Irynwyda Nebbmerlwyn

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 Irynwyda Nebbmerlwyn
The Mountain that Sails
Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Citizenship Lominsan (Islander)
Age 37
Occupation Storm Captain
Height 7 fulms, 2 ilms - 212 onz
Guardian Llymlaen, the Navigator
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Irynwyda Nebbmerlwyn meaning Iron Willow, Daughter of Foggy Seas in common Eorzean, is a Maelstrom Captain serving in the Coral Tower after the loss of her ship.


Preferring to dress practical she is rarely found dressed down and most often found in either clothing regarding her rank in the Maelstrom or clothing for rugged travel and protection. Her voice is foreign and strange to listen to as she comes from a distant island found off somewhere between the Bloodbrine and the Indigo Deep, she speaks in disjointed and often incorrect Eorzean and oft mixes the old Roegadyn language in with her words.

Her hair hangs in a unique style showing off scars striking across her cheek and forehead, though her pale skin makes these appear quite thin. The Sea Wolfs' eyes are a striking light pink denoting some Ocular Albinism (Not that anyone in FFXIV would know!) She can be seen with a parrot following her close behind.


  • Cut on cheek from an Ixali blade
  • Badly healed magitek bullet wound through left abdomen
  • Cat o' nine tails wounds littering her back
  • Arrow wound to right collarbone
  • Poorly tended to stab wound to the side of the stomach

Combat Details

  • Strengths
  • Knowledgeable with Naval Warfare and combat on deck.
  • Capable of using Axe, Sword, and her bare hands.
  • Known to have extraordinary stamina/endurance to make up whatever she lacks in speed and magical talents.
  • Weaknesses
  • Slow on her feet and to draw.
  • Little to no magical abilities, to tend to wounds she would resort to traditional bandages and alcohol.
  • Recklessness can lead to succumbing to the Inner Beast of which she learned of her voyages in the Bloodbrine.
  • Getting on in her years, may be outdone by those in their prime.


Hailing from an Island off-cast between the Indigo Deep and the Bloodbrine she hails, as do all of her family. Spending her early life as a Boatsteerer aboard a whaling ship. Realizing she would never see nor experience anything more than the hunt of whales she decided to leave her home island and join the rather fabled Maelstrom whom a few of the villages males had left to join many years ago, becoming something of island celebrities for their uncouth actions. As she settled to her position in the Maelstrom she found herself rising the ranks steadily, eventually reaching the cap of her Grand Company Career at the position of Captain. Currently she finds herself on land duties in the Coral Tower, organizing the training of fresh Yellowjacket recruits, her ship "Maeti Bhar" having met its end in a heated battle with a Garlean airship off the coast of Ala Mhigo. Finally having the spare time to explore the city states she's exploring life for the common Eorzeans for the first time along with meeting many new faces for the first time, those that do not mind her language use and heavy accent that is.

Most recently returned from many years missing, or rather, many years at sea. She seems landbound once again, and not so eager to speak of her time away, much has changed with the Mountain that Sails. Her speech seems to have improved with practice and reading, and she oddly seems more timid than she ever was before.


Primarily she is affiliated with the Maelstrom, having spent most her life at sea and in Limsa Lominsa she has failed to grasp a wide variety of cultural concepts and rather common Eorzean happenings. Often she comes off as sounding idiotic however she is oft quick to grasp concepts, although finds some concepts too alien to fit with her current mindset.

  • Known Relations
  • Rin Amari


Well Known Rumors

  • "Days' ruin'd when yer assign'd Mountain fer mornin' drill." - Yellowjacket Recruit(s)
  • "Cap'n Nebbmerlwyn? Was quite a'terror o'the Sea o'Jade and Rothlyt Sound in 'er day." - Lominsan Sailor(s)

Vague Rumors

  • "She has the strength to crush a Lalafell with one hand, but she's too gentle to do that." - Zana Moui

Rare Rumors

  • "Wouldn't be tryin' yer luck with the Mountain, 'eard she pack'd it in with romancin' 'afore she even came ta'Limsa." - Baderon Tenfingers