning it holds to her, the tattoo shows wear and fading. She has had it for some time. It is inked in a virulent red and orange, as if the flames of time itself were its source of inspiration. In much the same faded quality upon her back is a sweeping dragon's wing. It trails somewhat down her right arm painting the image of a one winged being. It seems to hold a brighter image than the the other tattoo and would seem to be recent in the last ten years. Few would rarely see her inkings as she rarely disrobes herself or wears anything less than modest.


Inori often wears a moderate amount of fragrance. That of a Grdianian woad that gives her an earthen, incense type of smell. Mixing with her faint natural odor it provides her a mask of the day, and often trails with her clothing. Like a period of time before the first rain fall. Or the ground after it has finally done so.


Inori is certainly a kindred spirit in a realm of foreboding darkness. But, she tries her best to stay chipper. Easy to make smile, but just as easy to make enter a shell of sorts as she eyes a stranger with a curious look of pure 'why'. She is just a woman who still searches for her place in the world, despite trying to live to her fullest.

◢ L I K E S

Moko Grass(secretly)
Elezen Men
The Rain
The Sunset

◢ D I S L I K E S

Someone touching her things
Drinking (She'll partake now and then.)

◢ Talents

Lightning Spear
Unaspected Mastery
Tea Ceremony Preparation
Speed Reading
Playing the wind flute and guitar like instruments.
Bullshitting (It comes with reading a lot)


Color: Red
The Sunset
A Good Book


Inori's studious nature could have led to her being a master of many things if only her aether was willing. But, this has led to her have quite the knowledge of other magics and a secretive sense to hide her own abilities. From spears of lightning, ebbed in an unaspected form that keeps them almost weapon like, to mixtures of ruinous attacks more fit for a summoner or arcanist; yet holding an odd streamline appearance to them, she is an oddity. Easily bombarding an area for a short time, or focusing on one target specifically. A flaming-egi might be seen with her now and then as well! While being a mage she has a number of self crafted spells and some taught to her by the man she had followed long ago in addition to the rigid catalyst she uses as a prodding spear now and then.

Offensive Spells:

  Crystal Spear:
Unaspected Energy reformed into a spear to pierce through the air. It warps the nature of the realm, sucking in energy as it goes about. Disperses from existence after a certain distance.
  Crystal Dart:
A fast moving small projectile of energy fired from her catalyst.
After a small charge, an orb of blue energy sails into the air, spewing out a plethora of fast moving darts to the ground below.
  Crystal Great Sword:
A sword manifested from the tip of her catalyst. It dissipates after the initial swing.
  God Hand:
Grapple type move where energy is condensed around the palm and hand. Enemy is grabbed and energy is spewed over their body ending in a massive explosion.
Fires a cylindrical powerful beam of energy after a momentary charge.
  Focus Release:
Four separate beams are conjured and diverge onto a small median point.
  Heaven's Spear:
With right hand raised energy is condensed into a spear like fashion in the hand. It is fired, cast forth as if guided by some divine being. Highly unstable
Deliver three quick staff strikes to the air, after a momentary delay rend aether from the air causing a minor explosion.

Support Spells:

  Restraint Release:
Raising the catalyst high she weakens herself to draw more energy in, it spews off her form giving her a visible aura of blue mist and light. The catalyst is also imbued with energy, increasing melee damage.
  Temporal Shield:
Conjures a wave of energy to shield in front of her. Can not attack while up. Limited duration. Does not block magic.
A bright light blinds targets. Can be manipulated to conjure a soft light for illumination.
Energy distorts the realm ahead of her, reflecting or sending magic of course.
Energy condenses in to a large sword able to be held. Replaces catalyst.

Defensive Spells:

Conjuring six orbs of energy she commands them to hover over her person. Upon will they will fire at the enemy.
Extreme release in a vertical cylinder around her person. Takes a large amount of energy.


Weapon Specialization Specialized Jobs
■ Staff ■ Staff-spear (Extreme circumstances/uses Intellect and Strength)
■ Tome of Knowledge ■ Magic Buff (High Intellect)
■ Open Palm Catalyst ■ Void Buff (High Intellect)
■ Unaspected Magic ■ Sorcerer
■ Lightning ■ Adventurer

OOC Note Inori's skills do not mean she is at all the best of the best. Nor does it mean she is a Black Mage or Summoner if she uses a particular spell. She's dabbled to an extreme degree due to her condition. She is a mage though, and if she hits you, it will hurt. In comparison she is like glass to a degree, just as easily broken.


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  Exmaple (  ●) - Nickname

R E L A T I O N S (PC)
  'Exmaple (') - Nickname
  Khutani Oronir (  ●) - Mister Khutani
A large Au Ra male of purple skin. A bard and friendly in his nature despite being a Xaela. He has a broken leg as far as Inori is aware and is at the refugee camp in Thanalan..
  Isla Sahb (  ♦) - Miss Sahb
A Miqo'te woman infatuated with the Ishgardian culture. Isla and Inori get along swimmingly able to enjoy a cup of tea together and a chat or two..
  Neiven Tarilla (  ♥   ♦) - Neiven
The ruffler of hair. This dark skinned Miqo'te is adorned with very interesting bright tattoos. Energetic and fun she's good natured and is full of compliments. And insists on troupes being better than circuses.
  Kye Karu (  ♦) - Mister Karu
In truth, Inori would love to speak more with this Sharlayan mage but it seems their paths rarely cross. The Lalafell man does give Inori a bit of a laugh though and she finds it easy to tease him about his particular way with words.


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Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"She isn't from around here yet she speaks Eorzean fluently.
"I heard she used to be a member of the Thaumatuge guild way back when.

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"I saw her with her arms to the sky one day. She might be praying to Azeyma.

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!


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