Izayoi Tokushi

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 Izayoi "Izzy" Tokushi
Birth Name Tokushi no Izayoi
Pronounced EE-Zah-yo-ee Toh-ku-shee
Born 6AE 1558
Nameday 17th Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen
Alignment Chaotic Good
Citizenship Radz-at-Han
Guardian Thaliak
Height 4 fulms 11 ilms.
Weight 100 ponze
Physique Lean
Hair Aqua and green
Eyes Purple
Skin Pale
Hobbies Exploring, trying Eorzean foods, napping
IC Profession Courier
IC Soulstone None
Physical Advantages Agile and magically-inclined
Physical limitations Physical weakness
Non-combat Kind, well-intentioned
Primary Weapon Walnut cane
Armor Acolyte's coat
Username Iris Blanchimont
Time Zone Eastern
Server Lamia
Adittional Characters Iris Blanchimont
Andromeda Dulaque
Free Companies WRECK
Linkshells Codex

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  • Moogles were what made Izzy decide Eorzea might not be so bad after all. They're adorably lazy little drunkards.



  • Color:  Blue
  • Food:  Any rice dish
  • Drinks:  Todi
  • Scent: Sea air
  • Place: Vylbrand coastline
  • Festival: Moonfire Faire



  • Klutzy - Izzy is not exactly graceful despite her natural agility. She tends to trip. A lot.
  • Easily Excited - Or, more aptly, easily distracted. Izzy gets very interested in things with little provocation.
  • Adrenaline Junkie - She tries to keep it relative under-reaps but Izzy is an absolute dyed-in-the-wool thrill-seeker. This was a major part of her decision to come to Eorzea and brings her to do all manner of reckless or ill-advised things.
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Abilities and Skills


Generic Sword - A battered old bronze sword her mother gave her. She is capable in its use, but dislikes close combat.

Wooden Cane - A rune-carved cane used in channeling elemental energy for healing.





Family and Relationships

Love/ Mate Sexual Desire Platonic Love

Family Friend Neutral Enemy


Known Associates

W'afya Adibh (Crush, Sunseeker)

Mopli Mosh (Mentor, Forest Moogle)

Taji Tribal (Acquaintance, Moonkeeper)

J'yhun Petunia (Acquaintance, Xaela)


  • Junior Deputy Postmoogle Mopli Mosh is Izzy's 'boss', and is in charge of her training as an Eorzean courier. He typically helps train her by assigning her to deliver pachages he was, himself, supposed to deliver.
  • Afya Adibh is the sort-of-but-not-exactly girlfriend of Izayoi. They have a relationship that rests somewhere near but not quite in the realm of romantic partnership. She met W'afya when they joined a Free Company together and has been in near constant contact through letters and random encounters with her ever since.


  • J'yhun Petunia is someone Izzy met at a fortunetelling event hosted by the company Arche Koeln. He seemed to be a con artist, but a likable one.



  • The Postmoogles have foisted a decent amount of work on Izayoi under the pretense of training her to be a courier, or a 'Postaura' as they insist on calling her.


Note: This section is editable by anyone. Just keep in mind that the rumors here may be both true or false.

General Rumors

  • "I've seen her delivering packages with one of them delivery moogles followin' her. Does she thin' she a damned pom-head? Mayhap she does. I just ask the questions, mate." - Lominsian Fishmonger
  • "That mint-haired mistress? She may have you all fooled, but I saw her in those revealing leathers with that big wooden paddle. Can't fool me. She's one of those ladies of the evening, picking up folks at the Coliseum. She says that thing's a sword. Pipsy posh! That's a bleedin' paddle! What kin'a sword looks like that?" - Someone on Pearl Lane who has never heard of a Machuahuti

First-Hand Accounts

  • "She was only late delivering a parcel once for us. And she insisted on showing her apologies by dancing. Said her boss demanded it. The.. Auri Dance of Inimitable Integrity? Odd girl, but seemingly harmless." - Black Rabbit Trader
  • "She keeps bringing shipments of palm wine from the vineyards up in the mountains. And then, she'll come by and all she orders is palm toddy. I'm certain we wouldn't be stocking it if not for this girl." - Arche Koeln bartender
  • "She paid me after I walked with her long the beach and thanked me for 'protecting' her while she delivered a package to Hidden Falls. I don't think she knows what a courtesan does." - Costa del Sol Courtesan

PC Rumors


Name and Lifestyle

Nicknames and Aliases

Current Residence


Matsukaze is her Chocobo, which she bought with the last of the gil she was given to move to Eorzea. Matsu is a loyal bird, though a bit too playful. He gnaws on pretty much anything an likes to roughhouse with other chocobos. He is named for an ancient war steed from Auri myth.

Birth and Childhood

Teen Years

Seventh Astral Era

Plot Hooks

General Hooks

  • Izzy is a courier. She is often delivering packages deemed too dangerous or pressing for the Moogle delivery service. Or ones the Moogles are too intoxicated to carry.

Current Projects


OOC Notes

I am game for pretty much anything in terms of RP. I don't use Skype too often, but I am willing to upon request. I write paragraph responses, though due to the nature of in-game RP these often lean on the short side in the interest of time. Feel free to ask me for pick-up scenes or the like any time. The template used here is of my own design, borrowing elements from several other formats and adding a few of my own.