Iyrnswys Glazfarrwyn

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Iyrnswys Glazfarrwyn
Iyrnswys Glazfarrwyn.png
Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 32
Marital Status Single?
Occupation Librarian, book collector
Height/Weight 7'3" / chubby
Alignment Neutral Good

Basic Info

Iyrnswys Glazfarrwyn (pronunciation: Good Luck) is a tall, large Sea Wolf whose rather hulking appearance and somewhat fierce features hide her true nature. Despite what her looks may indicate, she is a soft and gentle woman with a love of books and sweets as opposed to brawls and drink.

She has spent her life collecting stories and novels, even through the insistent discouragement of family and the violence of the Calamity and the world after it. She now spends her days as a librarian for the Twelve & Seven Company out of the Lavender Beds, as well as their contact with sellers and other collectors should they need something harder to procure. She has also been attempting to free herself from her self-imposed lack of contact with others, doing her best to make friends when she can.


Collecting and reading books
Eating sweets
Spending time by the sea
Tending to the library


Being dismissed based on her appearance or job
Anger or bitterness


Vice(s): Sweets and cakes, trashy romance novels.
Food: Salt cod puffs, haddock dip, cakes.
Favorite Drink: Painfully over-sweetened tea.


The most obvious thing about Iyrnswys is her great height. She towers over all but the tallest of her fellow Roegadyn and the occasional Au Ra. She also is somewhat overweight, giving her a softer appearance than most of her adventuring Sisters would have. Her skin is dark and unmarred by any visible scars. Her dark eyes are bright and full of life. Her hair is dark and thick and well cared for, though on closer inspection it is possible to notice strands of brighter, paler blue starting to appear.

Hair Skin Body Type Voice Clothing Notable Features
Midnight blue Dark blue Dark, smooth gray Very tall and slightly overweight/chubby Deep but soft and quiet. Very well spoken. Usually casual in dark colors or yellows.

Behavior & Personality


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