Irynrael Hyllleifawyn

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Irynrael Hyllleitawyn
Irynrael, 'enjoying' her night off in her rarely seen social attire.
The Black
Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 46
Guardian Byregot the Builder
Occupation Blacksmith and Armorer

Basic Info

  • Nicknames: Iryn, Rael, Black, Old Smitty, Old Hag
  • Height: ~7'1”
  • Weight: ~314
  • Body: Spending most of her time around the forge has given her very powerful and muscular arms. While the rest of her is on the slender side of things, all of her activity in the forge swinging a hammer and in the fields swinging a pick axe or great axe has left her more muscular and fit overall. Annoyingly to her, her breasts are rather large; she claims they often get in the way of work, and when working in her forge or out on the fields she keeps them taped down. Her arms are covered in scars, likely from battle and her tendency to test how sharp a blade is on herself.
  • Hair: Irynrael is not one to keep up appearances; this includes keeping her hair a manageable length. Whatever does not get singed (And subsequently cut) is in a ponytail when she works, but otherwise it has been left to grow for many years. A pale gray-blue with some natural light purple highlights, it falls past her shoulders.
  • Eyes: Violet eyes which rarely make contact with people, instead seemingly lost in thought at all times. Mostly concentrating on things she considers more important; which includes her craft when she is in her forge. When her eyes meet those of another, this person may notice an intensity they will find seldom elsewhere.
  • Skin: Black as the soot that lines her clothes, as the smoke that flies from the forge, and as the night sky; this is where her nickname comes from. Many of her scars seem to have soot caked in them.
  • Clothing choices: Most of the time Irynrael will keep to her smithy clothes; which requires covering most of her body, with a protective apron and face-piece. When out on the town (A rarity) she will wear traditional Roegadyn garb in a purple shade, and when out on the fields (Not so much) she has a set of armor she keeps in tip top shape.
  • Marks: Aside from her muscles and many scars, a person will notice a scar crossing downward on her left eye, with a tattoo on the right side of her face


Irynrael,was born to a pirate father and sailor mother. Shortly after her mother beat the ever living crap out of her father, they married and her father gave up his life of piracy, though remnants of that life plague him and his family occasionally. Born on the ship, Irynrael discovered she was actually more at home on land; easily sea-sick, can barely swim, and her fondness of heavy armor on top of that meant she was never terribly fond of being out on the open sea. Shortly after both of her parents retired to the mainland, she became apprenticed to a blacksmith, and learned his craft with an almost unhealthy abandon.

Several years later, she became rather well known for her tendency to not stop working. She would be in her forge day and night working at her craft, whenever her parents was not training her to fight. Although sometimes worrisome, she considered her occupation an 'art' and was quite fond of melting down materials from just finished weapons or armor to make more. Whenever her work is commissioned its often praised, and tends to be of higher quality.

In more recent years, during the Garlean invasion, Irynrael has found herself on the front lines, aiding in the attempted repulsion of the opposing force. Although she had often sparred with her parents, she had never seen actual battle, so this was a first.... Luckily for her, she thoroughly enjoyed it; in fact some would argue she enjoyed it too much.

However when the Catastrophe hit, she found herself, like many others suddenly flung across time. With no memory of the event beyond a giant killer dragon primal, to her it seemed as if only a moment had passed. Since then, however, she has begun keeping her forge again.


Irynrael is not what most would consider a social or amiable person. Instead, most would use the words 'proud', 'blunt', 'angry' or at the very least 'quick to anger',and 'focused'. Beyond thinking very little of her parents choice in becoming civilians, she gets along with them well and tends to be a softer person around them.

Her pride extends from her work; she finds blood to be the best way to temper a weapon, and will sometimes cut herself to see how sharp it is, as a way of showing confidence in its ability. She has some talent in blood and black magic, though she will often try to keep herself form using it to prove her physical prowess.

When around people she considers her friends, her mood lightens immensely. She will joke, poke fun, and even smile. Although no one, including herself, would consider her a scholar, she feels her experience in the world makes up for most of that deficit. She often refers to herself as 'the old hag' or the old smitty', though how serious she considers these terms is never made clear; though she does not seem to mind when others call her such.

