Iyrnnahct Toffahrsyn

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 Iyrnnahct Toffahrsyn
Iyrnnahct smirk 3.jpg
"No worries, mate - I'll bash their heads in!"
"Iron Night"
Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Citizenship /
Age 24
Guardian Llymlaen
Namesday 24th sun of the Second Astral Moon


♦ General

Iyrnnahct (or Iron Night, as is often preferred by non-Roegadyn) is a simple man with simple needs. As far as Sea Wolves go, he fits the bill to a tee: tall, imposing, loud and brash, there is not a soul in this world who could mistake him for a Hellguard.

He is often seen lounging around bars and taverns; likely, one would spot him picking a fight or drinking in great excess.

♦ Appearance

Iyrnnahct is on the upper scale of height and musculature, even for a Roegadyn of his age. Nearing two meters thirty in height and weighing in at nearly three hundred and fifty pounds of muscle, it is obvious that the former pirate takes good care of his body - and also that he isn't afraid to show it off. He strides confidently whenever he goes, at least as long as he's sober. Often, a smirk twists the rough traits of his face, and his green eyes are always set on his next target - it just so happens that, often, that target is a mug of ale.

The Roegadyn's skin is dark, making the long hours he has spent under the sun evident. He doesn't make any effort to hide the many tattoos that cover his body, even though they are a clear indicator of his status as a former scourge of the seas. Those illustrations don't have any sort of theme, and each seems to have been put there by a different artist. His long brown hair is often tied up at the back of his head, and he prefers to keep very few decorations on it, or on his person in general. His beard is well-kept, and he can often be seen stroking it when in deep thought.

Although his body is marked by a few scars, he doesn't seem to mind. In fact, he enjoys telling the stories behind each and every scar, for he remembers them with great accuracy. There are a few scars on his face, which appear to have been done by the edge of a sword. The rest of them are all on his chest and arms, and are partially covered by his tattoos; indeed, it appears that most were painted over.

He enjoys wearing clothing that at least partially reveals his body, and especially his chest. Aside from that, he prefers long coats over shirts, and appears to favor bright, dazzling colors over the usual earthy tones that the fellows of his race seem to prefer. Despite this, his clothes are often tattered and badly patched up; he does all of his sewing himself, which explains the poor state they are in.

♦ Behaviour

Iyrnnahct is a Sea Wolf through and through. Whenever he speaks, his booming voice is heard by all who care to listen; wherever he walks, he strides with great confidence, sure of himself to the point of arrogance; whenever he fights, he fights with all of the strength granted by his massive body and all of the dirtiness taught by his years as a pirate; and whenever he drinks, he can drink most people under the table.

It would be difficult to put Iron Night into any single category; he is neither "nice" nor "evil". The Roegadyn is a former pirate, and has renounced the life on the seas in order to seek fortune and glory in Eorzea. His personality reflects this goal, and he proves to be an adventurous and thrill-seeking young man, who will often go out of his way in order to prove his strength to any onlookers. This can manifest in many different forms; be it goading someone into a fight through taunt and threats, to regaling a whole inn with the tales of his exploits, imaginary or otherwise. As long as it furthers his own quest for fame, the former pirate is ready to do almost anything, including acts that skirt the edge of the law.

In a regular conversation, many find Iyrnnahct to be single-minded and quite arrogant, if not outright violent at times. He struggles with reading and cannot write; therefore, his overall knowledge of the world leaves a lot to be desired. Still, he is a happy (if volatile) drunk, and since it appears to be his prefered state when he's not on an adventure, he has a few friends here and there.


Iyrnnahct has always believed that there is only one weapon in the world that can never be stolen from you: your fists. Therefore, the Roegadyn has developped his own, bare-handed fighting style. Mostly, the man prefers to use his fists; since his chest is much larger than his legs, the reach of his punches is better than the reach of his kicks, explaining his peculiar, almost boxing-like style of brawling. Since he has never received any formal training, his fighting ability is above average, but certainly not amazing. His biggest flaw comes from the fact that his wild and powerful swings have a tendency to fail to connect against more agile opponents, frustrating him and making his blows even less accurate with time. He compensates for this fact by using techniques which can only be described as dirty fighting: throwing sand into an opponent's eyes, blows below the belt, and chokeholds are all techniques which are not below the former pirate.

Surprisingly enough, Iron Night can still fight when drunk. However, his blows become even more wild and inaccurate, if far more unpredictable than when they are clearly thought out.

★ Recent RP events ★

09.01.2016 : Attented the Sunnyside Bar Event.
10.01.2016 : Joined the Jackals and Hides.



Being the center of attention


Representatives of the law in general


Sewing, but he would never admit to it


Favourite Food: Eft Steak
Favourite Drink: Rum
Favourite Place: Limsa Lominsa (Summer) / Ul'dah (Winter)

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💗 Laughing Raven: A Roegadyn woman he met at the Sunnyside Bar.

Enemies & Rivals


Easily Overheard Rumours

"Who, that guy? Yeah, bugger still owes me a pint from last night!" - Disgruntled Drinker
"By the Twelve, his stories just get more and more improbable after each pint." - Bodacious Barmaid
"He punched me in the nose, he did! What the hells, why isn't he arrested?" - Cowardly Carl

Somewhat Difficult To Overhear Rumours

"I heard that he was a pirate before...whatever it is he does now." - Gossiping Girl
"Seriously, why isn't that guy arrested yet? He has to have charges against him by now. Is he paying the guards?" - Cowardly Carl, second encounter

Rarely Overheard Rumours

"That name... it can't be? He's here?! Do you even know what he's done?" - Woeful Woman

Player Character Rumours

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♦ Footnotes

Alignment: Non-Good, non-Evil, non-Lawful. The D&D system is a bit restrictive for what I'm looking to do, here. Closest approximation: Chaotic Neutral

Theme song: