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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Itete Ite
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Gender Female
Race Lalafell
Clan Plainsfolk
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age "Around my mid-twenties, it's just a number so I tend to forget."
Marital Status Single
Occupation Junkmonger/Engineer
Height 3'0" Fulm
Orientation Traveling
  • (Father)Awa Huwa
  • (Mother)Mimiba Miba

Itete, is a rather sporadic Lalafell. As her mind seems to wonder about fairly often, due to her rather large affection towards junk. Tending to not see what others see with broken down contraptions, or common trash. Believing that anything can be turned into a new machine that could benefit someone, aside from it's original usage. Even with this mind set, she does not hoard obvious trash that would not benefit her; such as food, paper, or even dead/dried up plants. Despite what others may think due to her love towards miscellaneous objects, she tends to keep herself or her area of work rather clean to the best of her abilities. As injuries, or possibly diseases could be contracted through the junk that she crafts with, it is best that she holds a safe overview on her work.

Basic Info


■ Junk! Obviously!
■ Crafting random oddities.
■ The lambs outside of Limsa!
■ Trial and error.
■ Sweets, however not a fan of chocolate.


■ Destruction of her work!
■ Dull and simple.
■ People who steal or take credit for work that is not originally theirs.
■ Slimy food..


Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Vice(s): Stolen work
Favorite Food:Mole Loaf
Favorite Drink:Triple Cream Coffee
Favorite Color: Green

Appearance & Personality

Standing at an outstanding three fulms, Itete is a maroon haired Lalafell. Ranging around a rather average height for her people, she worries not for seeming far too short. Fitted with a pair of knife pointed ears, one on each side that allow her to clearly hear sounds from far and wide. As expected of her once island dwelling race. Due to not being around combat, aside from trouble that she had ran into with several goblins in the past. Her body and face is fairly scar-free. Aside from a fairly small scar on her forearm, due to an accident while toying with one of the machines she had been doing her best to create. It had began to fade over time, as it had happened during her "novice" years. As for Itete's personality, she is rather sporadic and joyful at times. As her mindset is set on the ideals of the cup being half-full rather than half-empty. She believes that everything has a purpose and no real expiration date. But, she had to obviously come to terms that death is ones final expiration date. Due to metal, wood, or even the elements holding no true morality. They can easily be recycled into a new, possibly better product of what they had been before. Holding no true hatred towards any specific race, as she had been able to avoid any conflict that would involve her. Even while deep in her work, Itete tends to give off a sarcastic tone or even a playful manner. As she doesn't believe there is any need for one to feel anger or rage towards another person.


Junkmonger and Engineer

Knowing many of the different races around Eorzea, Itete had been able to call several different goblins her close friends. As common for Goblins to be salesmen of sorts, selling random assortments, that could possibly be oddities to many for normal standards. This had seemed to grow on Itete, as she seemed to enjoy the view of everything can be useful. Most things should not simply be thrown away to never be seen again. Many may view this occupation of hers to be rather unclean and possibly strange. She tends to do her best in order to shine a line on those view points, in hopes they would understands her way of thinking. She does her best in order to remain clean, in order to avoid health issues that may possibly come with this job. She is self employed and not working under any certain names.
Since a child, she has had a keen eye on what could possibly go together and what should not. Having a rather strange mind set of being self taught, instead of having someone else teach you the ropes. Beginning since a child, she had began making such strange contraptions that most would not think of by using those specific materials. She believes that by doing this, it would give her possibly a name for herself also. Maybe one of her creations that she happens to make one day, fits to help all of Eorzea. As much as she knows it would not happen, as she does not wish to create anything that would be used for any form of war. And items made of junk she possibly not be used in order to help the sick.



Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

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■ "I heard that Lalafell digs through the trash at night, I wonder what she looks for?"-Drowning Wench Patron
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