Iorweyn Kataryn

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Gridania-transparent.png Iorweyn Kataryn
Iorweyn Kataryn.png
The Shortest Lalafell in Whole of Eorzea!
Gender Female
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Gridania
Age 21
Grand Company Order of the Twin Adders
Free Company Solace
Linkshell #1 Solace_OOC
Server Balmung
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Iorweyn Kataryn was born on the 17th Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon. She has no knowledge of where she was born or who her parents were. Her earliest memories were of being raised by a mysterious tall male figure in the forests of Gridania. The mysterious figure was always fully cloaked and hooded, and he also completely avoided mentioning his name. He only provided food and clothes, and gave Iorweyn her name. One day he told Iorweyn, "I must leave because I am needed. Go to the city of Gridania; I can no longer take care of you", and thus the mysterious male figure took his leave.

So Iorweyn was now left fully alone. She walked and walked, searching the forests of the Shroud in search of this mysterious city, only to be ambushed by boars in the East Shroud! Luckily, a female Xaela wielding a giant axe cleaved down the boars. Iorweyn was amazed by the strength of the mysterious Xaela. The female Xaela simply nodded in Iorweyn's direction, and pointed in a certain direction, before uttering a word, "Safety", and wandered off.

But Iorweyn was not prepared to let her second saviour go so easily this time! She secretly followed the female Xaela. Eventually the female Xaela realized she was being followed. She turned around and said, "Shoo". But Iorweyn did not leave and kept following the female Xaela. The Xaela finally sighed and asked with a rather cold voice "what are you following me for?". Iorweyn was not daunted by the cold voice, because she knew the female Xaela was a kind soul. Iorweyn said, "I'm lost and you're my saviour so I'm going to follow you everywhere!!" The female Xaela sighed in exasperation and replied, "I prefer being alone and not followed by some... well, the shortest lalafell I have ever met".

Iorweyn would not give up so easily! She stuttered a bit then uttered, "I need to go to the city of Gridania, and I'm going to keep following you until I get there! I also won't be leaving until I know your name!", all the while hoping that the female Xaela had no idea where the city was either. But the female Xaela's expression became rather relaxed and said, "I'm Ioreyn Kataryn. There's my name". Iorweyn screamed "uwaaa!", and said,"I'm named Iorweyn! We have similar names!" Iorweyn poked her two index fingers together and hoped this Ioreyn Kataryn would agree with what she was about to say,"That means we're meant to travel together! From now on I will be named Iorweyn Kataryn!".

Ioreyn Kataryn dropped her axe in shock but recovered and said,"Oh no we aren't, because you'll be in the city of Gridania in no time" With that, Ioreyn grabbed Iorweyn's hand, and ported right to the Aetherite in the city of Gridania. Iorweyn was so shocked that teleportation existed that she could not utter a word for god knows how long! Unknown to Iorweyn, Ioreyn actually knew that Iorweyn never intended to leave her, and taking advantage of Iorweyn's shock, attempted to teleport away! But Iorweyn too, knew Ioreyn wanted to shake her off, so she managed to quickly lunged and grabbed Ioreyn's leg, successfully teleporting with Ioreyn to Limsa Lominsa. Ioreyn shook her off and started running in some direction. Iorweyn quickly followed as fast as she could on her short legs. Luckily she managed to catch a sight of Ioreyn vanishing into a tower, and gasping for breath, finally entered the tower herself.

When she entered the tower, she saw Ioreyn saying to a blond female lalafell, "...mned persistent lalafell won't let me go.. I probably have finally shaken her off though". The blond and fully armored lalafell, who also had an axe, saw Iorweyn and pointed at her and replied to Ioreyn, "Are you talking about that short lalafell over there?" For the second time of the day, Ioreyn's axe fell onto the ground with a loud clang. The blonde lalafell offered Ioreyn, "I'll take her off you; count it as a favor from the marauder's guild". But Iorweyn would not allow that to happen, so she squeaked," no one's taking me away from Ioreyn!". The blonde lalafell asked, "so what's your name? I am Alka Zolka". Iorweyn replied, "I am Iorweyn um..umm.. Kataryn!" Ioreyn could not help but cover her own face in dismay as her surname was stolen by the short lalafell. Alka Zolka glanced at Ioreyn and said, "She has grown quite.. attached to you.. you may have to... make some compromise". Ioreyn sighed, and handed a linkpearl to Iorweyn and said, "This is a linkpearl; you can talk to me whenever you want. I travel all year round, and I prefer being alone, so this is all you'll get from me!" Iorweyn clapped her hands in happiness! Ioreyn started walking away, and Iorweyn wanted to follow her again! but Iorweyn could not move a single inch! Alka Zolka's hand was firmly wrapped around Iorweyn's arm, with a strength most lalafells wouldn't have. Alka Zolka said, "Now now, we have an agreement here. hmmmm... most lalafells do not have the strength to wield an axe, but I have connections with the arcanist guild... Allow me to take you there; for all you know you might become a great scholar!" and thus, began the story of Iorweyn Kataryn, the scholar.