When it comes to her craft, pride is a word that does not meet the requirements; though she does not consider herself the best smith in the world, she holds all of her 'art' in high regard and will often craft just to meet a challenge... Although you would still have to pay her for her work when she was done. Although she considers everything she makes to be high quality, you are already aware she will often melt down her creations to 'create' some more weapons or armors. This is because she believes the only way to keep her skills up is to constantly be at work; likely if you do not know where she is, you simply failed to consider her forge.

In battle, she feels a pragmatic approach to be best. She is not above fighting dirty, nor ruthlessly. She does not pity the weak, nor doe she expect as much from those stronger than her; this attitude has gotten her fairly far, and it is a mantra she lives by. She claims she will fight those who wish to partner up with her, to see if she can kill them; of course if she can kill them, they weren't worth allying with in the first place, right? Strength is primary amongst her goals in life, and she is constantly training to make sure it remains this way.

She does not seem to know what sleep is.


A citizen of Limsa Lominsa, and with a tendency to beat up ne'er-do-wells in her vicinity, Irynrael is on good terms with the Yellowjacket's.

Though she has never formally joined the Blacksmith and Armorer's Guild, she considers it a service to society; everyone should know how to swing a hammer - if not a sword or axe.

  • Player Characters


Skills and Strengths

  • Blacksmithing and Armorsmithing 10/10
    • Having worked the majority of her life over a forge, Irynrael's skills are met by few, and most of them have been at it longer than her. Her weapons and armor more often than not are masterwork and will last a good length of time. She will often repair anything she has made free of charge, and she will make her own armor and weapons finding them to be the most reliable thing a warrior could have.
  • Battle 9/10
    • Physical: Irynrael prefers the axe or scythe in battle, finding one to be a powerful weapon capable of cleaving through armor and bone in one strong swing, and the other capable of instilling fear in opponents on top of aiding in her normal weakness to flanking. If she spent as much time swinging these as her hammer, she may well be an unstoppable force, however she'll have to settle with 'intimidating'. 8/10
    • Magic: Irynrael is learned enough in magic to imbue her 'art' with special properties; often this is only to make the weapons or armor stronger, sturdier, and more resistant to magic, as she finds using anything but your own skill in combat to be in poor taste. However, enough goading and necessity, she has been known to use both black magic and blood magic on the battlefield, though she hates doing so. 6/10
    • Stamina: One of the reasons Irynrael is so proud is due to her almost ungodly stamina; able to go long period of time without sleep while working in her forge or reaping monsters, on top of the repetitive and hard work she does, in addition to her affinity to blood magic, has left her capable of taking blows many people would cringe at the thought of, and more able to take hits without slowing down. 10/10


Irynrael has no shortage of strengths; however her weaknesses lie in some of them.

  • Her main weakness is her lack of dexterity. Though the forge require a certain amount of dexterity that translates well towards blocking and parrying, dodging and turning tend to be out of her reach in terms of skills; a faster opponent or one at range will find an easy target. Though her stamina allows her to take more hits than most, she is still mortal and will fall if these are adequately taken advantage of.
  • In addition to that, she will often refuse to use her full strength, which encompasses not only her full physical might – which she is quick to use - but her magical might as well; out of pride she will often refrain from using magic to bolster her abilities or using magic at all, instead relying on her own strength. While this has left her a hardy fighter, there are times she is not as pragmatic as she claims to be.
  • Irynrael is not a fighter by trade; though she is skilled in dealing with rabble rousers and occasionally trained soldiers in mechs, she does not often know how to deal with an enemy she has never fought before. Although this is a flaw she admits openly, she finds it infuriating and she can become hard to deal with when she is losing a fight.
  • Although she is capable of going long lengths of time without sleep, she does find herself needing it, as again, she is only mortal (Despite her protestations that she needs to continue working). If she has not rested properly - she will start breaking down after two and a half days without rest - she will only be sluggish, and all of her abilities fall dramatically.