Tales of Iorweyn

The Arcane Arts and Love of Knowledge

Alka Zolka brought Iorweyn to the Arcanist guild, and introduced her to Thubyrgeim. Unfortunately, little Iorweyn had no idea how to read! She was completely confounded by the mysterious shapes and sizes in the books! Luckily, Thubrygeim decided Iorweyn was worth a try, and took the effort and time to teach Iorweyn how to read and write. Eventually, Iorweyn had mastered enough of the language to make sense of the piles on top of piles of books in the arcanist guild! What she discovered was wonders upon wonders about Eorzea. Indeed, Thubrygeim would often find Iorweyn buried asleep beneath a huge pile of books in the mornings! One day, Thubrygeim told Iorweyn, "You read too much! The application of knowledge is important too you know!". But Iorweyn loved her books! So hugging tightly onto her few favorite books, Iorweyn squeaked, "I want to keep on reading!". Thubrygeim sighed then summoned a extremely cute carbuncle! She then said, "If you're interested, follow me" and down into the basement she went. Iorweyn dropped her books and chased after Thubrygeim on her short little legs shouting,"I want a cute carbuncle too!"

Nymian Adventures with Alka Zolka

Indeed, Iorweyn had mastered much of the arcane arts after realizing the importance of applying knowledge. In fact, She has developed a motto, "One must apply knowledge to fully understand it". Thus, she has begun applying much of her knowledge in crafting as well, though she wasn't strong enough to make metal armor, nor was she very successful with cooking. One day, Alka Zolka showed up at the arcanist guild, and smiling warmly at Iorweyn, said "Look at how much you've grown! well.. perhaps not any taller but you know what I mean". Iorweyn leaped in joy and gave Alka Zolka a big hug, because it has been a while since she has seen Alka Zolka! Alka Zolka shook the short lalafell off and said, "Now , I'm here on business! I want to invite you to help me out with some important knowledge about the protectors of the city of Nym". Hearing this, Iorweyn's mouth became an O in surprise, and also fell onto her back! After all, the city of Nym was very mysterious and much knowledge about it had been lost! Alka Zolka pulled Iorweyn up with her strong arm and said "Let's go!" knowing that Iorweyn would jump at any chance to learn about mysterious stuff! Together they went to the ruined City of Nym to investigate the history of the the combat troops of Marauders and Scholars. It was through this adventure that Iorweyn acquired her Soul of the Scholar and found the new companion, a fairy!

The Second Meeting with Ioreyn Kataryn

One day, Iorweyn realized she had finished reading through all the books in the Arcanist guild! Her mentor, Thubyrgeim, said,"If you want to, you could travel around to find more knowledge! After all, that is what our guildmaster did". However, Iorweyn had grown very attached to the Arcanist guild, and did not really want to leave. But suddenly, Iorweyn realized that Ioreyn has always been travelling around! and she may also have the chance to find the mysterious robed man who raised her! and thus Iorweyn set forth from Limsa Lominsa, in search of more knowledge, and perhaps even find the mysterious robed man. She finally discovered that she hasn't read as much about Ishgard as she would have hoped, and thus set forth to the Central Coerthas Highlands, where she heard that a lot of knowledge of kept. It was at Observatorium where she bumped right into Ioreyn! Ioreyn looked down at Iorweyn and muttered, "you've kind of... grown" but then she measured Iorweyn's height and corrected herself,"no you're still just as short as ever". Iorweyn giggles with happiness at Ioreyn! Iorweyn tells Ioreyn, "I'm here to search for more knowledge!". Ioreyn replies in a voice that could barely be heard, "but you do know that most of the stuff recorded here are lies... right?" At this, Iorweyn fell backwards onto the snow in shock! Ioreyn said "Come to Ishgard and you'll know the truth!", and with that Ioreyn grabbed Iorweyn's arm and teleported to Ishgard. Ioreyn took Iorweyn toward the Skysteel factory, and said, "Now, I don't have much time, so I'm handing you off to my friend Cid". Iorweyn shook her head and said,"but we've only just met! And why are you wielding daggers instead of an axe!". Ioreyn gave an unexpected wink at Iorweyn and said,"My Doman friends taught me some new tricks", and with that she vanished in a puff of smoke! Iorweyn could only think to herself,"Ioreyn only learnt the new trade so she could prevent me from following her!" and sighing, entered the Skysteel factory.

The Garlond Works
Delving into Machines
The Sharlayan Stars
Finding Solace
The Mastering of Crafts

Iorweyn's Journal Records

OOC Info

Iorweyn loves recording all kinds of knowledge including tales of your adventures! If you ever want your tale to be recorded, perhaps you'll meet Iorweyn somewhere while she is searching for new knowledge! Now, some of you might think why this page is in such a format. Frankly, it's because facts do not do tales justice. and that too is Iorweyn's belief.